Lavera’s Coconut and Vanilla Exotic Body Wash and Body Lotion Review

Today I am reviewing newly launched Lavera’s Coconut and Vanilla Exotic Body Wash and Body Lotion which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. It contains natural ingredients such as organic coconut and organic vanilla which leaves skin feeling soft and irresistibly beautiful. Summer is now in full swing so this is perfect combo with the scent of coconut and vanilla for daily body care routine. Coconut and Vanilla together smells divine! I have not tried any Lavera’s Skincare products earlier but I have tried and reviewed their beauty products on my blog in case if you have missed those reviews please click here. Lavera natural cosmetics is the leading natural and organic skincare brand offering everything you need to cleanse, moisturise and nourish your skin, hair, body feet and hands. Lavera products are 100% natural with organic ingredients and their natural and organic skincare is free from synthetic aromas, colours, parabens, silicone oils, phthalates, and SLS/ALS.

The packaging of this products really beautiful, love the white and sky blue combination on tubes, looks very fresh and summery. I like how body wash and body lotion comes in easy to use tubes and it is not messy to use like for lotions in tubs where you have to stick your fingers in. I much prefer pump dispensers or flip tops or tubes for body lotions.

Lavera Coconut and Vanilla Exotic Body Wash-£6.45

This is a clear body wash which has gel like consistency which lathers up into a milky texture. It leaves you skin smelling of like you are on tropical island. Lavera Exotic Body Wash has a soothing gentle scent and leaves your skin smooth and silky. Organic extracts from vanilla, coconut and cocoa and the warm and sensuous vanilla-coconut fragrance from natural essential oils make you dream of tropical islands. It leaves skin clean and hydrated. Every time I take shower with this body wash I love how the smell of it spreads everywhere in bathroom and feel so good and relaxing while taking shower. It makes my skin so soft and smooth to touch. It really makes you feel clean as it offers a gentle cleanse. It have not caused any skin irritation to me. This paraben free body wash contains organic plant ingredients.

 Lavera Coconut and Vanilla Exotic Body Lotion-£8.45

This body lotion also as beautiful as the body wash and both smells incredibly gorgeous like Vanilla Yoghurt to me, very fresh and sweet scent but not too overpowering. Love the white light creamy formula of it and moisturises my skin nicely. Lavera Exotic Body Lotion has warm scent of vanilla and coconut and its extracts from organic vanilla and coconut, provides the skin with tender loving care and sets a harmonious final note to your sensuous skin care experience. Organic almond oil, organic shea butter and vitamins care for and protect the skin while its exotic fragrance reminds you of tropic islands. After taking shower with Lavera’s body wash I follow-up with this body lotion. It leaves skin feeling hydrated, soft and silky smooth for rest of the day. You don’t have to rub it on skin too much as it sinks into the skin quickly and does not feel greasy or sticky. The exotic scent makes it ideal for holidays and as an after sun lotion.

If you love sweet, coconut fragrances, then you can’t go wrong with these products. Lavera’s newest summer launches and can be picked up at any Whole Foods store, with prices starting from £7, which I think is super reasonable for what you get! You can also buy new Lavera products from Naturisimo online here or Pravera online here.

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London Butterflies English Apricot and Honey with Vitamin E Body Butter Soufflé Review

Today I am going to review London Butterflies Body Butter Soufflé – £29.99 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. London Butterflies is a luxurious body care brand that is infused with the delicate scents of England. This nourishing Soufflé contains botanical extracts of English apricot with a high concentration of vitamin A and C, infused with a silky, enriching combination of vitamin E and honey. Cocoon yourself with this lightly whipped body butter soufflé. The uplifting scent and natural goodness of Shea Butter maintains skin hydration throughout the day.

Isn’t the packaging just beautiful? I love the pretty printed box with silver printing over the top. The chic, heavy glass jar looks stunningly expensive. I am definitely going to keep the jar on my dressing table to store my little earrings and buttons.

Body Butter Soufflé is not like regular moisturizer but not as thick as body butter. It has silkiest consistency I have ever used and absorb into the skin like a dream, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and without residue. It smells incredibly gorgeous, feel like to keep smelling it. It has fresh and floral scent. This thick cream feels luxurious when you apply it to the skin and my skin feels silky soft for ages afterwards. I like to apply it to the tops of my arms, then I keep getting whiffs of the beautiful scent as I move about. It is delicately fragranced and a little goes a long way. The fragrance lasts on the skin all day without being at all over powering. It didn’t leave me feeling greasy, even though the texture is bit thick.

