MESAUDA Milano SILK TOUCH Baked Powder Review

Today I am going to review one more product from MESAUDA Milano CosmeticsSILK TOUCH Baked Powder. I have been sent Baked Powder to try and later review on my blog. I have been using this product since last 2 weeks I think. I am again loving this SILK TOUCH Powder so much, It gives a soft and silky layer on my skin.

SILK TOUCH Baked Powder comes in four shades – Almond, Dore, Naturel and Porcelain. I have opted Naturel SILK TOUCH Baked Powder for me to try. In my previous post I have reviewed MESADUA Milano Cosmetics Lipsticks, Lip Liner, Ink Pen, Eyeshadows and Blushers, If you have missed any of these post, please check out.

SILK TOUCH Baked Powder Claims

  • A silky veil on your skin
  • A refined, advanced and sophisticated face powder to provide a “second skin” effect to your complexion.
  • Its specific baked technology gives to this compact powder a soft, velvety texture while guaranteeing an absolute comfort and a creamy touch during its application.
  • Silk Touch provides your skin with a healthy finish, matifying and evening out your complexion while ensuring a natural looking glow.
  • Paraben and mineral oil FREE formula.

Application Tips

Perfect to be worn alone, on a clean and moisturized skin, for a super natural, flawless make-up result. Over foundation, Silk Touch provides a long-lasting and silky skin tone. Ideal for quick touch-ups during the day, to provide a long-lasting flawless complexion.

The packaging is really substantial, the kind of product that you can toss in your bag and not worry about it breaking. It’s very polished looking and the interior mirror is a nice size to have on the go.

I agree with everything in the very apt official description, it does what has been said for this SILK TOUCH Baked Powder. The powder is very lightweight and at times I don’t actually feel like I have applied anything because you can barely feel it! It has very soft and silky texture and glides so smoothly on skin. I tried this baked powder with and without foundation and both the way it worked really well for me. It does have quite good coverage. However on top of a lightweight and luminous foundation, it is just amazing.

I am using SILK TOUCH Baked Powder with my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, It really goes well. This baked powder gives that silky velvety touch to my skin and does not leave you looking powdered, but just makes you complexion look smooth and perfected, but still natural and with that healthy glow, I love. This powder has actually taking me quite by surprise and impressed me a great deal. Only thing missing is applicator, It does not come with powder sponge or brush, however it does have enough space to put sponge applicator inside, so I have kept one inside that I bought few months back.

Overall I am so satisfied with SILK TOUCH Baked Powder and it gives natural finish that has a subtle glow to it and lasts quite long about 6-7 hours on my face. If you are looking for a change to replace your current powder then I must say you should give one try to this SILK TOUCH Baked Powder and who knows you too do love it as much as I do.

You can buy MESAUDA Milano SILK TOUCH Baked Powder from Amazon, here.

Hope you enjoyed this review and Have a lovely weekend!

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DMGM Cosmetics Skin Primer and Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder Review

Today I am going to review some gorgeous beauty products those have been very kindly sent by DMGM Cosmetics A Touch Of Luxury. DMGM stands for “Discover the Mark of Glamorous Make-up”. I have been sent Skin Primer, Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder, Cheek Blush and Matte Chubby Stick. I am playing with this products since few days and they are really great.

I am going to divide review of this four products in two posts, so today I am going to review Skin Primer and Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder.

DMGM Skin Primer Makeup Base

A Primer is a very essential product for makeup base, It does smooth fine lines and minimize pores on the skin. Primer should be applied before you use foundation on your face and it improves coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face.

The Product Claims

  • Fixes your make up and makes it long – lasting.
  • Blots away excess oil and makes your skin look completely matte.
  • Advanced water proof formula provides a protective film on the skin.
  • Moisturizes and gives the skin a soft and velvety touch.
  • Minimizes the enlarged pores and appearance of fine lines.
  • Use before foundation for perfect complexion.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

The packaging of this Skin Primer is so cute and light weight. It comes in sleek small size bottle which makes it very easy to carry in your handbag. The mouth of the bottle is designed to be travel friendly. It is small in size so you don’t have to worry about product leakages.

The DMGM Skin Primer is transparent, odorless and has a gel like consistency which absorbs in no time. I have combination skin, so I always use primer first then I use foundation. After applying it on my face, it gives my skin a velvety touch and makes it more easy for me to apply the foundation. It gives matte finish to my skin and also makes my skin to look shine free for few hours.

I take a small amount of primer, apply on face and then wait for few seconds, so primer set on face well and then I apply foundation. As I said earlier this primer feels velvety and very light on application. This primer also minimize your pores to some extent. Overall I really happy with this primer and continue using it.

You should give this primer a try if you have Combination/Normal skin. It prepares a smooth base to apply the foundation and makes your makeup last longer. It also reduces fine lines and minimizes pores to some extent and gives your face a velvety touch.

DMGM Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder

DMGM Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder gives you a fresh glowing look that lasts throughout the day! It available in four different shades – Gold 01, Silver 02, Pearl 03 and Pink 04. I have opted Pink 04 for me to try.

