Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows Review/Swatch

Hello Beauties! I have not posted anything since last 2-3 days as I am on vacation and while leaving home I thought I will get enough time for blogging but sadly No! Leaving hotel in the morning and then come back to hotel in night after roaming around in and out city, and feel so tired by end of the day. Finally today got some time to post blog.Today I am going to review Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows (£9.95) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have selected 3 shades to review – Tigers eye(Ref 02), Amber(Ref 06) and Agate(Ref 03). There are total 12 different shades available in this range. These eyeshadows can be used dry for a luminous and transparent effect, or with a slightly wet brush to have a more covering and long-lasting makeup. These eyeshadows are luminous and light in application it assures a pleasant make-up, releasing a thin and comfortable film on the skin. They are mineral oil free and infused with Vitamin E acetate and Jojoba Oil.

The black packaging of these eyeshadows are gorgeous and very professional looking. It is sleek and simple. When I opened the lid of the eyeshadows, they look really pigmented and when I swatched, they turned out to be just that. All of the three eyeshadows are so gorgeous and beautiful bronzy/coppery shades. These eyeshadows are really soft to touch and have amazing colour payoff. They are not patchy or powdery at all. Shimmers in it are not chunky. These eyeshadows have subtle shine in it and easily applied to eyes with dry or damp brush and even you can work with finger to apply them. There is minimal fallout during application.

In swatch all the eyeshadows applied dry and look much pigmented. These eyeshadows can also be applied with wet applicator for a metallic effect and a more pronounced explosive look. The texture is not dusty, it is soft and this allows to manage the product with ease. They are very easy to blend. If you apply this type of eyeshadow on a base, it looks more intense. I found them excellent quality and very functional. Agate shade is so gorgeous, it is like pearl beige with golden veins and it gives nice shimmery effect. And I am going to use this lot in summer. Amber is shimmery copper shade and would look more beautiful on warm skin tones. Tigers eye is one of my favourite shade out of all three, it is beautiful brown bronzy shade with gold glitters inside, I am going to wear it lot during Indian weddings and functions.

All the shades last quite longer on eyelids without creasing and they are all decent to wear. Lovely sheen and metallic shades. I have not tried using them wet, but I think as wet they will stay much longer and the shimmers in it will not go here and there. Having tried using them as dry after 4-5 hours I see some shimmers here and there around my eyes and on cheeks so I recommend them to use as wet or with good base. Otherwise they look gorgeous on eyes and beautiful shades available in this range to try.

What do you think about Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows? Which is your favourite shade out of all three? Please let me know in comments.

You can buy Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Eyeshadows from here.

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Ruby Cosmetics Black Smokey Eyeshadow Kit Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Ruby Cosmetics Black Smokey Eyeshadow Kit(£14.99) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. In my previous posts I have reviewed Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Lipgloss and Picture Perfect Brows Kit. With the help of this Smokey Eyeshadow Kit you can create ideal dark and smouldering look anytime, day or night. The classic smokey eye look with gray and black it goes with almost everything.

This eyeshadow kit comes in a cardboard package with double ended sponge application and no mirror. This palette contains 4 shades from dark to light. It has Grey, Black, Light Grey and White. This is perfect kit to create a beautiful black smokey look. There is also application instructions given on back of the packaging. Once you open the palette you will also find application instructions inside. Just follow the instruction and you will get beautiful smokey eyes look. Its small size makes it ideal for traveling.

All four eyeshadows in this palette have buttery soft texture and amazing pigmentation. They glide on smoothly on eyes. All the colors are blend-able and very easy to work with. These eyeshadows are not chalky and shimmery. They are semi matte finish. I found that these colors faded quickly by the end of the day. But if I wore a primer underneath, it held up beautifully. There is no fall out during application.

All in one it is a beautiful black smokey eyeshadow kit with all essential shades to create black smokey look. If you love shimmery eyeshadows then this kit is not for you. There is one more eyeshadow kit called Brown Eyeshadow Kit if you love browny shades. So what do you think about Ruby Cosmetics Black Smokey Eyeshadow Kit? Do you love smokey eye look?

You can buy Ruby Cosmetics Black Smokey Eyeshadow Kit from here.

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Vivo Cosmetics Unprotected 12 Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

I think 1 month ago I did small Vivo Cosmetics haul. That was my first haul from Vivo Cosmetics. I got one eyeshadow palette, 2 blushers palette and 2 lip glosses. Vivo Cosmetics is a budget friendly brand and I have not tried any of their beauty products earlier so I was quite excited to try them. In this post I am going to review Vivo Cosmetics Unprotected 12 Eyeshadow Palette. This palette looks exactly same of MUA’s Undressed Eyeshadow Palette.

When I saw this palette on their website I thought size of the product might be small, but when it arrived I was quite happy with the size of this palette. It is nice big size palette only for £3.99. Vivo Cosmetics Unprotected Eyeshadow palette comes in a simple square plastic case with transparent top so you can easily see all the shades from top of the palette. It contains 12 neutral eyeshadow shades (three matte and 9 shimmer ones). This eyeshadow palette also contains 1 double-sided applicator, but I prefer brushes for applying my eyeshadows.

