MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics UK

Today I am really excited about this post. I am going to talk about Italian MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic Company. Some of us might have a heard about this brand and some of us might not be aware or heard of anything about it. So I am sure all of you beauties must be excited to see and hear about new Cosmetic Brand that has been launched in UK as much as I am excited. So here is brief introduction about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics.

“MESAUDA Milano is a young and dynamic company that aims to stand out for professionalism and the ability to provide the customer always and only the best of research and innovation in the cosmetics industry at a very competitive price. It is a work that is carried on daily with passion and dedication, seeking a line capable of add class, elegance and simplicity. For this reason, MESAUDA Milano has made the production process its main prerogative. This is why the company addresses every single product to one of the most specialized laboratory, keeping almost exclusively the product line in Italy. The only exception is made by a line of nail polish produced in France, in a workshop considered the world`s number one, and a line of cosmetic pencils produced in Germany from the factory where the first cosmetic pencils were born. All this for the sole purpose of ensuring the final consumer a product of a high quality level combined with a choice of trendy colours and formulas together with a functional, youthful and attractive packaging.”

MESAUDA Milano offers a complete range of high quality colour makeup and nail art that will meet the needs of our customers. They have lovely products in their collection. They also have skincare products in their range, so you get everything from Makeup to Skincare products that you require to create perfect beautiful look and take care of your skin at one place MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics.

I have been sent makeup products very kindly from MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics to review on my blog and I feel myself so lucky to try and review their products on my blog. I know beauties you might be waiting to see how their products look like and how beautiful is their collection. I am going to share with your guys what I have been sent and later I will review each and every products on my blog so keep watching.

MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic is also exhibiting at Professional Beauty London where the whole beauty industry comes together. So you beauties have a chance to meet them and try their whole new range at Professional Beauty London on 22 – 23 February 2015 at Booth: H20. Dont miss the chance.

You can find more information about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics and take a look at their cosmetic collection on their website, here. For now you can buy MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics from Amazon UK, here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and keep watching for future posts about MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics.

Thank you,


8 thoughts on “MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics UK

  1. I have not heard about this brand before. I have heard milani cosmetics. I can not wait to see review and swatches of this products. I m going to beauty event so I will visit their booth. Thank you

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    • Thank you Maria for your comment. Thats lovely that you going to event and i am sure you would get your hands on Mesauda products as they really are very good. Let me know how you find it.


  2. Wow looks amazing. I m so much excited to try their cosmetics as very attractive packaging and nice colors i can see through. Thank you silky for this post. Looking forward to see review about all of this.

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  3. This looks amazing. Im exhibiting at professional beauty and will definetly take a break to go and purchase some makeup. Looking forward to your blog so i can decide what to get. X

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