Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Tech Touch Concealer Pen Review

Today I am reviewing Mesauda Milano Tech Touch Concealer Pen £10.95 (Light Beige, Ref.152202) which I have been sent to review on my blog. Tech Touch Concealer Pen available in 3 different shades (Natural Rose, Light Beige and Medium Beige). In my previous post I have reviewed Mesauda Milano Liquid Concealer which you can find here. Tech Touch Concealer is a brightening concealer pen with an ultra-fluid and moisturizing formula to provide every woman with a radiant and well- rested skin! This concealer is infused with white tea extracts which keeps your skin looking younger and protects from any damage. This antioxidants reduce oxidative stress to the skin and also helps to reduce any uneven pigmentation. Tech Touch Concealer is a multi-tasking concealer suitable for sculpting and brightening on the sides of the nose, cheeks and lips contour. It is free from Gluten, Paraben, OGM and Lactose.

How gorgeous is the packaging of this concealer. It looks so rich, classy and professional. The YSL Touche Concealer Pen also have same packaging but in gold colour. Just fan of packaging like this. Simply Gorgeous! This concealer comes in a pen brush like packaging which I find very easy to use. To get the product simply click black button at the bottom for couple of time and you get the right amount of product to apply. The cap shuts tightly and will not come off in your bag thus it is travel friendly. The texture is just perfect not too thick not too runny. It blends like a dream and gives a light to full coverage. It blends easily with fingertips, brush or blender.

I find that if I use Tech Touch Concealer I don’t have to use foundation under my eye areas. Generally I first apply foundation all over my face then concealer. This concealer brightens up my darker area and make them look even. It keeps my under eye area well moisturized and don’t see any dry patches over there after application and even after long worn. It does not get cakey at all and also does not settle into fine lines. I like to set my concealer with compact powder so it lasts even longer and prevents from creasing. The formula is really rich but does not make my eye or other area oily. I use this concealer on my centre forehead, side of nose, cupid bow of lips and chin to brighten them up.

This concealer is only available in 3 shades, I wish this was available in more shades. Light Beige shade is good for my medium skin tone. This concealer has good pigmentation. It takes very little to cover dark under eye circles. I get lasting coverage that doesn’t seem to migrate into creasy areas. It glides on smoothly and blends in seamlessly as the hint of colour erases the look of dark shadows, discoloration, small scars or blemishes. This concealer is a perfect for touch ups or on the go, this beyond user-friendly concealer will work on all skin types of every age.

Again I am in love with this Mesauda Concealer too. Just perfect! I highly recommend this concealer to anyone and give it a go. I am sure you would like it too. So what do you think about Mesauda Milano Tech Touch Concealer Pen? Do you like your concealer in stick, wand or pen form? You can buy Mesauda Milano Tech Touch Concealer Pen from here.

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Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows Review/Swatch

Hello Beauties! I have not posted anything since last 2-3 days as I am on vacation and while leaving home I thought I will get enough time for blogging but sadly No! Leaving hotel in the morning and then come back to hotel in night after roaming around in and out city, and feel so tired by end of the day. Finally today got some time to post blog.Today I am going to review Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows (£9.95) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have selected 3 shades to review – Tigers eye(Ref 02), Amber(Ref 06) and Agate(Ref 03). There are total 12 different shades available in this range. These eyeshadows can be used dry for a luminous and transparent effect, or with a slightly wet brush to have a more covering and long-lasting makeup. These eyeshadows are luminous and light in application it assures a pleasant make-up, releasing a thin and comfortable film on the skin. They are mineral oil free and infused with Vitamin E acetate and Jojoba Oil.

The black packaging of these eyeshadows are gorgeous and very professional looking. It is sleek and simple. When I opened the lid of the eyeshadows, they look really pigmented and when I swatched, they turned out to be just that. All of the three eyeshadows are so gorgeous and beautiful bronzy/coppery shades. These eyeshadows are really soft to touch and have amazing colour payoff. They are not patchy or powdery at all. Shimmers in it are not chunky. These eyeshadows have subtle shine in it and easily applied to eyes with dry or damp brush and even you can work with finger to apply them. There is minimal fallout during application.

In swatch all the eyeshadows applied dry and look much pigmented. These eyeshadows can also be applied with wet applicator for a metallic effect and a more pronounced explosive look. The texture is not dusty, it is soft and this allows to manage the product with ease. They are very easy to blend. If you apply this type of eyeshadow on a base, it looks more intense. I found them excellent quality and very functional. Agate shade is so gorgeous, it is like pearl beige with golden veins and it gives nice shimmery effect. And I am going to use this lot in summer. Amber is shimmery copper shade and would look more beautiful on warm skin tones. Tigers eye is one of my favourite shade out of all three, it is beautiful brown bronzy shade with gold glitters inside, I am going to wear it lot during Indian weddings and functions.

