Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Lip Balm Review

Today I am reviewing Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Lip Balm-£3.45 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. In my previous posts I have reviewed Lavera’s newly launched Coconut and Vanilla Exotic Body Wash and Body Lotion which you can find here. This organic lip balm is one of the best-selling products in the Basis Sensitive range. It is infused with organic jojoba and organic shea butter effectively moisturises delicate and sensitive lips. It is very ideal for winter season when lips are more likely to become dry and cracked.

The packaging is quite refreshing, it is in stick form to unscrew. The colour of the balm is yellowish, odorless and tasteless. This lip balm is very rich and it stays on lip for quite long so you don’t have to reload lip balm again and again on your lips. It is very moisturising and hydrating. I have been using it everyday since I received and it makes my lips super soft and pinky. It leaves slightly creamy gloss on lips and your lips are soft, healthy and smoochy. This lip balm is not sticky at all and sits nicely on lips. I use it as a base before I apply lipstick or lip gloss which makes a huge difference it allows lipstick to glide smoothly. I am also using it before going to bed. It is very hydrating and perfect for drier lips that really need shot of moisture.

Overall it is really good lip balm to try and specially if you have dry chapped lips worth to check this out. You can buy Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Lip Balm from Naturisimo, Pravera and Holland & Barrett

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Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Pink Ladies Blush and Lip Shine Argyle Pink Review

Yesterday I could not review two other Dusty Girls products as I was away for day. So today I am going to review remaining two Dusty Girls products – Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Pink Ladies Blush(£15.00) and Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Lip Shine Argyle Pink(£9.50). In my previous post I have reviewed Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder and Tinted Earth Cream which I really loved and using them a lot now a days. Dusty Girls is framed by MooGoo which is a cruelty free Australian Skincare brand based out of Gold Coast, Queensland. Again the packaging is simple gorgeous for all Dusty Girls Beauty Products.

Dusty Girls Pink Ladies Blush

Dusty Girls blush comes in two shades Pink Ladies and Golden Delicious. Golden Delicious is a lovely golden shade that would be perfect for darker skin tone. I am loving Pink Ladies blush so much. It is now my go-to blusher. The shade Pink Ladies gives lovely pink subtle colour to your cheeks with a hint of sparkle. It is very pigmented blush so you have to be very careful while taking the product with brush. Use light hand by tapping your brush in pan and do not swirl. This is a gorgeous blush which gives a healthy rosy glow to cheeks. This mineral blush has some sparkles in it but they look so natural on cheeks and not overpowering at all. I have used this blush lot during my recent vacation and have not caused any problems like allergies, breakouts or skin irritation.

If you have acne prone or sensitive skin I recommend them to try it. This is a mineral blush so chancing of getting breakouts are very little as it does not contain any nasty or irritating ingredients.

Dusty Girls Lip Shine

There is only one colour available in Dusty Girls Lip Shine range, I am sure in future they will add few more colours in their collection.It is made from beautiful oils such as Apricot Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oils. No lead, no carmine (beetles), just loads of natural rosiness. The Lip Shine colour Argyle Pink is lovely rosy pink shade which gives lovely rosy pink lips with hint of sparkles. Argyle Pink colour is perfect for spring. This lip shine is so moisturising and conditioning and texture of this lip shine is buttery soft. It glides on lips like a dream. This lip shine is not that pigmented, it is quite sheer on lips with hint of rosy sparkles. I have been using it constantly every day. It does not dry out my lips and keeps them nourished.

If you have acne prone, sensitive or problematic skin I highly recommend them to try MooGoo and Dusty Girls Product. You can buy some of their products in selected stores across UK. You can also buy MooGoo Skincare and Dusty Girls products from their UK website.

What do you think about Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Pink Ladies Blush(£15.00) and Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Lip Shine Argyle Pink(£9.50)? Please let me know in comments.

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Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm Review

Today I am going to review Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. As you may know how much I love lip balms. Lip balm as we know is a waxy substance applied on the lips to keep them from chapping, by moisturizing them. This lip balm claims that it does sooth and protect lips, give long-lasting hydration for up to 24H. It is infused with wheat germ oil and aloe vera for complete lip nourishment and protection. It helps to reduce appearance of rough chapped lips and fine lines associated with dryness.

Packaging of this lip balm is most classier. The white casing looks really chic and classy. I like how it looks like lipstick and sturdy packaging. It is more hygienic than potted lip balms, where we have to dip our finger in. It smells really good. It has quite soft and creamy texture. It has pearlescent particles in it which gives a little volume to lips. The minute shimmers in it are not overpowering at all. The lip balm is in peachy colour but it applies almost clear with very subtle peach undertone.