The Product Claims

An ultra – sheer fine loose powder to set your make up for the day, with a purely professional touch. Shimmer & Shine loose powder illuminates skin with a touch of fine micronized pearls to enhance you look. The sheer powder blends easily with skin for a natural, glowing finish.

The packaging is very simple and elegant. It comes in a small plastic broad-based bottle with a white cap. Inside there is a sponge applicator head which attached to the bottle and can be used directly to apply the powder to the face. The sponge applicator has holes underneath that can allow the powder to come through.

Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder is very fine and soft, goes on the skin easily without giving any feeling of being there. I took off the main cap and dabbed some powder on the back of my hand until I saw the powder coming out. Then with sponge applicator lightly dusted over my cheeks, on forehead, center of nose and collar-bone. The powder has very fine shimmer in it and who does not like too much shimmer then this powder is perfect for you to use. As I have picked up pink color which is very sheer and does not show up too much on my skin. My skin has pinkish undertone so I have picked up the Pink shade and it looks very natural on my skin and also adds lovely shine to your face and looks so fresh.

Overall I am really happy with both of these products and recommend them to anybody. If you have combination/Normal skin then DMGM Skin Primer is worth to try and Shimmer Loose Powder adds natural shine and makes your face look fresh and healthy.

You can buy DMGM Cosmetics from, here. Other two products I am going to review tomorrow so keep looking.

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Organii Organic Liquorice Shower Gel Review

Today I am going to review organic shower gel from Organii. Have you heard about Organii before? Let me first give you bit introduction about Organii first. Organii has been created to offer the consumer the choice of everyday organic toiletries at a great price with effective formulas which the customer would expect from an organic soap. The Organii happy-go-lucky label on the organic soaps gives an attractive appearance on every wash basin and in every bathroom cabinet. Organii range consists of cream soaps, liquid soaps and shower gels and retail price between £4 to £8 maximum so that is very affordable. I was very kindly sent Organii : Organic Liquorice Shower Gel 300ml to try out and review on my blog. The shower gel also has six other scents Aloe Vera and Bamboo, Argan, Liquorice, Peach, Shea Butter and Strawberry. Organii’s Shower Gels are all SLS free, and contain no mineral oil, silicones, paraffin, parabens, synthetic colours or fragrances.

This shower gel comes in cute sturdy plastic bottle, I really loved the style of this bottle so much, it looks like small milk bottle and graphics on the bottle just make it so adorable and looks different from other shower gel bottles. When ever I enter in bathroom, my eyes directly switch on to the bottle, those colorful bubbles or circles are eye-catching. It has flip top lid that easy to open and close. You can squeeze out as much as you require.

The shower gel itself is quite a thick one, it has a colour of golden syrup and also has sweet smell to it and has that warm spicy hint to it but it is not too overpowering. When this gel rubbed in between the palms of the hands, it lathers up nicely to a creamy foam, but not as much as regular shower gel. It cleanses the skin really well and leaves skin feeling nourished and soft. I also felt that this shower gel was very gentle on my skin and I didn’t feel any irritation on my skin as I have slight sensitive skin. So this shower gel would probably be fabulous for those with sensitive skin. After I dried my skin, I was impressed with how soft it felt. Usually I need to apply a moisturizer to get this feeling, however with this, I did not need to.

I am really impressed with this shower gel and thinking to say BYE BYE to my other shower gels. I am really looking forward to try other shower gels from their range. If you are switching to natural/organic products then Organii shower gel is best to try.

You can buy Organii products from Pravera UK website, here.

Have you tried any Organii Products?

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MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review one more MUA eyeshadow palette – The MUA Glamour Days. In my previous post I have reviewed MUA Romantic Efflorescence Eyeshadow Palette and MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette. Glam Days contains a great mix of neutrals, with a few pops of colour to make it suitable for work and days-out, or nights if you prefer a more subtle look. MUA also has Glamour Nights palette too. It is really convenient having so many types of palettes in your make-up collection, and I always love to try different types of palette better than buying individual eyeshadows. MUA have amazing palettes in their collection and I got 6 of them now and still I have few more palettes pending to buy to complete my collection.

This palette comes in firm black plastic palette with clear lid so you can see colors from top and don’t have to open and go thru all the palettes when you are searching for particular colors., The size of this palette is nice and it is perfect to put it into your makeup bag or purse when you go somewhere. It also comes with double ended sponge applicator which I don’t use.

MUA Glamour Days palette contains a nice mix of both matte and shimmery shades. There’s twelve colours to choose from, colours range from icy blues, to girly pinks and luxurious golds. There is so many looks that you could create with this palette, which is great considering the price is £4.00. Now MUA having up to 70% off sale, so you can get this palette only for £2.00, that’s amazing.

