Nail Art with Benecos Green Way

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2016. I hope you guys had a great time with family and friends on Christmas and New Year. Today I am going to share two nail art designs with you beauties. I did it long ago but I have not got chance to show you here on blog. So thought why not to post it today?

I have did couple of nail arts with Benecos nail polishes which you can find here. I love their nail polishes, last long and main thing they are vegan.

So what do you think about these two nail arts? Valentine’s Day is on the way and I am planning to do nail arts series for Valentine’s Day. I am really excited!

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Some Nail Arts from Last Month

Today I am going to share 2-3 nail arts which I have done during my Sister’s wedding. You know during wedding you really do not get enough time to paint your nails and doing nice desings on nails need time. But I did very simple nail art that require less time and looks good too. So check out these 3 nail designs.

I used Makeup Revolution Red nail polish and Sally Hansen Gold one to do this design. I also used essence cosmetics base and top coat. This nail art inspired by my wedding saree that I wore during one of wedding ceremony.

Again for this nail art I have used Makeup Revolution Red nail polish, Sally Hansen Gold nail polish, W7 White nail polish and Lakme Green nail polish for dots. I also put gold diamond on nails as my saree has same kind of work going on. This nail art I did for wedding day to match the entire look.

For this nail art I have used Soigne Vodka Blue nail polish and the Lakme glittery one. Also used some diamonds to match the outfit. This nail design I did for engagement day look.

I also did some nail arts for my sisters but have not got chance to take pictures for them. Hope you liked my designs. I also did some nail arts with Benecos nail polishes which I will share later with you guys. Happy Weekend.

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Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover Review

Today I am reviewing Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover(Rs. 887) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. In past I have reviewed some Benecos Nail Polishes and did nail art with them which you can find on my blog under Nail Polish tab. Benecos is known for their Natural Beauty products. I love to try natural products and always look forward to find new natural skincare and cosmetics brands.

The packaging of this nail polish remover is really beautiful. Love the color combination of packaging, looks very fresh. It comes in 100ml of bottle. It does not have that harsh scent which I really like about this natural nail polish remover. It has that citrusy aroma which I really enjoy. It does not leave any smell after use. It contails some essential oils and it is purly vegan.

I use nail paints a lot, and so for me it is important to use a good quality nail paint remover otherwise my nails become brittle and yellow. After using few other nail polish remover my nails does peel sometimes but not with Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover. The remover works well at removing the nail paints. The formula does the job really fast and is very gentle. You do not need to rub the cotton hard against the nails to get rid of the nail polish, just swipe it gently and the paint gets easily removed without leaving any color on the nails. Even after taking off a red polish, I do not see the staining I usually do after using other polish remover. This remover does not dry out my nails as it contains Glycerin which prevents the nails and cuticles from getting dry.

All in one it is great nail polish remover to try and if you are looking for natural nail related products then must try out. I am sure you would love it too! I have few more reviews coming on Benecos natural products so keep watching my blog.

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Nella Milano Nail Polishes Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Nella Milano Nail Polishes which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have been sent three nail polishes – NM14 Periwinkle Pucker, NM17 Lemon Sherbet and NM19 Crystal Coral. I have not tried Nella Milano polishes before and this brand very new to me so I was really excited to try and review their nail polishes on my blog. Nella Milano have a wide range of polishes in their collections. They got darker, nudes, brighter and lighter shades in their polishes collection. Nella Milano stands for effortlessly stylish, elegant and fashionable. Nella Milano nail lacquers are colour rich and long-lasting, making it very easy to keep your nails naturally chic at all time. Nella Milano colours will perfect and complement any individual style.

NM14 Periwinkle Pucker is gorgeous grey blue. I am in love with this colour. In swatch I am wearing two coats with no top coat. This colour is bit sheer on nails if you only add one coat. To get the same colour like in bottle, apply two thick coats or three thin coats.

NM17 Lemon Sherbet is a bright lemon yellow colour. Perfect shade for summer. In swatch I am wearing two coats with no top coat. With two thick coats I achieved opaque finish.

