Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Red Lipgloss Review/Swatch

Today I am reviewing Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Red Lipgloss(£9.99) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have also review Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows which you can find here, it is amazing brow kit and very easy to use and gives perfect shaped beautiful brows. I am so obsessed with red and pink lipsticks and lipglosses. I think these shades quite suit to my skin tone. Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Lipglosses come in three shades Brown, Pink and Red.

I love the classy packaging of this lip gloss. It looks gorgeous with nice silver design on cap. There is no gimmicks with the wand, a simple sponge applicator which makes application effortless. This lipgloss has lovely mild scent like orange candy. The texture is just right and glides smoothly onto lips. It does not feel sticky on lips. This lipgloss is not that pigmented on my lips it comes as mixture of brown, maroon and orange but not red. In swatch I swiped 2-3 times but did not get red colour same like in tube. When it layered over a red lipstick, it adds a nice depth of tone along with gorgeous glassy shine.

The silver shimmer is quite fine and evenly dispersed throughout the product, feeling quite smooth when worn. These shimmer particles are not really visible unless you’re looking very closely and that too under broad sunlight. It easily lasts on me for around 4 hours which is great staying time and even after it has faded, it leaves a stain behind and looks as though I am wearing a sheer lipstick. All in all, it is a nice lip gloss shade for every day wear. It makes my lips look slightly fuller too.

What do you think about Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Red Lipgloss? Do you love shimmer lipgloss? You can buy Ruby Cosmetics Lipglosses from here.

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Born Pretty Store Mimididi Kiss Lipstick Shade 03 Review/Swatch

Today I have one more review for Born Pretty Store Product. I am going to review Mimididi Kiss Lipstick in shade 03. There are gorgeous 10 shades available to pick. I love Pink and Red color lipsticks so much. I got different toned shades in Pink and Red and I think they quite suit to my skin tone too. So I have picked up one red to try. In my previous posts I have reviewed Born Pretty Store Shimmery Eyeshadow Palette and Baby Gaga Lipstick in Pink. Born Pretty Store is well-known for their huge range of nail polishes and nail art related products, but they also stock a fair amount of affordable and cheerful makeup.

The packaging of this lipstick is really cute. I love the shape of it. From the top of cap you can see the lipstick shade as top of the cap is transparent. This lipstick is amazingly pigmented and hardly requires layering, two layers are good enough to get fully opaque lips. It has nice creamy texture, glides easily and sits pretty on my lips without settling in fine lines or bleeding. It feels so light weight on my lips and it is super hydrating.

I love this color, especially for fall and winter. It’s gorgeous KISS red color, with orange undertone to it I think. This one is fairly opaque and very shiny. This color is very flattering on all skin tones. It is very creamy and moisturising leaving my lips with a shiny gloss. I have not used lip balm under the lipstick and yet my lips felt good. You don’t need any lip gloss on top as this lipstick itself shiny and glossy. I get some 5 plus hours of wear with this and then it leaves tint on lips without making my lips feeling dry or dehydrated.

Mimididi Kiss Lipstick in shade 03 retails for only $3.99 which is really good price for this quality lipstick. It is pigmented, creamy, quite long-lasting, moisturising. If you want to buy any of Mimidid Kiss Lipstick shades click here. Born Pretty Store located within US and they offer free world-wide shipping. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks. I also have promo code RESH10 to receive a 10% discount on entire makeup range.

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Lip Smacker’s Frozen Strawberry Shake and Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Review

Today I am again going to review two more Lip Smacker’s Lip Balms one from Disney Frozen Collection Strawberry Shake and one from Disney Cinderella and Friends Collection Cindrella Vanilla Sparkle. These lip balms I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Lip Smacker’s Coca Cola Collection and I just loved it so much. Lip Smacker’s Disney collection is really beautiful. I am very big fan of Disney movies and characters. I have been to Paris Disneyland 3 times and I really enjoy lot there! Meeting with characters in Disneyland is the most loving and fun part of my Paris Trip each time. I have seen most of all Disney movies in cinemas. I just love it.

The Frozen Collection has 6 lip balms Olof (coconut snowballs,) Sven (Berry Slush,) Anna (strawberry shake,) Kristoff (ice pop,) Elsa (cool vanilla mint) and an Elsa-Anna combo (chilled cranberry grape). Strawberry Shake really smells delicious. This lip balm is transparent and glides smoothly on lips. It is very light on lips and not sticky at all. It makes my lips soft and smooth. It is not super hydrating. This lip balm stick is in pink color but it does apply on lips clear. It is not tinted lip balm.

I am loving this Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Lip Gloss Balm so much. When I apply it, it glides on smoothly on lips, leaves a glossy glittery shine with a slight blue tone on lips and then apply it heavily and this definitely leaves quite a blue tone to the lips with a super glittery glossy look. The glitters in this lip balm are not overpowering. This lip balm is Vanilla scented and it really smells like Vanilla. This lip balm really moisturising and soft and leaves lips sparkly and glossy. This lip balm is more hydrating than other Lip Smacker’s lip balms I have tried and stays bit longer on lips.

I am a Disney lover and I love the cute packaging of this lip balms and think they would be ideal for stocking fillers for any Disney lovers. These lip smackers are really affordable too retailing at £2.49 each and the Lip Balm tin £10.00 and exclusively available in Claire’s Accessories Online, Debenhams Online and Primark. Are you a Disney fan?

