The Nature’s Co. Ultimate Winter Beauty Festival!

Who does not love natural/organic beauty products? I myself now a days using lot of organic products like skincare, bodycare, haircare and makeup. I know natural products are bit costlier but they are so safe and does not harm your skin. What if you get 50% off on natural products? OMG that’s really amazing, isn’t it? The Nature’s Co. has 50% off sale to their winter special new launches and the exciting January Beauty Wish Box – this New Year Time TNC has got it all.



A little bit about The Nature’s Co.…..At the Nature’s Co, nature is a way of life. Here, a strict adherence to the ‘all natural’ way persists. The products contain the natural ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe. To conserve natural resources, product development & designing teams have taken extra care to ensure that the packaging uses only materials such as Glass, PP, PETG and acrylic which are user friendly, recyclable or biodegradable and hence totally environment friendly. All the products of The Nature’s Co are made in the vicinity of nature. The Dehradun factory is located in the picturesque Doon Valley which is a quiet town in the foothills of the Shivalik ranges. The factory is our latest addition to the ever growing needs of the company wherein 30,000 sq.ft. is allocated to the The Nature’s Co. This state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is equipped with latest machineries and equipments. All products are manufactured here using Natural Hill Spring Water. To know more about The Nature’s Co click here.

Below are listed all what’s there which is definitely going to make it to your To-Buy list 2016! 🙂

1) FLAT 50% OFF – ALL DAY LONG on 1.1.2016


Fancy your year-start not only to be rocking but naturally beautiful at the same time? The Nature’s Co. knows just how to make it special and get your dream to come to life. They are here with an awe-inspiring range of luscious and natural body, hair and skin care beauty products, now All at FLAT 50% off – All day long though the 1st of January 2015 – All across their website on So this time, start 2016 with a dash of fresh ingredients directly from the lap of Mother Nature to nurture yourself and feel the vibe all year long!



This is the season of celebrations and parties. Just thinking about celebrations conjures up a whirlwind sensory overload, with images of frothy, overflowing champagne, crackling fireworks and happy times with those we love. However, sometimes, partying so hard means starting the next day feeling less than fresh. Not only can we be left tired and depleted, but our big night out also takes a toll on our skin, hair and bodies. Post-Party comes with its share of headache, dehydration, dark circles and puffy eyes – the consequences of late nights spent in good company. And after hours of partying, eating appetisers and standing in heels, it’s not just you who’s tired. If your skin, hair & body could scream, it would. To avoid this, The Nature’s Co. has summed up a special January bauble box to help you stay gorgeous and feeling as renewed as your resolutions, despite the late night and fast times – It’s the season’s special “Post-Party” fix BeautyWish Box. A complete recovery mode ensemble with SIX (1 full sized and 5 deluxe sized) detoxifying beauty products to rejuvenate your skin and hair after a night of festivities.  The beautifully packaged box only along with 35% discount vouchers, complimentary goodies and cash on delivery option available, is priced at Rs. 595/- only. So here’s disclosing how to bring a healthy glow to your face despite lack of sleep and overindulging – now!

3) The Launch – THE NATURE’S CO. THERAPEAUTIC RANGE comprising of the Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage Balm & Healing Liquid Balm


Fast paced life’s and busy daily schedules, burdened with work – home – family – children – and so many more binds of responsibilities… doesn’t this sound exactly like our lives? Sometimes these hectic days tend to dull our spirit and make us go through, stress, tension, strain, anxiety and what not, also not leaving behind the physical strain and muscles aches we seldom may experience. Keeping this in mind, the Nature’s Co. experts have launched their brand new Therapeutic Range. It’s a beautifully packaged, divine-smelling, edited collection of sophisticated and indulgent natural beauty products that truly appeals to all the senses thanks to both aroma-therapeutic and skin benefits. Here is all you need to know about them:


This unique destress formula has the power to takes care of sore muscles, aches and pain. The deep tissue relaxant.

You can order it now:


This intensive rescue formula quietens the mind and uplifts your spirit, soothing you down like a walk in the forest, thanks to the pleasantly pungent smell of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Menthol. This powerful and curative liquid balm soaks away the day’s stress with an aroma-therapeutic blend of lavender oil and wintergreen oil too. This all healing natural-base give you instant relief from sinus, headache, congestion and cold and even migraine. This pocket sized, easy to use, rollerball applicator definitely works like magic!