NM19 Crystal Coral is a beautiful vibrant orange shade that I did have in my collection, but now I own it. This Crystal Coral is a bright and deep orange colour. With two thick coats I achieved opaque finish. I have not added a top coat in swatch, you can see how glossy finish it gives.

Nella Milano polishes come in a square bottle.The brush of these polishes is thin and flat which allows a precise and quick application. With one swipe I am able to paint my whole nail. The formula of these polishes are thin but not runny and glides smoothly on nails. It dries pretty quickly on nails. It gives glossy finish on nails without top coat. I like to apply top coat to get extra shine and helps to last longer. I have not experienced any chipping after a few days wear (4 days) without top coat. At 5th day I had few wear signs on tips. Generally without top coat I get 1-2 days wear but with Nella Milano I got straight 4 days wear without chipping no top coat on. So I am impressed!

So what do you think of Nella Milano nail polishes? Have you tried Nella Milano Nail Polishes before? Nella Milano nail polishes cost £8.95 per bottle, and are available over on the website here.

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nailbox Monthly Box Subscription Service Review

Today I am reviewing nailbox Subscription Service on my blog. This nailbox I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. This service is similar like other beauty box subscription services but nailbox focuses solely on nail polishes which is really interesting. nailbox team select a range of iconic colours from most recognised brands in the nail industry like essie, China Glaze, OPI, Orly, Revlon, etc. Along with three or four nail polishes each month, your nailbox will also include a tool or treatment to keep your nails in tip-top condition.

A little bit about nailbox….” nailbox offers a practical, affordable solution to keeping on top of the latest nail trends. As huge nail polish lovers we understand what’s needed to make life easier for our fellow nail fans. That’s why every month, we are dedicated to curating and dispatching a wonderful box packed full of nail colours and products for your enjoyment! Your nailbox subscription allows you exclusive access to a carefully curated selection of ‘on-trend’ colours, delivered directly to your door. From your summer holidays to the office Christmas party, choosing your nail polish will be one less thing to worry about. ”

I have received April month naibox worth of £35 for only £15.00. This box contains OPI “Kiss me on my tulips”, China Glaze “Peachy Keen”, essie “Muchi Muchi” and Revlon “Buttercup”. It also contains essie nail file. All the products were packaged securely inside the card box with Styrofoam sticks which protect nail polishes. Your nailbox will be dispatched on or around the 21st of each month and it will be sent via Royal Mail 48 tracked service. Your nailbox will be with you within 2-3 working days.

Subscribing to nailbox service is very easy. There are 4 plans available to select from.

  1. Month to Month Plan £15.00 per month(£15.00 Charged every month)
  2. 3 Month Prepay Plan £14.50 per month(£43.50 Charged every 3 months)
  3. 6 Month Prepay Plan £14.00 per month(£84.00 Charged every 6 months)
  4. 12 Month Prepay Plan £13.50 per month(£162.00 Charged every 12 months)

All the four colours in April nailbox are really gorgeous. My favourite one is essie Muchi Muchi. It is lovely candy pink or you can say baby pink crème. It is quite sheer so you need 3 coats of it to get gorgeous colour on nails. China Glaze Peachy Keen is a light tangerine crème colour and you only need 2 coats of it. OPI Kiss me on my tulips is bright cerise pink and again only need 2 coats. I have got too many pink polishes now. Revlon Buttercup is lovely buttery yellow colour. I loved this shade also as I have not tried any yellow shade like this. So overall all the colours in this box are gorgeous and you get to try high-street brands polishes in very less price every month. Bonus point with this service is you get one tool. I have put essie nail filer in my handbag.

You might have also seen my post on Coloristiq Nail Polish subscription service where you have to send back your polishes after a month of use. With nailbox subscription service you keep all your nail polishes with you. That’s amazing! So what do you think about nail box service? I find it very exciting to receive new nail polishes every month and keep them with you. If you have any questions and want to know more about nailbox service you can check out their FAQ section here and if you have made your mind to subscribe nailbox service click here to join.

All nailbox subscribers are entitled to 15% off every order at Just enter the discount code NAILBOX on checkout and your 15% discount will be applied (please note the code will not apply a discount to any delivery charges). Preview of May nailbox below.

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