Lip Smacker’s Frozen Strawberry Shake and Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Review

Today I am again going to review two more Lip Smacker’s Lip Balms one from Disney Frozen Collection Strawberry Shake and one from Disney Cinderella and Friends Collection Cindrella Vanilla Sparkle. These lip balms I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Lip Smacker’s Coca Cola Collection and I just loved it so much. Lip Smacker’s Disney collection is really beautiful. I am very big fan of Disney movies and characters. I have been to Paris Disneyland 3 times and I really enjoy lot there! Meeting with characters in Disneyland is the most loving and fun part of my Paris Trip each time. I have seen most of all Disney movies in cinemas. I just love it.

The Frozen Collection has 6 lip balms Olof (coconut snowballs,) Sven (Berry Slush,) Anna (strawberry shake,) Kristoff (ice pop,) Elsa (cool vanilla mint) and an Elsa-Anna combo (chilled cranberry grape). Strawberry Shake really smells delicious. This lip balm is transparent and glides smoothly on lips. It is very light on lips and not sticky at all. It makes my lips soft and smooth. It is not super hydrating. This lip balm stick is in pink color but it does apply on lips clear. It is not tinted lip balm.

I am loving this Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Lip Gloss Balm so much. When I apply it, it glides on smoothly on lips, leaves a glossy glittery shine with a slight blue tone on lips and then apply it heavily and this definitely leaves quite a blue tone to the lips with a super glittery glossy look. The glitters in this lip balm are not overpowering. This lip balm is Vanilla scented and it really smells like Vanilla. This lip balm really moisturising and soft and leaves lips sparkly and glossy. This lip balm is more hydrating than other Lip Smacker’s lip balms I have tried and stays bit longer on lips.

I am a Disney lover and I love the cute packaging of this lip balms and think they would be ideal for stocking fillers for any Disney lovers. These lip smackers are really affordable too retailing at £2.49 each and the Lip Balm tin £10.00 and exclusively available in Claire’s Accessories Online, Debenhams Online and Primark. Are you a Disney fan?

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W7 Cosmetics Lip Paint The Art Of Gloss in Girlie Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review one more W7 Cosmetics Product – Lip Paint The Art Of Gloss in Girlie. W7 is one of budget friendly brands and they create budget friendly products similar to that of higher-end products. W7 Lip paint range has 5 gorgeous shades. Yesterday I have reviewed W7 Nail Polishes, in case if you have missed out that post please check it out, here.

The 12ml lip paints are available in squeeze tubes with a black screw lid. The packaging is in the same colour as the product. This lip paint smells minty and it has a creamy texture. The packaging of the lip paint is super cool and easy to use. The screw lid shuts tightly and can be carried in a hand bag without any concerns of leakage.

Girlie Lip Paint is a lip colour that has the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. This lip paint is well moisturised, increased wearability and ensures that colour stays intact and I think it also contains peppermint/menthol oil or leaf  as that offers a cooling refreshing effect upon application.

This lip paint is the super intense colour, I am loving this fuchsia colour, the pigmentation is amazing and the colour pay off is top-notch and not sticky at all. This lip paint is a hybrid between a creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. The wear is comparable to any good creamy lipstick, and I found it lasts a good 5-6 hours without the need for a touch up. Even after fading, the lip paint leaves subtle stain on the lips, therefore a lip balm or primer is an essential, either wise a lipstick remover will be required.

W7 lip paint in Girlie is a fine addition to my lip collection and I am sure I am going to get the rest of the colours too. The formula provides a high shine, creamy feel, high pigmentation, and long-lasting.

Hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know your thoughts on this.

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Essence Cosmetics Eye Sorbet 04 Plum and XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss I love Pink Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review few beauty products from essence cosmetics. I love essence product because prices are always reasonable and they don’t compromise quality of the product they deliver. I was lucky enough to be sent three products from essence cosmetics. I have been sent Eye Sorbet Illuminating Plum, XXXL Longlasting 4 I love Pink and Glitter Jewels Nail Polish in 10 Glitterbomb. All of the three products are really beautiful. Today I will review Eye Sorbet Illuminating Plum and XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in this post. Next week I am going to review all the Nail Products so I will include essence Nail Polish in those post.

essence Eye Sorbet Illuminating Plum

I love the packaging of this eye sorbet so much, it is so cute and tiny little 3.0g pot. It comes in glass pot with screw top white plastic cap. The pot is made of glass but it is very light weight and perfect for travelling.

