e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick Review

Today I am reviewing e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick(£3.00). When I saw them online I thought to grab all the shades but few were not available. There are total 7 beautiful shades available to try and I got 4 of them for me. The Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick is a tinted lip color that glides on like a lipstick but looks like a gloss. With nourishing Jojoba, Soybean and Vitamin E key ingredients, it conditions and moisturizes the lips.

The Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick comes in a white matte chubby pencil like packaging. It twists up/down so you do not have to use pencil sharpener. It has clear cap so you can easily find the shade you are after. The end of pencil is coloured in a similar shade as the gloss. It has sweet peppermint fragrance that fades away after application. It does not cause any tingling sensation on my lips. This lip gloss sticks glide smoothly on lips and gives shiny finish. All four are nicely pigmented and also buildable. Apply one layer to achieve a light wash of color, or apply more to get a richer, intense color payoff.

These lip glosses are so moisturising that no need to put anything on underneath. Just apply it and go, that’s it. I only got one cremy shade rest three have glitter flakes in them, that are noticeable when applied. They do not feel sticky on lips as they are not lip glosses which makes them even better. The color pay off is really good. They last average 4-5 hours on my lips even after drinking then have to re-apply.

Flirty & Girly is vivid fuchsia shade with heavy shimmers in it. It has frosty finish. I really like this bright colour with shimmers. It is showstopper shade for me. The shimmers are pretty prominent, and although they do feel textured on the lips, they do not feel uncomfortable on by any means. This is a great shade for a night out.

Pink Umbrella is a true pink with a cool undertone. This is one of my favorites! It gives a natural looking pop of soft pink to the lips. This shade goes with any look. It also has some silver glitters in it.

Tiki Torches is a coral shade with gold glitters in it. It is perfect warm shade for summer. This one I use as eyeshadow too, and it looks beautiful.

Movie Star is a berry red with cream finish. It is not loud colour. It gives sheer red lips.

Overall, they are very affordable Lip Gloss Sticks. The lasting power is good. You can pick few shades if you are looking for a moisturizing gloss that feels comfortable on the lips and packs a punch in the pigment department. If you like sheer colour then I would recommend e.l.f. Studio Conditioning Lip Balms as they hydrate the lips and give beautiful looking tinted lips.

You can buy e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick from UK website here. If you are staying in India you can buy them from iherb.

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W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour The Complete Eyebrow Grooming Kit Review

Today I am going to review W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour The Complete Eyebrow Grooming Kit which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. In my previous posts I have reviewed W7 Cosmetics In The Mood Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette which you can find here. W7 is brand who excellently dupes high-end brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay and many more. I have been trying out W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour Kit since last few days and it is really good kit.

W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour Kit comes with a Brow Wax, Highlighter, 2 brow powders, Mini tweezers and mini brush. The light weight tin packaging in pink is really gorgeous and eye-catching. It looks like packaging is in 3D. It also comes with good size mirror so you can carry it in handbag. The brow powders in light brown and dark brown both goes well on my eyebrows. I am using darker shade more than lighter one as I really like the final look of my brows with dark one, my brows look more fuller and natural too. With light shade I did not notice much difference with my brows. Both the brow powders have good pigmentation and you can build up them as much as you would like.

So first I take tweezers from this palette to remove any extra hairs around my eyebrows. Then apply the brow wax using angled brush that came with this kit. I like to comb my brows after applying brow wax to set everything and then apply lighter or darker shade to fill your brows. The brow wax helps to keep your eyebrows in shape all day and they look more define and sharp if you use brow wax. After using brow powder, I like to use highlighter on my brow bone at top and also underneath brows. It adds nice natural highlight on the brow bone.

This kit is really good at £4.49 and it has everything you need to create your perfect brows and it is quite handy in size and perfect for travelling too. This kit helps to create natural subtle looks on brows, It also adds more volume to people with sparse eyebrows as well as add color for those who have eyebrows with a very faint color. So what do you think about W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour The Complete Eyebrow Grooming Kit? What do you prefer to fill in your brows? Is this something you look forward to try? Please let know your thoughts on this kit in comments below.

You can buy W7 Cosmetics Brow Parlour The Complete Eyebrow Grooming Kit from Amazon UK, Xtras.co.uk, eBay.

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W7 Cosmetics In The Mood Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review W7 Cosmetics In The Mood Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette(£4.99) which I have been sent very kindly along with W7 Brow Parlour Eyebrow Palette which I will be reviewing later this week. W7 has recently launched their two new eyeshadow palettes In the Mood and In the City. Both the palettes are perfect for natural nude shades lovers. W7 In The Mood Eyeshadow palette is dupe of Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette. W7 also have dupe of Naked 1, 2 and 3. W7 Cosmetics have lots of dupes in their whole beauty collection. The quality of W7 products amazing at very affordable prices. I have tried many products of W7 Cosmetics and I can say that they do not compromise on quality yet their prices are quite low.

W7 In The Mood Palette comes in a tin compact easy to carry packaging. It does not contain mirror or brush so you have to carry separate mirror and brush with you if you want to take it on the go. The texture of this eyeshadows really soft. Few shades crumble a bit but not very much. Due to super soft texture they apply well with fingers too. There is very slight fall out during application. All the 6 shades given name which I find very useful. You can find names on the back side of packaging. With this palette you can create light and dark eye makeup look.