I have been using it everyday in the morning after shower. It is super moisturising and nourishing. It absorbs quickly and is unbelievably hydrating. If you have dry skin, check this out. It is certainly not cheap It really do feel quite luxurious and it is perfect for treating yourself or someone else. So what do you think about this luxurious and rich London Butterflies English Apricot and Honey with Vitamin E Body Butter Soufflé? Have you tried any products from London Butterfiles Collection? Do let me know your thoughts in comment.

You can buy London Butterflies English Apricot and Honey with Vitamin E Body Butter Soufflé from here.

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I love…Coconut & Cream Collection Bubble Bath, Body Spritzer and Body Lotion Review

Today I am to review I love… Coconut & Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Crème, I love…Coconut & Cream Body Spritzer and I love…Coconut & Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I am quite fancy about coconut products and I love the coconut smell. All three products have most amazing and delicious coconut scent as they infused with natural extract of coconut. It is real pleasant and very joyful fragrance. I love… is a company based in the UK that prides itself on paraben-free formulations along with only natural additives for their bath and body line of products.

I love… Coconut & Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Crème

I love… Coconut & Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Crème comes in an attractive, clear 500ml plastic bottle and has black flip open cap. The shower cream has a gourmet scent of coconut and cream. As soon as you open bottle, you will smell fresh coconut. This amazing coconut scent makes bath time pleasurable and luxurious. The fragrance is quite noticeable while showering and it stays nearly 3 hours on body which I think is good. It looks pearly white in bottle but it is quite transparent when you take a product in your hands.

The texture of this shower crème is more on runny side, it lathers well and rinse off with ease. It is a pleasure to take bath with this shower gel, it makes my skin soft and smooth. I did not get huge foam while using it as bubble bath as a shower gel it works great. After using this shower crème my skin feels soft but I do feel the need to apply lotion after using it that does not mean it dries my skin out.

Pour under running water, immerse yourself into the bath, relax and unwind for a good ten, no twenty minutes and let the day just drift away or while showering smother it all over your damp skin and massage until it lather into a frenzy of rich fragrant bubbles then rinse off when you’ve had enough fun.

I love…Coconut & Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion

I love…Coconut & Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion comes in a beautiful 250ml transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. It makes very easy when the body lotion has pump dispenser. The pump dispenser works very well and you can easily get the required amount. The bottle is transparent so you can easily see the quantity left.

This body lotion also has beautiful coconut smell which is not overpowering at all. In fact I’m smelling the lotion right now and I’m almost drooling all over my keyboard. The texture is neither too runny nor too thick. It is just perfect to me. Besides that, the coconuty smell makes you feel more relaxed when you are sleeping. I always make sure that I apply my lotion after showers because it keeps my skin moisturized and soft! This body lotion is lighter and absorbs quickly into skin, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smelling yummy. It is not sticky or greasy at all and spreads evenly on skin. It leaves nice shine once you rub it on skin.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this product but I was quite surprised. It has a decently rich and creamy texture. This body lotion is infused with coconut oil and shea butter that leaves skin feeling gorgeously nourished and fabulously smooth.

I love…Coconut & Cream Body Spritzer

There are four flavours in the I love…Refreshing Body Spritzers (100ml) line: Coconut & Cream, Mango & Papaya, Strawberry & Cream, and Raspberry & Blackberry. These are fun and decadent and also it comes in a small 100ml bottle that you can easily carry around in your handbag. It has the normal plastic spray cap. At first spray it gives lovely sweet coconut scent which is not overpowering again.

The only thing disappointed me about this product is, the scent of this body spritzer not lasting longer, after 2 hours really cannot smell it. I know this is not a perfume but at least it should last good 3-4 hours. Body Spritzer contains more water so that’s the reason the scent of them does not last longer. Anyway the bottle is portable so I can carry it in my purse and spray it every hour, I don’t mind it.

Overall, a great drugstore option for bath and body products. This shower gel is basically for all those who want an indulgent shower in the summer months. If you like the smell/taste of coconut then you should try I love…Coconut and Cream range, it is beautiful. The huge 500ml bottle combined of bubble bath and shower gel, body lotion and body spritzer retail at just £2.99, an absolute bargain. I love…Coconut & Cream Collection available from Boots and Superdrug stores and also online from their website.

Have you tried any product from I love…Coconut & Cream Collection? Which one is your favourite? Which flavour you like most from I love…?