You can order it now:

4) The Nature’s Co. good-old BODY BUTTERS – Now Get Better!


Defining a perfect winter-tide time, the Nature’s Co. revamps their cold season requisites – Body Butters to make this merry time even merrier. The Nature’s Co. provides extra 35% (by the way, at the same ol’ price) in every renewed pack, which now also carries an illustrious fresh look of the essences of the products and a brilliant “Made in India and Natural” stamp to add to it. A little bird tells us the “Made in India” mention is a little special and timely with our government’s #MakeInIndia initiative, as TNC clearly shares the thought of reaching beyond and catering to people not only in the country’s boundaries but even creating a mark abroad. These body butters come in 11 different exquisite variants like Irish Moss, Nori, Rose, Mango, Lavender Ylang-Ylang, Bitter Almond, Chocolate Mint, Orange, Mixed Berry, White Peach and Passion Fruit to suit all our different skins, choices and mood. These all are moisturizing, rejuvenating, restoring, protective, soothing, nourishing, refreshing, luxurious, sensuous, and we can go on… Absolutely a beauty fundamental to add to your dressing tables this season. Get hold of one right here, right now:

Head over to The Nature’s Co. webshop to get the great deals on winter special products. Happy Shopping! Happy New Year.

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Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Cream Review

I am fan of Himalaya Herbals products and have used many products from their collection specially body lotions and face washes. In winter I use Himalaya Herbals lip balm too that keeps my lips moisturising and hydrating. Today I am reviewing Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Cream(Rs. 100) which I got last month from More that’s grocery shop in India. Himalaya Herbals have three different hair creams – Anti-Hair Fall Cream, Protein Hair Cream and Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream. Actually I wanted to try Protein Hair Cream but it was not available in shop that day so I got Anti-Hair Fall one. I am not going through heavy hair fall currently but yes my hair does fall during hair wash and when I comb which is I think normal? So I thought why not to try this to see if it really works.

Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Cream is a unique, daily-use formula which reduces hair fall and strengthens hair follicles. The goodness of essential herbs like Bhringaraja and Amla nourish hair from the roots, help reduce hair fall, improve hair growth, and strengthen hair follicles. Bhringaraja is rich in phytochemicals like eclalbosaponins and wedelolactone which help promote hair growth and strengthen the hair root, and keeping hair healthy. Amla, a natural hair tonic used extensively in Ayurveda, is an effective ingredient for treating the hair and scalp. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and polyphenols. Amla helps maintain hair color, delays premature greying and supports the strength of hair follicles. Massage Anti-Hair Fall Cream gently into the scalp using a circular motion. Use regularly before and after shampooing to reduce hair fall and maintain healthy hair.

The Himalaya Herbals Anti-hair Fall Cream comes in tub packaging, similar to the other creams from Himalaya. A thin foil inside the tub prevents any kind of pathogen formation. The cap closes well, avoiding product leakage. The packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly. The only concern with the product is its tub packaging. It is unhygienic to dip your fingers each time for application. The Himalaya Anti-hair Fall Cream is milk white in colour. The consistency is very creamy. I also like the floral kind scent of this hair cream and it lingers on hair for quite some time.

I have been using this hair cream since last 4 weeks before and after hair wash. It spreads easily on dry hair too but I like to wet my hair and then apply cream so it distributes evenly on hair. I keep it for like 30 minutes on hair then wash hair with regular shampoo. I feel like I don’t need conditioner after using this cream as it makes my hair really soft and smooth. I use this cream after hair wash too on wet hair from root to tip. I gently massage it into the scalp in circular motions and I spend good 10 minutes massaging it into hair. I find that using this cream after shampoo makes my hair bit greasy so I wash my hair next day again. If I am going outside then I skip it after shampoo. I also tried keep this hair cream on overnight and wash hair in the morning. It nourishes hair and make them look more silky, soft and healthier. As I said earlier I am not going through heavy hair fall so I cannot comment if it reduces the hair fall completely but it definitely reduces the hair fall problem only to a certain extent. It did not cause any allergic reactions to me.