W7 Cosmetics In The Mood Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette contains 5 matte shades and 1 shimmer shade for highlighting colour. It contains all the key shades needed for a basic look. All the shade have amazing pigmentation. The very first shade Shrimp is a white shimmer shade that can be used to highlight the colour and rest are matte shades. The colours are perfect for creating a natural everyday look or a smoky eye for an evening or night-time look. I recommend to use good eyeshadow base before you start your makeup with this palette as it helps to let all colours come into its own. The colour payoff is really great when using an eyeshadow primer, all the shadows are very blend-able and last almost all day when applied.

  1. Shrimp – It is white shimmer shade which contains fine glitters and can be used in the inner corners.
  2. Oops – It is matte colour with yellow undertone.
  3. Venice – It is matte colour with pink undertone.
  4. Wink – It is light brown matte colour and ideal for filling eyebrows too.
  5. Katie – It is matte milk chocolate colour.
  6. Cargo – It is matte black colour with grey undertone.

Overall W7 Cosmetics In The Mood Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is a great palette to have in your collection and it is a great bargain. The quality is also very good. I am going to get my hands on In the City palette soon. So what do you think about W7 In The Mood Eyeshadow Palette? Have you tried any W7 Cosmetics product? Do you have favourite eyeshadow palette from W7 range?

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W7 Full Colour Lipsticks Tides and Angry Annie Review/Swatch

I am sure you must have heard about W7 Cosmetics. I have also reviewed few products from W7 Cosmetics on my blog in last month I think. I also did small W7 haul plus other brands haul but not getting chance to post them on blog. W7 was started in 2002 by two entrepreneurial young men from London, who felt that every woman should have access to a range of high quality products at an affordable price. W7 is a budget friendly quality brand and if you look into their collection you will find dupes of many high-end brands products. Recently I have reviewed W7 Power Puff Face Blender which you can find here.

Today I am going to review W7 Full Colour Lipsticks which I have been sent to try and review on my blog. I have been sent two lipsticks in Full Colour Range – Tides and Angry Annie. Both are really bright beautiful pink. There are total six pink toned shades available in this range. As you may know I love PINK so when I received this parcel I could not stop myself to wear it without clicking pictures of products first. After I receive parcel, I try to click pictures in next two days and then start testing part. Anyway let me tell you about these lipsticks.

I love the packaging of this lipsticks. They look gorgeous in pink slim stick. The lid is transparent so you can easily find the particular shade you are after specially when you have tons of lipsticks. The lid of this lipsticks seal tightly. On the back you will find a list of ingredients and name of the lipstick. Also on bottom there is a sticker with the name of lipstick. The lipstick is slanted and flat cut, I personally love this type of shape and find it easy to apply on lips.

Both are lovely Pink Bright colours. I love the formula of this lipsticks so much. They glide smoothly on lips without any dragging feeling and have excellent colour payoff. The formula gives a fairly matte finish. In flash it gives slightest glossy effect. They smell pleasant, like a sweet fruity balms. Both W7 Full Colour Lipsticks are really moisturising, there is no need to apply lip balm before application. Both the shades lasted for good hours. My lips did not dry out after a long wear. Both the lipsticks leave good stain on lips, so there is no need to re-apply them. They are incredibly pigmented.

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks. I am going to use them more this summer. I will carry them with me in handbag for this year summer vacation. These shades would be great for everyday wear too I think. Let me know what do you think about W7 Full Colour Lipsticks? Have you already tried them? Out of two which one you liked most? I am loving both!

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W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge Review

Today I am going to review W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have used Beauty Blender and Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I found dupe yay. W7 Face Blender is dupe of famous Beauty Blender. W7 Face Blender retails for only £4.00 which is a fraction of the price tag for the original Beauty Blender. Both are equally soft, latex free, fragrance free and very easy to use. I don’t like Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as it absorbs more product and I don’t find it soft. Most of the time I use sponge as it helps in achieving quick and even application of the product. I also like to use foundation brush sometimes but using sponge gives more flawless look.

W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge in color Pink is gorgeous. I love everything in pink. They are also available in 5-6 colours and egg shape. This sponge is very soft to touch, wider base is designed to cover larger areas of the face whereas the pointed top end is for all the nooks and crannies. The size of this blender is just perfect to dump into on the go make up bag.

So let me tell you about how I use W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge. First thing I do is wet my W7 Face Blender until it swell in size and once it is thoroughly soaked, I gently squeeze excess water from sponge until it feels damp and but not wet. Then I Dispense 1 pump of foundation on back of my hand and gently bounce the round end of sponge onto foundation. Then apply it in bouncing/patting motion all over my face until all the foundation is buffed in evenly. To achieve the fuller coverage you can repeat the same process with wide end of sponge. I use pointed end of sponge to apply foundation/concealer around the inner corner of eyes, nose and lips. These points you cannot reach with using the brush. Always try to use sponge in constant patting or bouncing type action as doing this gives more flawless natural looking skin and removes the chance of streaking or tone change in the skin.

Cleaning the sponge is a cinch. I prefer washing it with a mild shampoo and then I let it dry. It gets bigger in size when it’s drenched but restores to its original shape as soon as it has dried. W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge is amazing softer, bouncier and just feels far more luxe on my skin. It does not absorb too much product. Leaves a smooth, even layer of foundation on the skin. This is a fuss free and quick way to apply foundation on face. W7 face blender is a very good alternative to the Beauty Blender as in my opinion final results are very same and there is no need to splash out £16.

What do you think about W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge? You can buy W7 Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge from online eBay, Yours Clothing and click on for UK Stockists List.

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