All 12 shades are given beautiful names – ‘Escape’ ‘Forever’ ‘Flutter’ ‘Today’ ‘Wisp’ ‘Flow’ ‘Adore’ ‘Relax’ ‘Engage’ ‘Devine’ ‘Free’ and ‘Awaken.’ This palette contains all the shades that you need to create your everyday eye makeup looks. All of the shades are fairly neutral with a couple of smoky grey / blue shades perfect for nights out. Escape, Flutter and Wisp are three matte shades and rest 9 of the shades are shimmery but they are not glittery. Matte shades do not have good pigmentation but they are super soft and not chalky. Shimmery shades are nicely pigmented. All the shades are fairly easy to blend together.

With this palette you can create a soft day time look and by increasing the intensity you can create stronger night-time smoky eyes. I am really impressed with the quality of the shadows. They are quite creamy and rich. You will need to wear a primer with these shadows for them to last throughout the day. I have worn every shade in this palette and first three shades from 2nd row are my favourite. There is fall out during the application with shimmery shades.

Have you heard of Vivo Cosmetics? Have you tried Vivo Cosmetics beauty products? What do you think about this palette?

You can buy Vivo Cosmetics Unprotected 12 Eyeshadow Palette from there website, here. Keep looking my blog for more Vivo Cosmetic products review.

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MUA Glamour Nights Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review one more Eyeshadow Palette from MUA – Glamour Nights Palette. I got this palette during my Nov-Dec makeup haul. I am loving all MUA palettes so much, each palette have very different shades, mixture of matte and shimmer.

In my previous posts I have reviewed three palettes from MUA, so incase if you have missed any of those posts, you can check it out by typing MUA in search bar of my blog.

I must say that the packaging is very sleek and has a professional touch to it. It’s so sleek that it can be easily carried in a clutch. It doesn’t come with a mirror instead, it has a clear lid to it. It comes with a double-ended eye shadow applicator.

This palette has 12 shades, 7 of them are matte and 5 are shimmery. The shades don’t have names to them. Most of the shades are very pigmented and stays for a long time. The colors are so pigmented that they show up properly without even applying a primer, the colours are very vibrant. Matte shades are really stays on the lid and the shimmery ones too don’t go all over the face. Shimmery shades are more pigmented than the matte shades and lighter shades have a poor pigmentation.

Shade 1 – A matte white which I found incredibly sheer.
Shade 2 – The second shade is pretty cool – it’s like an eyeshadow version of Chanel Paradoxal! A bit sheer.
Shade 3 – An inky navy shimmer with great colour pay off.
Shade 4 – Pigmented silver shimmer packed with sparkle. Feels lovely and soft.
Shade 5 – Grey-taupe with a satin finish.
Shade 6 – Rich chocolate-brown shimmer which tends to be a little gritty.
Shade 7 – Matte black, wonderfully pigmented – MUA do matte black very well!
Shade 8 – Brown leaning gold shimmer.
Shade 9 – Emerald green shimmer which looks absolutely luscious in the pan.
Shade 10 – Matte violet which swatches more lavender.
Shade 11 – Deep pink shimmer which can double as a blush.
Shade 12 – A creamy shimmery highlight shade.

Glamour Nights is a great palette with 12 pigmented colors. All the shades are wearable and perfect to create a party look. You can also create a day look using the matte colors.This is certainly a great eye shadow palette in such a cheap price. The staying power of these shades quite good, they last about 5-6 hours without primer. However with primer base you can always extend lasting power of the eyeshadow. All the shades are easy to work with and an easy blend.

The MUA Glamour Nights palette retails for £4 and is available on their website, here.

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MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review one more MUA eyeshadow palette – The MUA Glamour Days. In my previous post I have reviewed MUA Romantic Efflorescence Eyeshadow Palette and MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette. Glam Days contains a great mix of neutrals, with a few pops of colour to make it suitable for work and days-out, or nights if you prefer a more subtle look. MUA also has Glamour Nights palette too. It is really convenient having so many types of palettes in your make-up collection, and I always love to try different types of palette better than buying individual eyeshadows. MUA have amazing palettes in their collection and I got 6 of them now and still I have few more palettes pending to buy to complete my collection.

This palette comes in firm black plastic palette with clear lid so you can see colors from top and don’t have to open and go thru all the palettes when you are searching for particular colors., The size of this palette is nice and it is perfect to put it into your makeup bag or purse when you go somewhere. It also comes with double ended sponge applicator which I don’t use.

MUA Glamour Days palette contains a nice mix of both matte and shimmery shades. There’s twelve colours to choose from, colours range from icy blues, to girly pinks and luxurious golds. There is so many looks that you could create with this palette, which is great considering the price is £4.00. Now MUA having up to 70% off sale, so you can get this palette only for £2.00, that’s amazing.

Each eyeshadows are very easy to pick with brush or fingers and they glide on the eyelids easily and there is no difficulties on applying them. Each shadow has good pigmentation, and creamy in texture and blend fairly well. Because of the creamy texture there is no fallout during application and blends nicely. The glitters on the shimmer eyeshadows are not too over powering since there are no chunky glitters which make them wearable for any events. Without primer eyeshadows last about 5-6 hours and with primer they last for more hours.

I am really loving this palette so much as eyeshadows are very well pigmented and colour pay off and consistency of each eyeshadows are just wonderful! This palette costs only £4.00 and everything is good about this palette, so nothing can go wrong. I highly recommend them to anybody because this palette contains shades that are suitable for any skin tone.

Have you tried MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette or any of other MUA Palettes? Which one is your favourite? You can buy MUA products from their website, here.

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