This Anti Hair Fall Cream contains parabens too which not good for hair. Otherwise it is budget friendly hair cream that nourishes the hair well and also reduce hair fall to a certain extent. If you have frizzy dry hair then you may want to try this hair cream for extra conditioning and nourishing your hair. People with oily scalp can use this anti hair fall cream before shampooing as after shampoo it would make scalp more oiler.

You can buy Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Cream and other Himalaya Herbals products from here. In my previous post I have also reviewed Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion which you can find here.

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Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion Review

During winter we need extra moisturisation and nourishment for our skin as skin tends to dry out and lose moisture in winter so having a good body lotion is must. Today I am reviewing one more Himalaya Herbals product that is Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion(Rs. 250). I got this body lotion one and half month ago I think. I have used it few years back when I was in Europe and I quite liked it specially the scent so when I was doing my monthly shopping I show it on shelf and grabbed it. I love anything in cocoa butter. Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion is a luxurious blend of carefully selected botanical extracts that intensely moisturizes and provide essential nutrition to your skin. The key ingredients are Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ Oil. Cocoa Butter repairs, intensely moisturizes and improves skin texture while Wheat Germ Oil with Natural Vitamin E boosts skin elasticity.

Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion comes in a simple opaque white plastic bottle with a green flip top. The bottle is travel friendly. The pack is also available in 100,200 and 400 ml versions. The body lotion is white in colour with light tint of brown. It smells of cocoa that is very yummy and sweet, lingers for some time. The texture is so soft and creamy. The consistency of it neither too thick nor too runny. It applies on skin effortlessly. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue behind. It leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and well moisturized. I have dry skin especially my legs have extra dry skin so I have to re-apply it on my legs after 4-5 hours. If you have extra dry skin, you will require a heavy formula and will find it not too hydrating. I am going to use this lotion more in summer as that time my skin would not be too dry.

People with normal to combination skin can try this body lotion during winters and should find it hydrating enough. This body lotion has most of natural ingredients in it but also has parabens. Also there is no SPF in body lotion so make sure to apply sunscreen on top or as base to protect your skin from harmful rays. Overall it is a good budget friendly moisturiser and if you are cocoa butter lover then you definitely would like to try it. I will definitely re-purchase it for summer bodycare routine.

So what do you think about Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion? Have you tried any Himalaya Herbals Body Lotions? Which one is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts in comment section below.

You can buy Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion and other Himalaya products from here.

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Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser Review

Today I am reviewing Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser(Rs. 270) which I have been using since 3 months. While I was in UK I could not get my hands on any Lakmé products. So now I am in India, I have got couple of skincare products from Lakmé and will review them one by one. First I got Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser in 100ml bottle to try, I have been using it every day in morning and before going to bed with my other skincare products. I am quite liking this moisturiser and I got second 200ml of bottle. It is blend of peach and milk which moisturizes, nourishes and protects your skin. Nutritive Moisture Technology implants each epidermal cell with intense moisture giving it a radiant glow & a natural blush.

The packaging is really stylish. It comes in a sleek bottle with a peach coloured flip top cap which is very convenient. You can easily carry it in a purse without any fear of leakage. The moisturiser is in baby pink colour and fruity scents of it very tempting. The texture of the lotion is just perfect, neither very thick nor very runny. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy kind of feeling.

I use it in the morning and before going to bed in night. I take a pea size of this moisturiser and rub between my palms and then apply it on face. It adds hydration to my face. My skin looks soft, smooth and healthy after using it. On top of it I also apply facial oil to add extra moisture. It is suitable to normal to combination skin. If you have super dry skin then it gives temporary relief from dryness. Also it is not effective enough to moisturise under makeup as it leaves dry patches for me due to my dry skin. I have bit dry skin so I have to re-apply this moisturiser after 4-5 hours if I am not adding any other cream or oil to it. This moisturiser can also be used during summer as it is very light and gets absorbed easily and does not feel heavy or greasy.

I would recommend it to people with Normal to Oily skin, people with dry skin can use it during summer or if you want to use in winter then pair it with your other creams or oils and would work great. So what do you think about Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser? Have you tried Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser? Do you have any favourite Lakmé product? Let me know in comment section below.

You can buy Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and many other online and offline stores too.

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