Each eyeshadows are very easy to pick with brush or fingers and they glide on the eyelids easily and there is no difficulties on applying them. Each shadow has good pigmentation, and creamy in texture and blend fairly well. Because of the creamy texture there is no fallout during application and blends nicely. The glitters on the shimmer eyeshadows are not too over powering since there are no chunky glitters which make them wearable for any events. Without primer eyeshadows last about 5-6 hours and with primer they last for more hours.

I am really loving this palette so much as eyeshadows are very well pigmented and colour pay off and consistency of each eyeshadows are just wonderful! This palette costs only £4.00 and everything is good about this palette, so nothing can go wrong. I highly recommend them to anybody because this palette contains shades that are suitable for any skin tone.

Have you tried MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette or any of other MUA Palettes? Which one is your favourite? You can buy MUA products from their website, here.

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MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics Ink Liner, Lip Liner, Pencil Shadow and Pure Shadow Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review few more products those have been sent from MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics – Ink Liner, 4ever Shadow Pencil, Pure Eyeshadow and Waterproof Lip Pencil. I have been using these products since 1 week and I am really impressed with them, specially 4ever Eyeshadow Pencil and the Ink Liner.

In my previous post I have also reviewed MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics Lipsticks and Blushers which you can find by clicking on names. I have also written a post about little bit introduction of MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics which you can find, here.

MESAUDA Milano Ink Liner

This eyeliner comes in a long, sleek black lacquered pen with a felt-tip applicator. It’s a very beautiful, elegant and artistic-looking product. The applicator is quite stiff and comes to an ultra-precise point, which is great for detail work like getting into the inner corner and creating a perfect cat-eye flick. This type of applicator allows a good amount of control, since you only need to increase the pressure of application to increase the width of the line. The harder you press, the thicker the line, the lighter you press, the thinner the line almost like a calligraphy pen.

The eyeliner formula is very liquidy, although still ultra black and pigmented. It dries fairly quickly. There is no budging this eyeliner until you remove it with an oil-based makeup remover. It’s very simple to apply, and unlike gel eyeliner it doesn’t require any messing around with brushes, which makes it great for travel. The flexible tip follows the eye contour in an excellent way, giving a long-lasting sharp and precise lining. After 1 week of use every day the nib is just as moist as when it was freshly opened.

MESAUDA Milano Pearly Electric Blue Eyeshadow

The shadow comes in a small round pot with transparent lid with the brand name printed beautifully in black on the lid. The packaging is quite sleek and sturdy at the same time. The lid gets locks nicely making it good for travelling as well. However, it lacks an applicator, which makes it less travel-friendly, unless you are carrying your own brush.

It contains bit shimmer particles, which gives it a subtle shine. It is nicely pigmented. One coat gives a nice color. However, it can easily be built up according to the occasion. This blue toned shade really works so well if you want to create smokey look with black shade. It does not get cakey/ crease-y. The texture is smooth and easily blendable. It is neither too powdery nor too creamy, so fallout doesn’t happen during application.

The staying power is good. It lasts for approximately 5-6 hours without a primer and 7-8 hours with a primer. It does not require reapplication. The color slightly starts to fade away after 5-6 hours but still is quite visible and needs a makeup remover to get it off completely at the end of the day.

MESAUDA Milano 4Ever Shadow In Pearly Emerald Green

This maxi eyeshadow pencils is fatty which can be used all over the lid as a stand-alone eyeshadow, as a base for powder eyeshadow or even as eye liner, if you wish. EXTREMELY pigmented and blendable, smooth & creamy and very long-lasting. It does not budge. Once it sets, it is not going anywhere without an oil based makeup remover. Definitely water-resistant, no smudging or budging so don’t even think about it.

When I first swatched it on my hand I washed my hand numerous times and the swatch didn’t budge, you can rub and rub at this and it doesn’t smear or smudge, if I had to point out one downside it would be that you have to use a pencil sharpener to sharpen this pencil, it doesn’t twist up and release more product, but that’s not that important to me. I am really loving this pencil so much and it comes in other beautiful shades and I am really looking forward to try more shades of this maxi pencil.

MESAUDA Milano Waterproof Aqua Kiss Lip Pencil 109

Aqua Kiss is a waterproof extra soft lip pencil, which can be easily applied on the lips. Lip Pencils are basically used to outline your lips prior to application of Lipstick to avoid bleeding of lipstick color and also helps to keep your lipstick last longer and give definition to your lips by adding/reducing/following the natural line of your lips.

As for me, sometimes I use it alone as a lip color instead of lipstick. This gives me better control with the lip color rather than using a tube of lipstick plus it is less bulky in my purse. I actually love how it smoothly glides on the lips. It is creamy but sturdy enough for precise lining of the lips. Also, it stays on for hours and it doesn’t budge or bleed so this is a really good base for your lipstick. This maroon red color gives you an advantage to perfect those red kissable lips.This lip pencil is highly pigmented and very long-lasting.

Overall I’m really impressed with all of these products and recommend them to anybody. You can buy these gorgeous products from Amazon, here. The MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics also going to launch their UK webshop soon, so later you would be able to buy all the products from their website. I will keep you updated on this.

Thank you,