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Dr.PAWPAW Original Clear Balm and Tinted Ultimate Red Balm Review

Today I am going to review Dr.PAWPAW Lip Balms which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have heard so much about Dr.PAWPAW lip balms but never tried them. So when I was given chance to try them I was really excited as I am really obsessed with lip balms. I have been sent Dr.PAWPAW Original Clear Balm (£6.95) and Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Ultimate Red Balm (£6.95). Dr.PAWPAW is 100% British made multi-purpose balm with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The smooth, long-lasting formula combines the soothing properties of fermented Pawpaw with other natural ingredients to create a nourishing formula, which comes in a handy 25ml tube.

Dr.PAWPAW Balm Ingredients and Benefits:

Carica Papaya – This nutrient-rich fruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins A and C and acetogenins which, when applied externally, helps in aiding skin repair, adding moisture and smoothing and tightening the skin.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil – Olive oil has a variety of benefits for skin and hair, due to its vast amount of antioxidants. Olive Oil contains Vitamin A and E but the most potent compound is Hydroxytyrosol. This rare antioxidant prevents free radical damage on skin cells and is absorbed deeply into the skin. It has many anti-inflammatory properties and is great for dry skin and hair.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – A desert plant with amazing abilities to absorb and restore moisture. It contains more than 200 different plant constituents that promote glowing, youthful looking skin and hair.

Dr.PAWPAW Lip Balms come in squeezy tubes and they are handbag friendly. I love the bold colourful packaging of this lip balms and they really look cute. Dr.PAWPAW comes in three different colours – Original Clear, Tinted Pink Peach and Tinted Red. They are fragrance free. They retail at £6.95 each, there is a 3 for 2 offer too. The product is quite thick and sometimes I struggle to get the product out of the tube. I have to roll the tube in between my palms to warm it.

Dr.PAWPAW Lip Balms are a multipurpose balm used for your lips, skin, cuticles, nails and hair. The original balm is great for lips, cuticles and nails. I have been using original lip balm on my lips and cuticles and it really makes them soft and smooth. The red tinted lip balm colour is like blood but on lips it turns into a sheer tomato colour so it does not look exactly same as product. The tinted lip balm I tried applying as a cheek blush but I find it kind of sticky. It did not completely absorb into the skin. So I love to use it on my lips only. These lip balms hydrate, protect and soothe your lips. You can carry tinted lip balm in your handbag and apply it throughout the day to add lovely colour to your lips. This tubes going to last very very long time as you just need a little product to apply.

Have you ever tried Dr.PAWPAW products?  What do you think?  What other uses do you have for them?  Let me know in the comments below!

You can buy Dr.PAWPAW lip balms from their website here and

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2true Cosmetic Power Lip Colours and Matte Lipsticks Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review some 2true Cosmetic products those I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have been sent 2 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses. In this post I am going to review lipsticks and lip glosses. For eyeshadows I will do a separate post tomorrow so keep watching.

2true Cosmetics is one of budget friendly brands. They have a wide range of beauty products to select from. I have tried 2-3 products from their range earlier and I was quite impressed with them. I have not tried 2true cosmetics lip products earlier so I was really excited to try them.

2true Pro 8 Hour Power Lip Colours – Angelina and Uma

This lip gloss comes in a long transparent tube with a black colored cap on top. The wand attached to the cap is long enough to touch the bottom of the tube, which actually helps to get even the last amount of product from the tube. The doe-foot applicator which helps in getting a precise and easy application. Both lip glosses have chocolatey smell to them which I am loving. It is very mild smell. These retail for £5 each but currently Superdrug is having some offer on them and you can get them for just £3.49.

These lip glosses are named after actresses. The apricot-tinted hue of Uma is nude and natural enough that it goes with pretty much anything, and Angelina is a red-hot colour that looks killer. These lip colours are super pigmented and very lightweight formula which gives them a weightless feeling on the lips and makes them so easy to apply with no dragging or stickiness. I have used both the shades couples of time now and I can definitely confirm that the 8 hour claims are true. Even after drinking and eating, those lip colours are still on your lips.

The only thing I did not like about this lip glosses is after application they will start to dry out your lips after a few minutes. So it is very important to apply a lip balm before and after application of these lip colours. These lip colours are easy to remove with makeup remover but Angelina is pretty bold red colour so it leaves a stain on lips.

Without Flashlight

2true Colour Matte Lipsticks – Shade 1 and Shade 3

I loved the pink colour packaging of these lipsticks, they are bit tiny and cute. Top of the lipstick lid is transparent so you can easily see the colour thru. Both lipsticks has mild smell which goes away within few minutes after the application.

Both the shades glide nicely on lips without dragging feeling. They have very good pigmentation. Again same thing I don’t like about this lipstick is after application my lips feel dry so before and after application I use lip balm to give nice moisture to my lips. The lasting power of these lipsticks is 5-6 hours and after that if you need, you can re-apply them. Shade 3 is my favourite one, it is nude pink. Both the shades you can wear everyday. These lipsticks retail for £2.29.

With Flashlight

Overall I am happy with 2true Cosmetics lipsticks and lip glosses. They are very budget friendly and I am planning to buy few more shades to try. Have you tried 2true Cosmetics lipsticks or lip glosses? What do you think about them?

You can buy 2true Cosmetics from Superdrug stores nationwide, here.

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