It glides smoothly on lips. The fine creamy texture of this lip balm helps to keep my lips soft and moisture. The staying power of this lip balm is average. Like after eating and drinking I have to re-apply it. I can not comment on if it gives 24H long-lasting hydration if applied ones, As I have to apply it couple of times in between to keep my lips moisturised. But yes this lip balm is really hydrating and It gives lips smooth, rich and glossy effect. This lip balm is not sticky at all and sits nicely on lips.

Overall it is good lip balm but I don’t find anything special about this lip balm as it does normal job like other lip balm does. It retails for only £4.95 so at this price point nothing can go wrong. Have you tried Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm? What do you think about Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm? You can buy Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm from here.

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Mary Elizabeth Spearmint and Tea Tree Nature Balm Review

Today I am going to review Mary Elizabeth Spearmint and Tea Tree Nature Balm(£7.00 ) which I have been sent to review on my blog. In my previous posts I have reviewed Mary Elizabeth Hand Cream and Gentle Face Scrub which you can find here. Mary Elizabeth is a multi-award winning British natural skincare brand which offers a modern approach to natural beauty, with high quality, multipurpose, “greener” products that deliver results. Mary Elizabeth products don’t contain parabens, phthalates, SLS, DEA, or any artificial perfumes or colours, and of course they are never tested on animals.

This multi purpose balm also got some awards and nominations like Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Winner, Free From Skincare Awards 2013 and Beauty Awards 2014 Shorlisted. This fabulous balm, jam packed with moisturising Shea Butter, vitamin enriched oils and beneficial Spearmint and Tea Tree Essential Oils. The very first time when I opened the balm amazing aroma of Spearmint and Tea Tree made me feel like WOW what a scent! It is a multi-purpose balm. You can use it on your nails for strength and growth, on lips to smooth or soothe, on hands to enrich and protect them from elements, on dry skin to moisturise and also on feet and heels. I have been using it on my lips and nails. It keeps my lips hydrated and kissable! The scent is bit strong but delicious and it does lose its potent minty smell over time.

I also use it on my nails for strength and growth, it makes them look shiny and healthy. I also apply it on my cuticles to hydrate and push them back. This is a really great balm to use during winters and also perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. The consistency is very thick and melts on my skin and lips as soon as you start rubbing it. This cute little balm tin is perfect for traveling with.

Overall this multitask balm is very nice to use daily. I just love smell of it so much. This balm is so moisturizing and hydrating. Now I keep this amazing balm in my handbag. So what do you think about Mary Elizabeth Spearmint and Tea Tree Nature Balm? Have you tried it already? Have you tried any of Mary Elizabeth Products?

You can buy Mary Elizabeth Natural Skincare products from here.

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Lip Smacker’s Frozen Strawberry Shake and Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Review

Today I am again going to review two more Lip Smacker’s Lip Balms one from Disney Frozen Collection Strawberry Shake and one from Disney Cinderella and Friends Collection Cindrella Vanilla Sparkle. These lip balms I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Lip Smacker’s Coca Cola Collection and I just loved it so much. Lip Smacker’s Disney collection is really beautiful. I am very big fan of Disney movies and characters. I have been to Paris Disneyland 3 times and I really enjoy lot there! Meeting with characters in Disneyland is the most loving and fun part of my Paris Trip each time. I have seen most of all Disney movies in cinemas. I just love it.

The Frozen Collection has 6 lip balms Olof (coconut snowballs,) Sven (Berry Slush,) Anna (strawberry shake,) Kristoff (ice pop,) Elsa (cool vanilla mint) and an Elsa-Anna combo (chilled cranberry grape). Strawberry Shake really smells delicious. This lip balm is transparent and glides smoothly on lips. It is very light on lips and not sticky at all. It makes my lips soft and smooth. It is not super hydrating. This lip balm stick is in pink color but it does apply on lips clear. It is not tinted lip balm.

I am loving this Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Lip Gloss Balm so much. When I apply it, it glides on smoothly on lips, leaves a glossy glittery shine with a slight blue tone on lips and then apply it heavily and this definitely leaves quite a blue tone to the lips with a super glittery glossy look. The glitters in this lip balm are not overpowering. This lip balm is Vanilla scented and it really smells like Vanilla. This lip balm really moisturising and soft and leaves lips sparkly and glossy. This lip balm is more hydrating than other Lip Smacker’s lip balms I have tried and stays bit longer on lips.

I am a Disney lover and I love the cute packaging of this lip balms and think they would be ideal for stocking fillers for any Disney lovers. These lip smackers are really affordable too retailing at £2.49 each and the Lip Balm tin £10.00 and exclusively available in Claire’s Accessories Online, Debenhams Online and Primark. Are you a Disney fan?

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