Mesauda Perfect Skin Primer and Perfect Eyelid Base Primer Review

Today I am going to review few more products from Mesauda Milano Cosmetics which I have been sent very kindly along with other products to try and review on my blog. I am reviewing Mesauda Perfect Skin Primer(£10.95) and Perfect Eyelid Base Primer(£7.95). A Primer is a very essential product for makeup base, it creates a fresh palette for liquid makeup or face powder application and your makeup will look fresh and flawless all day. It does smooth fine lines and minimize pores on the skin. Primer should be applied before you use any of your foundation on face and it improves coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face. Eye Primer is also as important as your face primer, apply eye primer to your eyelids before make up application to create a more vibrant eyeshadow colour for long-lasting wear without fading or creasing. Both products comes in black plastic big sized squeezable tube. The packaging is very simple yet looks more professional. It has nozzle for dispensing the product.

Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer – £10.95, 30ml

Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer is different from some of the primers I have tried so far, it does not contain silicones. Silicones are the chemicals responsible for giving the silky smooth velvety feeling that most primers give. They are heavily used in hair care products too to give that smooth feel. While the absence of silicones is good, it makes the product difficult to blend.

Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer is transparent in colour, has very mild fragrance which is hard to define and gel like consistency which absorbs in no time. You just need a small amount of primer to apply on face. After I apply primer on my face I would like to wait for few seconds so primer sets well on face and then I go for foundation. This primer glides on softly on face and it makes my skin feel soft and velvety to the touch, and helps my foundation application smoother. The lightweight formula of this primer helps to erase the appearance of any pores and fine lines to an extent by filling them up for a smooth finish.

This primer is moisturizing but not greasy. It also helps foundation last longer, the face looks presentable at the end of the day (about 9-10 hours). It keeps the skin looking fresher and less tired. I have oily T zone and it helps to control oil on those area. Mesauda Milano Perfect Skin Primer is definitely one for you if you don’t like the silicone feel that some primers have – this has none of that at all and it actually feels quite soft, cool and hydrating whilst very lightly mattifying. It is not too matte and still allows the skin to glow. It definitely makes the foundation last longer. I think this primer would suit all skin types.

Mesauda Milano Perfect Eyelid Base Primer – £7.95, 12ml

Mesauda Milano Perfect Eyelid Base Primer is light in texture and good for eye makeup base. The presence of “nude effect” pearl gives a natural radiance though still remaining imperceptible to the eye. You can use this primer before you apply your eyeshadows, pigments, paints and concealers. I have slight greasy/oily eyelids so I always use good eyelid base before I do eye makeup. Take small amount of this eyelid primer on fingertip and gently dab it on bare eyelids to create the perfect canvas for eyeshadow. I also apply this eye primer under my eyes to counteract dark circles and prepare for concealer. It absorbed quickly without creating build-up or residues. It is slightly tinted as a result of nude effect and it gives a natural glow while remaining invisible.

The most I love about this eyelid primer is that the eyeshadow glides smoothly because of its creamy and soft texture that it leaves on eyelids. Any eyeshadow I use becomes a lot more vibrant with this on. I am really happy with this eyelid primer as it preps eyelid for smoother, longer lasting and crease proof eyeshadow. It also prevents eyeshadow fading. The lightweight formula of this eyelid primer quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear. Using eyelid primer as base makes a huge difference, I know many of us sometimes avoid or skip eyelid primers but the result with eyelid primers is just so much better. This eyelid primer intensifies eyeshadow shades and lasts up to 9 hours(on me) with no creasing in sight.

Overall I am really happy with both Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Primer and Eyelid Primer. If you are looking for some good face and eyelid primers then you should give one try to Mesauda Milano’s Primers and I am sure you won’t get disappointed with them.

What do you think about Mesauda Perfect Skin Primer and Perfect Eyelid Base Primer? Which is your favourite everyday primer? You can buy these products directly from Mesauda Milano Cosmetics here.

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