W7 Full Colour Lipsticks Tides and Angry Annie Review/Swatch

I am sure you must have heard about W7 Cosmetics. I have also reviewed few products from W7 Cosmetics on my blog in last month I think. I also did small W7 haul plus other brands haul but not getting chance to post them on blog. W7 was started in 2002 by two entrepreneurial young men from London, who felt that every woman should have access to a range of high quality products at an affordable price. W7 is a budget friendly quality brand and if you look into their collection you will find dupes of many high-end brands products. Recently I have reviewed W7 Power Puff Face Blender which you can find here.

Today I am going to review W7 Full Colour Lipsticks which I have been sent to try and review on my blog. I have been sent two lipsticks in Full Colour Range – Tides and Angry Annie. Both are really bright beautiful pink. There are total six pink toned shades available in this range. As you may know I love PINK so when I received this parcel I could not stop myself to wear it without clicking pictures of products first. After I receive parcel, I try to click pictures in next two days and then start testing part. Anyway let me tell you about these lipsticks.

I love the packaging of this lipsticks. They look gorgeous in pink slim stick. The lid is transparent so you can easily find the particular shade you are after specially when you have tons of lipsticks. The lid of this lipsticks seal tightly. On the back you will find a list of ingredients and name of the lipstick. Also on bottom there is a sticker with the name of lipstick. The lipstick is slanted and flat cut, I personally love this type of shape and find it easy to apply on lips.

Both are lovely Pink Bright colours. I love the formula of this lipsticks so much. They glide smoothly on lips without any dragging feeling and have excellent colour payoff. The formula gives a fairly matte finish. In flash it gives slightest glossy effect. They smell pleasant, like a sweet fruity balms. Both W7 Full Colour Lipsticks are really moisturising, there is no need to apply lip balm before application. Both the shades lasted for good hours. My lips did not dry out after a long wear. Both the lipsticks leave good stain on lips, so there is no need to re-apply them. They are incredibly pigmented.

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks. I am going to use them more this summer. I will carry them with me in handbag for this year summer vacation. These shades would be great for everyday wear too I think. Let me know what do you think about W7 Full Colour Lipsticks? Have you already tried them? Out of two which one you liked most? I am loving both!

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Born Pretty Store Color Baby GAGA Lipstick Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review 2 lipsticks which I have been sent to try and review by Born Pretty Store Online. I will make 2 different posts for each lipstick. In this post I will review Color Baby GAGA lipstick in shade no. 2. BornPrettyStore is well-known for their huge range of nail polishes and nail art related products, but they also stock a fair amount of affordable and cheerful makeup. I also love their Jewellery section, it is really beautiful.

This lipstick comes in a gorgeous black and rose gold packaging. Color baby GAGA lipstick in #2 is gorgeous coral pink. This lipstick has such a crazy pigmentation – one, two thin layers and your lips are totally opaque! I also love the formula, it feels very comfortable on the lips and does not dry the lips. It is very creamy and moisturising leaving my lips with a shiny gloss. I have not used lip balm under the lipstick and yet my lips felt good.

The staying power of this lipstick is hilarious! Even after drinking and eating it will stay on lips for hours. I did not expect such a good result for this lipstick. When I tried to remove it with makeup wipes, it acted like a lip stain. The glossy cream was gone but the stain remained. It goes away completely with oil base makeup remover.

This lipstick costs $4.64 which is really very good price and it is a must have product. You can choose your favourite colour from 6 pretty shades. This is an unscented lipstick, I always like to see if there is any fragrance added. This lipstick ticks all the boxes for me – affordable, highly pigmented, creamy, and long wearing. I definitely recommend it!

You can buy Color Baby GAGA lipstick in shade no. 2 from here. Born Pretty Store located within US and they offer free world-wide shipping. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks. I also have promo code RESH10 to receive a 10% discount on entire makeup range.

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W7 Cosmetics Lip Paint The Art Of Gloss in Girlie Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review one more W7 Cosmetics Product – Lip Paint The Art Of Gloss in Girlie. W7 is one of budget friendly brands and they create budget friendly products similar to that of higher-end products. W7 Lip paint range has 5 gorgeous shades. Yesterday I have reviewed W7 Nail Polishes, in case if you have missed out that post please check it out, here.

The 12ml lip paints are available in squeeze tubes with a black screw lid. The packaging is in the same colour as the product. This lip paint smells minty and it has a creamy texture. The packaging of the lip paint is super cool and easy to use. The screw lid shuts tightly and can be carried in a hand bag without any concerns of leakage.

Girlie Lip Paint is a lip colour that has the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. This lip paint is well moisturised, increased wearability and ensures that colour stays intact and I think it also contains peppermint/menthol oil or leaf  as that offers a cooling refreshing effect upon application.

This lip paint is the super intense colour, I am loving this fuchsia colour, the pigmentation is amazing and the colour pay off is top-notch and not sticky at all. This lip paint is a hybrid between a creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. The wear is comparable to any good creamy lipstick, and I found it lasts a good 5-6 hours without the need for a touch up. Even after fading, the lip paint leaves subtle stain on the lips, therefore a lip balm or primer is an essential, either wise a lipstick remover will be required.

W7 lip paint in Girlie is a fine addition to my lip collection and I am sure I am going to get the rest of the colours too. The formula provides a high shine, creamy feel, high pigmentation, and long-lasting.

Hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know your thoughts on this.

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MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics Lipstick Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Lipsticks have been sent by MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics. I have been sent 6 lipsticks to review – 309 Grace, 301 Marylin, 404 Lilium, 403 Galla, 203 Monica, 202 Claudia. All of six lipsticks are just amazing and have lovely colors and are Highly pigmented. In my earlier post I have written a little introduction about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics, which you can find here.

MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics have amazing colors in their lipstick range. They have 4 types in their lipstick range – Back Stage(14 shades, Price £4.95), Top Model(14 shades, Price £6.95), Diva(14 shades, Price £7.95) and Icona(8 shades, Price £8.50). You can find more information about their range in lipsticks and shades on their website, here by downloading catalogue.

Top Model shades are matte and has an elegant finish for a velvety make-up. Diva shades are Pearly providing a silky soft touch on your lips, an ultra luminous make-up result and a super soft, lightweight texture. Icona shades are Semi-transparent finish, lacquered result and extreme shine. Icona lipstick provides a plumping and soothing make-up result. All of these shades have a great texture with a long wearing formula. The packaging of these lipsticks are quite attractive specially the silver one which has mirror kind of effect.

The consistency is smooth and applies effortlessly without any drag, and the pigmentation is pretty darn good. 203 and 202 shades have matte finish I love both barbie pink and deep red colors so much and they are perfect for daytime and evening time.

309 and 301 have a bit shimmer in it and have glossy effect, I would love to wear this glossy shades during some night party or during festive seasons.

403 and 404 shades have semi transparent effect and I love both of the peachy shades so much and both are bit glossyYou can wear this peachy shades anytime when you feel like to put some light shades on your lips and does not want to show off too much on lips.

There’s a slight fruity scent to the product but can’t really be detected when on the lips, which is fine by me as long as it doesn’t smell like the scent you get from old-fashioned lipsticks. They sit quite comfortably on the lips, neither drying nor too balmy.

You can buy all of these gorgeous shades from Amazon, here. The MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics also going to launch their UK webshop soon, so later you would be able to buy all the products from their website. I will keep you updated on this.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which shades you liked most and Which one are you going to buy?

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