Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Tech Touch Concealer Pen Review

Today I am reviewing Mesauda Milano Tech Touch Concealer Pen £10.95 (Light Beige, Ref.152202) which I have been sent to review on my blog. Tech Touch Concealer Pen available in 3 different shades (Natural Rose, Light Beige and Medium Beige). In my previous post I have reviewed Mesauda Milano Liquid Concealer which you can find here. Tech Touch Concealer is a brightening concealer pen with an ultra-fluid and moisturizing formula to provide every woman with a radiant and well- rested skin! This concealer is infused with white tea extracts which keeps your skin looking younger and protects from any damage. This antioxidants reduce oxidative stress to the skin and also helps to reduce any uneven pigmentation. Tech Touch Concealer is a multi-tasking concealer suitable for sculpting and brightening on the sides of the nose, cheeks and lips contour. It is free from Gluten, Paraben, OGM and Lactose.

How gorgeous is the packaging of this concealer. It looks so rich, classy and professional. The YSL Touche Concealer Pen also have same packaging but in gold colour. Just fan of packaging like this. Simply Gorgeous! This concealer comes in a pen brush like packaging which I find very easy to use. To get the product simply click black button at the bottom for couple of time and you get the right amount of product to apply. The cap shuts tightly and will not come off in your bag thus it is travel friendly. The texture is just perfect not too thick not too runny. It blends like a dream and gives a light to full coverage. It blends easily with fingertips, brush or blender.

I find that if I use Tech Touch Concealer I don’t have to use foundation under my eye areas. Generally I first apply foundation all over my face then concealer. This concealer brightens up my darker area and make them look even. It keeps my under eye area well moisturized and don’t see any dry patches over there after application and even after long worn. It does not get cakey at all and also does not settle into fine lines. I like to set my concealer with compact powder so it lasts even longer and prevents from creasing. The formula is really rich but does not make my eye or other area oily. I use this concealer on my centre forehead, side of nose, cupid bow of lips and chin to brighten them up.

This concealer is only available in 3 shades, I wish this was available in more shades. Light Beige shade is good for my medium skin tone. This concealer has good pigmentation. It takes very little to cover dark under eye circles. I get lasting coverage that doesn’t seem to migrate into creasy areas. It glides on smoothly and blends in seamlessly as the hint of colour erases the look of dark shadows, discoloration, small scars or blemishes. This concealer is a perfect for touch ups or on the go, this beyond user-friendly concealer will work on all skin types of every age.

Again I am in love with this Mesauda Concealer too. Just perfect! I highly recommend this concealer to anyone and give it a go. I am sure you would like it too. So what do you think about Mesauda Milano Tech Touch Concealer Pen? Do you like your concealer in stick, wand or pen form? You can buy Mesauda Milano Tech Touch Concealer Pen from here.

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