All the shades last quite longer on eyelids without creasing and they are all decent to wear. Lovely sheen and metallic shades. I have not tried using them wet, but I think as wet they will stay much longer and the shimmers in it will not go here and there. Having tried using them as dry after 4-5 hours I see some shimmers here and there around my eyes and on cheeks so I recommend them to use as wet or with good base. Otherwise they look gorgeous on eyes and beautiful shades available in this range to try.

What do you think about Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows? Which is your favourite shade out of all three? Please let me know in comments.

You can buy Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Eyeshadows from here.

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Mesauda Milano Liquid Concealer Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Mesauda Milano Liquid Concealer £7.95 (Natural, Ref.103105) which I have been sent to review on my blog. Liquid Concealer available in 4 different shades (Ambre, Mel, Sable and Natural). I think concealers are one of the most invaluable makeup products. Having a good quality and perfect shade concealer in your makeup collection makes a huge difference to the overall look! Make sure you match the concealer shade to your skin tone before buying one otherwise you will not get desired result. I prefer one shade lighter concealer than my actual skin tone.

Liquid Concealer comes in a cute transparent tube packaging with built-in doe foot applicator similar to a lipgloss, it is soft and flexible and delivers a really good amount of product in one swipe. The packaging is sturdy and easy to use. One just needs to dot the concealer under the eyes and over the eye lid with the doe foot applicator and blend with fingers. The texture of this concealer is neither too runny nor too thick which I always prefer for my dry skin. It is creamy and so velvety and it blends easily with brush, blender, and fingertip and gives natural satin-smooth finish. The formulation contains a specially designed silicone matrix consisting of a blend of high molecular weight elastomers. These polymers are organized in a three-dimensional network that can fill in and even out small superficial wrinkles. The result is a silicone film that clings to the skin, stays soft and supple and adapts to facial expressions. This concealer does a great job of covering up my dark circles and does not settle into fine lines and crows feet and also does not get cakey after a few hours of wear. It does not dry out my under eye area but still I use an eye cream before I use any concealer.

This concealer has amazing texture and blends so easily and have not settled into lines and did not look patchy at all. It gives medium to high coverage. The satin finish brightens the complexion in a gentle way and hides any discoloration. After using this concealer on high pigmented area, it really brighten up them and my skin tone looks more even. If you have any spots or blemishes on face this will cover up. It keeps the skin smooth and elastic. This concealer is water-resistant and stays all day long. On me it stays for a good 8+ hours.

After using concealer I always set it with powder to prevent creasing and also doing this gives nice clean finish and last even longer. This concealer feels light and comfortable on and around eyes. If you are looking for a concealer which gives natural finish and hide any discoloration on your skin and does not get cakey or crease I think you should try this.

What do you think about Mesauda Milano Liquid Concealer? Which is your most favourite daily wear concealer? You can buy Mesauda Milano Liquid Concealer from here.

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Mesauda Perfect Skin Primer and Perfect Eyelid Base Primer Review

Today I am going to review few more products from Mesauda Milano Cosmetics which I have been sent very kindly along with other products to try and review on my blog. I am reviewing Mesauda Perfect Skin Primer(£10.95) and Perfect Eyelid Base Primer(£7.95). A Primer is a very essential product for makeup base, it creates a fresh palette for liquid makeup or face powder application and your makeup will look fresh and flawless all day. It does smooth fine lines and minimize pores on the skin. Primer should be applied before you use any of your foundation on face and it improves coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face. Eye Primer is also as important as your face primer, apply eye primer to your eyelids before make up application to create a more vibrant eyeshadow colour for long-lasting wear without fading or creasing. Both products comes in black plastic big sized squeezable tube. The packaging is very simple yet looks more professional. It has nozzle for dispensing the product.

Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer – £10.95, 30ml

Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer is different from some of the primers I have tried so far, it does not contain silicones. Silicones are the chemicals responsible for giving the silky smooth velvety feeling that most primers give. They are heavily used in hair care products too to give that smooth feel. While the absence of silicones is good, it makes the product difficult to blend.

Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer is transparent in colour, has very mild fragrance which is hard to define and gel like consistency which absorbs in no time. You just need a small amount of primer to apply on face. After I apply primer on my face I would like to wait for few seconds so primer sets well on face and then I go for foundation. This primer glides on softly on face and it makes my skin feel soft and velvety to the touch, and helps my foundation application smoother. The lightweight formula of this primer helps to erase the appearance of any pores and fine lines to an extent by filling them up for a smooth finish.

This primer is moisturizing but not greasy. It also helps foundation last longer, the face looks presentable at the end of the day (about 9-10 hours). It keeps the skin looking fresher and less tired. I have oily T zone and it helps to control oil on those area. Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer is definitely one for you if you don’t like the silicone feel that some primers have – this has none of that at all and it actually feels quite soft, cool and hydrating whilst very lightly mattifying. It is not too matte and still allows the skin to glow. It definitely makes the foundation last longer. I think this primer would suit all skin types.

Mesauda Milano Perfect Eyelid Base Primer – £7.95, 12ml

Mesauda Milano Perfect Eyelid Base Primer is light in texture and good for eye makeup base. The presence of “nude effect” pearl gives a natural radiance though still remaining imperceptible to the eye. You can use this primer before you apply your eyeshadows, pigments, paints and concealers. I have slight greasy/oily eyelids so I always use good eyelid base before I do eye makeup. Take small amount of this eyelid primer on fingertip and gently dab it on bare eyelids to create the perfect canvas for eyeshadow. I also apply this eye primer under my eyes to counteract dark circles and prepare for concealer. It absorbed quickly without creating build-up or residues. It is slightly tinted as a result of nude effect and it gives a natural glow while remaining invisible.

The most I love about this eyelid primer is that the eyeshadow glides smoothly because of its creamy and soft texture that it leaves on eyelids. Any eyeshadow I use becomes a lot more vibrant with this on. I am really happy with this eyelid primer as it preps eyelid for smoother, longer lasting and crease proof eyeshadow. It also prevents eyeshadow fading. The lightweight formula of this eyelid primer quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear. Using eyelid primer as base makes a huge difference, I know many of us sometimes avoid or skip eyelid primers but the result with eyelid primers is just so much better. This eyelid primer intensifies eyeshadow shades and lasts up to 9 hours(on me) with no creasing in sight.

Overall I am really happy with both Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Primer and Eyelid Primer. If you are looking for some good face and eyelid primers then you should give one try to Mesauda Milano’s Primers and I am sure you won’t get disappointed with them.

What do you think about Mesauda Perfect Skin Primer and Perfect Eyelid Base Primer? Which is your favourite everyday primer? You can buy these products directly from Mesauda Milano Cosmetics here.

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MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics UK

Today I am really excited about this post. I am going to talk about Italian MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic Company. Some of us might have a heard about this brand and some of us might not be aware or heard of anything about it. So I am sure all of you beauties must be excited to see and hear about new Cosmetic Brand that has been launched in UK as much as I am excited. So here is brief introduction about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics.

“MESAUDA Milano is a young and dynamic company that aims to stand out for professionalism and the ability to provide the customer always and only the best of research and innovation in the cosmetics industry at a very competitive price. It is a work that is carried on daily with passion and dedication, seeking a line capable of add class, elegance and simplicity. For this reason, MESAUDA Milano has made the production process its main prerogative. This is why the company addresses every single product to one of the most specialized laboratory, keeping almost exclusively the product line in Italy. The only exception is made by a line of nail polish produced in France, in a workshop considered the world`s number one, and a line of cosmetic pencils produced in Germany from the factory where the first cosmetic pencils were born. All this for the sole purpose of ensuring the final consumer a product of a high quality level combined with a choice of trendy colours and formulas together with a functional, youthful and attractive packaging.”

MESAUDA Milano offers a complete range of high quality colour makeup and nail art that will meet the needs of our customers. They have lovely products in their collection. They also have skincare products in their range, so you get everything from Makeup to Skincare products that you require to create perfect beautiful look and take care of your skin at one place MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics.

I have been sent makeup products very kindly from MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics to review on my blog and I feel myself so lucky to try and review their products on my blog. I know beauties you might be waiting to see how their products look like and how beautiful is their collection. I am going to share with your guys what I have been sent and later I will review each and every products on my blog so keep watching.

MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic is also exhibiting at Professional Beauty London where the whole beauty industry comes together. So you beauties have a chance to meet them and try their whole new range at Professional Beauty London on 22 – 23 February 2015 at Booth: H20. Dont miss the chance.

You can find more information about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics and take a look at their cosmetic collection on their website, here. For now you can buy MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics from Amazon UK, here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and keep watching for future posts about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics.

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