Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Perfect Skin Foundation Review

Today I am going to review Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Perfect Skin Foundation(103 Medium Beige, £12.95) which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. As you may know I have also reviewed Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Eyeshadow, Blushers, Eye and Lip Liners, etc… on my blog so incase if you have missed any of those post just type Mesauda in search bar of my blog and you will be able to see all those review post. Mesauda Milano Cosmetics have launched their UK webshop recently so now you can buy all Mesadua Milano Beauty Products directly from their UK webshop, here. They offer Free Shipping over £10 in UK & ROI.

Mesauda Milano is an Italian Cosmetic Company. MESAUDA Milano is a young and dynamic company that aims to stand out for professionalism and the ability to provide the customer always and only the best of research and innovation in the cosmetics industry at a very competitive price. Their nail polish produced in France, in a workshop considered the world`s number one, and a line of cosmetic pencils produced in Germany from the factory where the first cosmetic pencils were born. All this for the sole purpose of ensuring the final consumer a product of a high quality level combined with a choice of trendy colours and formulas together with a functional, youthful and attractive packaging.

Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Foundation comes in a small 30ml bottle with nozzle dispenser to get the product. I love simple but professional looking packaging of their beauty products so much. This foundation is creamy in texture with a high coverage. It applies evenly on skin and there is no patchy feeling. It feels very light on skin and gives ultra fine compact finish. The formula of this foundation keeps skin comfortable and doesn’t highlight dry patches. This foundation gives a natural, flawless and bright look to the face. I love fluid foundation as that adapt itself to the colour of the skin and gives natural looking skin. This foundation available in 5 colours and would work on most skin tones. It doesn’t have a weird perfume or industrial fragrance of many foundations I have used before.

I take a small amount of foundation on my palm and apply it on my face with beauty blender. It also blends easily with fingers. It gives medium to full coverage and minimize any imperfections on skin. One layer is good enough coverage if you have any redness on skin, but I found that I needed two layers to cover my hyper pigmentation. Even with two layers, the foundation didn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin. I can definitely see the foundation evening out my skin tone, but it leaves such a fine layer on the skin, that it’s nearly invisible. I’m impressed! Yesterday I was in one PR event, I got 2-3 compliments on my skin that “your skin look so flawless and natural, you got very good skin”. I had Mesauda Foundation on my face, actually I was wearing entire face makeup with Mesauda Products ;).

Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Foundation even out pigmentation very well but it might not mask blemishes fully. If you have under eye circles, blemishes and acne scaring then you will need to use a separate concealer. This foundation really feels light and skin looks very natural and flawless. A lot of foundations can make skin look dull, monotone and fake until you add blush, contour, bronzer and highlighting products. Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Foundation looks like your skin but better.

This foundation lasted well throughout the day, with small signs of fading around my nose after 9 hours of wear. I have bit dry skin but I’m pleased to say it didn’t cling to any dry patches on my face. If you are looking for a lightweight foundation that even out complexion and looks natural, do try Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Foundation. You can also treat yourself with Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Monthly Beauty Box(£29.95) which contains products worth of minimum £60. They offer an exclusive selection of must have beauty products, which are wrapped in a beautifully presented box and delivered straight to your door. Click Here for more information.

What do you think about Mesauda Milano’s Perfect Skin Foundation? Which is your favourite everyday foundation? You can buy these products directly from Mesauda Milano Cosmetics here. Keep watching my blog for more upcoming Mesauda Milano Cosmetics review.

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Mavala Garden Party Nail Polishes Hortensia and Freesia Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Mavala Nail Polishes which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have been sent two polishes – 273 Hortensia and 274 Freesia from the Garden Party Nail Polish Collection. Mavala’s latest Collection, Garden Party is inspired by all the wonderful summer colours of the great outdoors and this Collection includes 6 Summer shades, perfect sized bottles for on-the-go! Names given to these polishes are pretty unique. Mavala also offers a vast array of over 150 nail colours in shades ranging from chic yet understated nudes to the bold and vibrant. I had heard of Mavala a couple of times, but never got round to buying. So I was really excited to try these nail polishes.

Mavala is a Swiss nail polish brand and it is the world leader in nail care with a heritage spanning over 50 years. Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem. Mavala specialise in the maintenance of beautiful looking nails and offers a complete range of products to alleviate all nail concerns, from uneven nail surfaces, splitting and flaking due to lack of hydration or nail discolouration, there is sure to be a Mavala nail care solution to suit you.

My first impression of them was WOW! The packaging is gorgeous! Malava Nail Polish comes in a cute little glass bottles with golden cap on and it holds 5 ml of product. This is the cutest packaging I have ever seen for nail polishes. 5 ml of product isn’t much compared to other brands, in actual fact it’s half the amount. However, I rarely find myself finishing a nail polish so that’s not an issue. Both of the polishes are very easy and smooth to apply. The brush is quite small and flat which means you can get right to the cuticle without flooding it and making a mess.

Hortensia is a coral crème polish and Freesia has a light and sunny shade of coral. Both the shades really perfect for summer and I am loving them both. Application was tremendous and 3 easy coats achieved a perfect finish. The finish of each polish is glossy and shiny so looks great without a top coat. The drying time is also quite quick so you don’t have to wait longer for your pretty nails to dry. Once dry, nails feel very smooth and shiny. Longevity is average, without a top coat, both polishes started to chip after 2 days. By the third day, my nails were looking a bit tatty so I think it’s essential to wear a top coat with these polishes.