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Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion Review

Today I am going to review Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion for sensitive normal to oily skin. This product I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have not tried or heard anything about Sebamed earlier, thanks to Bloggers Love for introducing Sebamed to me. Sebamed have variety of skincare, haircair and bath&body care products in their range. They have skincare products for Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Mature Skin, Combination Skin and even for Children also. Sebamed offers body care products with the same pH as healthy skin (5.5); this is extremely important in helping the skin maintain its natural hydrolipid barrier against environmental toxins and stressors. Sebamed products contain natural vitamins and amino acids. They are Hypoallergenic and suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin and problematic skin. Sebamed Skincare is developed in cooperation with dermatologists and supported with clinical testing.

Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion (£6.30) is an oil-in-water emulsion which preserves the natural moisture content of the skin. It supports and protects the acid mantle of the skin with pH vale of 5.5 of healthy skin. The packaging is very simple and study. It has flip top and seals tightly. It cointains 200 ml product. The texture of this body lotion is slightly thinner than my other daily body lotion that I use.

I have been using this body lotion since couple of weeks and I find it nice. The first thing that struck me about this product was the fragrance. I LOVE it. It has nice delightful floral scent with a lovely creaminess to it. It is not extremely strong but the scent lingers on the skin for hours. As I said the consistency of this body lotion is slight thin and easily spreads on skin. This body lotion once applied it gets absorb very quickly in skin. It does not feel greasy or sticky on skin. That is what I want from body lotion. It is naturally cooling and calming as it has Camomile extract and allantoin soothe the skin making it soft and supple. This lotion is very light still it keeps my skin hydrated enough throughout the day. I have dry elbows and knees so for that I need intense lotion otherwise this lotion is quite good to use on body.

This lotion really makes my skin feeling soft. I think this product is perfect to use during summer as it is very light, not sticky or greasy and still keeps your skin hydrated. This lotion is for normal to oily skin so if you have super dry skin then this is not the product for you. This body lotion especially recommended for use in hot climates or in summer. Effective body care for athletes, after sports and sunbathing.

Have you tried Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion or any other Sebamed Products? What to you think about Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion? You can buy Sebamed products directly from here.

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JOIK Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion Review

Today I am going to review JOIK Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. This is first time ever I have tried shimmering body lotion and you know I just loved it! This shimmering body lotion is just amazing. JOIK is quite new brand to me and I have not tried any of their products earlier so when I was given chance to try their products I was really excited. All JOIK products are hand-made in Estonia and most successful Estonian natural cosmetics brand. JOIK offers a wide range of products like Candles, Skincare, Bath and Body Care, Hair Care, Baby Products, Solid Perfumes and many more.

A little bit about JOIK…… JOIK story began in year 2005 and Eva Maria is founder of JOIK. The name JOIK comes from the word „joik“ – the ancient singing style of nature-loving Sami people. Joik is a unique form of cultural expression, conveying emotions and describing people, animals and nature. JOIK is Northern, pure and minimal style. Using nature to their best advantage, but also caring for nature. All the goodness from nature combined with luxurious emotions of scent and colour. JOIK is natural luxury. All their products are as natural as possible and caress the body with best ingredients, offering pleasure to mind and soul with beautiful design and excellent aromas.

JOIK Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion comes in a simple and slim 150ml transparent bottle with a pump dispenser. This lotion retails for £14.00. It makes very easy when the body lotion has pump dispenser. The pump dispenser works very well and you can easily get the required amount. The bottle is transparent so you can easily see the quantity left. JOIK Shimmering raspberry body lotion is rich in sweet almond oil, shea butter and coconut oil that moisturise and pamper while natural minerals give the skin a delicate glow and shimmer. This quick absorbing lotion is perfect for either bringing out a tanned skin or giving pale skin a more even tone. Pleasantly scented with a delicious raspberry scent.

The consistency of this lotion is pretty liquid and glides smoothly on skin. This lotion feels very light on skin and not greasy at all. This lotion really moisturises my skin and adds a subtle glow to it. Once applied it gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It nourishes, hydrates, smooths and gives a nice healthy glow to your body. The shimmer particles in this lotion are really fine and create a pearlescent glow to the skin. It completely highlights your entire body and makes you look sexy while you sparkle under the sun. I love the berry scent of this lotion, it reminds me raspberry and strawberry milkshake. The smell of this body lotion lingers on skin for a long time. This shimmering body lotion you can also apply at night-time when you are out for a dinner or some party.

Overall I really enjoyed using JOIK Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion and if you are fond of shimmers or shimmering products then you must try out this product. This shimmering body lotion is must have product for summer time to get the tan looking skin with bit shining. I would love to explore more of their products after trying this lotion.

Have you tried any of the JOIK products? Do you like shimmering body lotions? I would love to know your thoughts in comments. You can buy all JOIK products from LoveLula Boutique online, here.

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