The texture is very creamy and fluffy like mousse. Eye sorbet is super easy to apply with finger or a brush and feels comfortable on the eye lids. The actual color of this eye sorbet is plum, once you apply it on eyelids I find it is pretty silver glitters gives a bright, fresh look.

Sparkling particles in the eye sorbet looks beautiful in both daylight and evening. To be honest, I find it much more charming to highlight the eyes. You can eve use this eye sorbet to highlight inner corner of the eye, the outer corner and the top of the eye. It looks even beautiful when you use another eye shadow as base color and dab eye sorbet with your finger on it. I am really loving this product and going to try few other shades.

essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss 4 I love Pink

This long-lasting lipgloss comes in a long cylindrical transparent tube with a black screw on black colored cap. The wand attached to the cap is long enough to touch the bottom of the tube, which actually helps to get even the last amount of product from the tube. The doe-foot applicator which helps in getting a precise and easy application.

I Love Pink is a bright pink-colored gloss. The color seems to be a bright coral pink in the tube, but when applied, it does not come as bright on the lips. If you want nice pigmentation you have to apply 2-3 coats on lips. Otherwise, the color is decently pigmented and the color does show up even in a single swipe. The pigmentation of the color is buildable which allows using the color as a top coat over a lipstick or alone.

The mirror shine effect comes down to actually a really glossy finish. This lipgloss is shiny but for me this is just fine. The lipgloss is fairly sticky. While going outside I leave my hair loose all day, so when the wind blows my hair gets attached to it. But it doesn’t hold me back in wearing lipgloss. The color has a creamy consistency which makes it feel very comfortable on the lips and moisturizing too. Staying power of the color is good. I didn’t expect it to have a good staying power, but due to its texture, it actually stays on the lips for quite some time.

Overall I am really happy with both of these products and going to try more shades from these range. I can recommend this essence products to anyone and their products are very much affordable with very good quality and essence have very wide range of products available to select from. I have also tried and reviewed few other essence products like eyeshadows and shine lipglosses and mascara from essence and I loved them too. You can check out those reviews on my blog.

You can buy essence cosmetic products from Wilko store nationwide from here.

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Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss and Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

So today I am going to review three Essence products. Two XXXL Shine lip gloss and one I love extreme crazy volume mascara. I got them when I was on my vacation in Amsterdam.This both shades you can wear everyday.

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss 17 Fabulous Fuchsia

Frist impression wow it is very shiny and glitter. When you open it, it is very light pink with fine sparkles in it. You can say it is very transparent with a little pink in it. When you wear it on your lips you don’t notice much sparkles but it provides shiny finish to the lips.Texture is very soft and smooth after I apply on my lips I feel smooth. I really love texture of this lip gloss, and I really love the smell, it is sweet smell.

So how long does it last? Hmmmm not for whole day :(. It lasts 2-3 hours maximum if you don’t eat or drink anything. Imidiatly after wearing lip gloss if you eat or drink it fades away.

If you like sheer glosses perfect for you , I love sheer glosses.

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss 01 Pure Chic

This is one of my favourite lip gloss. I pair it on top of lipstick, they are sheer enough so you can wear alone or top of lipstick. Again I love fragrance mild sweet. It is not sticky also, so perfect. I always keep this on in my handbag.

So what do you think about these two glosses? Have you ever tried them Or are you going to try them?

They are in budget not costly so everybody who love to try can afford it.

I love extreme crazy volume mascara

I really love this mascara so much. I have tried others too but really did not go well. I really like long thick lashes but mine are not so I always wanted mascara gives me Crazy Volume. So I can get long thick lashes.

So lookwise it is attractive pink color bottle. I really don’t like smell of this mascara but it does matter to me. The wand of this mascara is kinda cheap it has rubber wand that I don’t like, I like full brushy wand.

I apply two coats on my lashes and wow I get crazy volume, My lashes look so long, thick and my eyes look bigger than it is.So ya i am happy with this mascara. Only problem is I don’t use in summer as if its hot outside then it spread over and around your eye area 😦 so I use it during wintery days.

I use waterproof mascara during summer. I don’t want to look devil if it spreads around 🙂

So what do you think about to try? have you ever tried it?If you get chance to buy or you find around in shop just give one try I bet you will like it.

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