Overall I really like these nail polishes, the formula is nice to work with and the range of colours is great! You can purchase Mavala polishes from Boots, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and John Lewis, each bottle retails at £4.75. Not a bad price for a very opaque nail polishes, dries quickly and all Mavala’s colours are free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal.

What do you think of Mavala Garden Party Nail Polish? Would you buy any of the shades? Have you tried any of Mavala Nail Polish Collection?

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COLLECTION Field Day Spring Collection Nail Polishes Review/Nail Art

Today I am going to review newly launched COLLECTION Field Day Spring Collection Nail Polishes which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I was really excited to try this range from COLLECTION. Today I have also reviewed Field Day Eyeshadow Pencils which you can find here. The Field Day range is inspired by green meadows and wild spring flowers. All the three nail polishes got beautiful names – Peony, Heather and Peach Blossom. The new Field Day range from COLLECTION includes three nail polishes, three lipsticks and two eyeshadow pencils. I love COLLECTION Cosmetics as they are very affordable and have a wide range of products in their range. They always come up with something new each season.

These nail polishes are lovely pastel and they are not that bright which I really like. Bottles are really cute and simple. All three nail polishes apply smoothly. Heather is a muted brown with subtle hints of grey, Peach Blossom is a pastel peach colour I think it will look good on tanned skin and Peony is a dusky blush pink colour. Heather is darker colour and you don’t need many coats to get good finish. While Peony and Peach Blossom are bit thinner and need few coats to get the right finish. I am loving Peony shade and it is my favourite out of three. The formula of this nail polishes is great, apply very smoothly and dries quickly.

So how long they lasted on nails without chipping? Peony and Peach Blossom lasted nearly 2-3 days on nails without chipping. The Heather had much better staying power because it is thicker than other two shades. Field Day range nail polishes are really affordable priced at £1.99 each, you can update you look with this gorgeous nail polishes and feel more spring like without spending too much money.

What do you think about COLLECTION Field Day Nail Polishes? Have you tried any of them? Which shade you liked most? You can buy COLLECTION Field Day range from Boots and Superdrug stores. Superdrug stores currently having offer 3 for 2 on their makeup range.

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COLLECTION Field Day Eyeshadow Pencils Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review COLLECTION Field Day Eyeshadow Pencils which I have been sent to try and review on my blog. COLLECTION Field Day range is available in Boots and Superdrug stores. I am loving this new colourful spring products so much. This range has a great mixture of muted pastel shades for creating beautiful spring look. They come in two shades the gold Golden Sun, and the green Summer Meadow.

I love using pencils as I find them super easy to work with. These are thick crayon sized pencils which need sharpening so you will need a large make up pencil sharpener for this. This shimmering eyeshadow pencils can be used all over the lid or as a highlighter in the corners of the eye for a defined look and even you can also use them as eyeliner. Golden Sun is really pretty metallic gold and you can pair it with bronzed shadow. Summer Meadow is beautiful pearlescent pale green. And looks fabulous on eye lids.

Both pencils glides smoothly on eyelids and does not require much pressure. There is no extra residue, falling or smudging. They blend nicely and provide a touch of shimmer. You need to blend quickly though as they sets fast on eye lids. I have oily eye lids so an eye primer is a must with these otherwise they will crease. The shimmers in this pencils are not overpowering. The staying power of this eyeshadow pencils is amazing. At just £3.19 each, these are a great bargain too. You will need good waterproof eye make up remover to get it completely off.

What do you think about COLLECTION Field Day Eyeshadow Pencils? Have you already tried them? Which shade you liked most? You can buy COLLECTION Field Day range from Boots and Superdrug stores. Superdrug stores currently having offer 3 for 2 on their makeup range.

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Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes Cerise Shine and Naked Glow Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. On my previous post I have reviewed Models Owl Colour Chrome Nail Polishes which you can find here. Now a days gel finish nail polishes are everywhere and I love the gel finish polishes so much they look so shiny on nails. I have been sent two Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes – Cerise Shine and Naked Glow. Both the HyperGel nail polishes are highly pigmented and gives glossy and rich finish to your nails. This nail polishes give a professional high shine finish and they are enriched with lotus flower oil. There are total 31 shades available in this collection ranging from nudes, pastels and brights. No UV is required and you can achieve that gel effect nails in ten minutes in the comfort of your own home!

The packaging of these polishes is really gorgeous with gel effect lids. The cap of this polishes are coloured with same colour in bottle so it makes them very easy to find when you are looking for particular colour and you get an idea how dark or light colour you are looking for. The texture of this polishes is thicker than usual polish to give a gel effect finish but still they are very easy to apply. It can become a little gloopy if you don’t brush on polish quickly. Ones the polish dries it gives a flawless shiny finish. This polishes dry pretty quickly.

Cerise Shine is a medium candy pink colour and I have used two coats to make it more perfect.

Naked Glow is a classic soft beige or you can say like light milky coffee. I have used 2 coats with this too as 1 coat was not enough!

The polishes are described as highly pigmented, long-lasting and chip resistant and I totally agree. They both last an impressive 4 days with absolutely no chipping (and NO top coat!!) The formula is thick with two coats giving you the perfect finish. Have you tried Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes? Which shade is your favourite from Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes Collection?

You can buy Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes from Boots, Superdrug Stores and from Models Own website too.

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