Some Nail Arts from Last Month

Today I am going to share 2-3 nail arts which I have done during my Sister’s wedding. You know during wedding you really do not get enough time to paint your nails and doing nice desings on nails need time. But I did very simple nail art that require less time and looks good too. So check out these 3 nail designs.

I used Makeup Revolution Red nail polish and Sally Hansen Gold one to do this design. I also used essence cosmetics base and top coat. This nail art inspired by my wedding saree that I wore during one of wedding ceremony.

Again for this nail art I have used Makeup Revolution Red nail polish, Sally Hansen Gold nail polish, W7 White nail polish and Lakme Green nail polish for dots. I also put gold diamond on nails as my saree has same kind of work going on. This nail art I did for wedding day to match the entire look.

For this nail art I have used Soigne Vodka Blue nail polish and the Lakme glittery one. Also used some diamonds to match the outfit. This nail design I did for engagement day look.

I also did some nail arts for my sisters but have not got chance to take pictures for them. Hope you liked my designs. I also did some nail arts with Benecos nail polishes which I will share later with you guys. Happy Weekend.

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Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover Review

Today I am reviewing Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover(Rs. 887) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. In past I have reviewed some Benecos Nail Polishes and did nail art with them which you can find on my blog under Nail Polish tab. Benecos is known for their Natural Beauty products. I love to try natural products and always look forward to find new natural skincare and cosmetics brands.

The packaging of this nail polish remover is really beautiful. Love the color combination of packaging, looks very fresh. It comes in 100ml of bottle. It does not have that harsh scent which I really like about this natural nail polish remover. It has that citrusy aroma which I really enjoy. It does not leave any smell after use. It contails some essential oils and it is purly vegan.

I use nail paints a lot, and so for me it is important to use a good quality nail paint remover otherwise my nails become brittle and yellow. After using few other nail polish remover my nails does peel sometimes but not with Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover. The remover works well at removing the nail paints. The formula does the job really fast and is very gentle. You do not need to rub the cotton hard against the nails to get rid of the nail polish, just swipe it gently and the paint gets easily removed without leaving any color on the nails. Even after taking off a red polish, I do not see the staining I usually do after using other polish remover. This remover does not dry out my nails as it contains Glycerin which prevents the nails and cuticles from getting dry.

All in one it is great nail polish remover to try and if you are looking for natural nail related products then must try out. I am sure you would love it too! I have few more reviews coming on Benecos natural products so keep watching my blog.

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Morgan Taylor The Hello Pretty! Summer Nail Polish Collection Swatches/Nail Art

Today I am review Morgan Taylor’s The Hello Pretty! Summer Nail Polish Collection 2015 – inspired by Japanese Street Style. I have been sent The Hello Pretty collection to review on my blog. It features bright pops of pink, adorably cute purples, bubble-gum pink and candy-coated pastel green there is a fun colour for every occasion. Packed with vivid colours full of character and variation, The Hello Pretty range is a must-have for a statement style this season. This collection also does have cute duo and mini packs which make great presents for family and friends.

I found that the formula of most polishes were bit thick and only Hot Pink has very good formula. Lighter shades are bit sheer so they need 3 coats and darker shades need 2 coats. Other than thick formula I am very much satisfied with this paints and they all dry very quickly even they have thick formula.

DO YOU HARAJUKU? is gorgeous Mint Green with tinny pale blue shimmers. The formula of this is slightly thick and I used 3 coats of it.

LOOK AT YOU, PINK-ACHU! is a neon Bubblegum Pink, perfect summery bright cream polish. It is a Barbie pink to me. The formula is thick but bit different to Mint Green one but applies evenly and I used 3 coats of it. It dries to matte finish.

ANIME-ZING COLOR! is a Dark Purple. It is lovely bright purple shade and again formula is bit on thick side and I applied 3 coats of it. In photo it looks on blue side but in real it is gorgeous purple.

POP-ARAZZI POSE is a neon Hot Pink, very bright and one of my favourite shade of this collection. It has very good formula and glides smoothly on nails. I used 2 coats of it.

MANGA-ROUND WITH ME is neon Coral Pink. It is very bright with thick formula. I applied 2 coats of it. I feel like after drying it gives semi matte finish.

So what do you think about Morgan Taylor’s The Hello Pretty! Summer Nail Polish Collection? Have you tried any of these shades? You can buy Morgan Taylor’s The Hello Pretty! Summer Nail Polish Collection from Sally’s stores or online at £10.99 per nail polish.

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eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Review

Today I am reviewing eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. When nail industry unleashes their DIY gel nail kit to achieve salon perfect nails in the comfort of your own home and also we are saving some of our money, eyeCANDY have gone one step further and have revolutionised the quest for longer lasting, high gloss, clip resistant polish – all without the use of an LED Lamp. DIY UV Lamp costs average about £70 while eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System at only £10.99 is a fraction of the price of DIY UV Lamp. So eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System is saving you lot of money and also it is very easy to use and achieves the exact same long-lasting results. Your nails and tips will remain chip free and glossy for up to two weeks, isn’t that amazing? It gives same lifetime as a professional gel nail system!

I don’t have UV lamp so I was really excited to try this products to get gel like professional results. eyeCANDY two-step Gel Wrap System dries like a normal nail polish but uses daylight to cure the special, super glossy, chip proof top coat, delivering mani at home that could last up to a fortnight. The formula for Base and Top Coat is quite thick which is good thing if you have ridges in nails. Both base and top coat dries very quickly and seal your nail polish and nail art safely. I tried and tested this combo for 1 week. Application with it is flawless and effortless. First apply the uniquely formulated Base Coat acrylic gel, which provides a smooth foundation for your nail polish and protects against spitting, peeling and cracking. After Base Coat apply your favourite nail polish and then follow with fast drying acrylic Top Coat, which protects chipping and extends wear time.

I was quite surprised by the result, even after 7 days there were no signs of chipping. My nails were glossy and shiny whole time. So I am very much impressed by eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set. I could not test it for more than 7 days as I love to paint my nails every week. On weekend I play with nail polishes and try to do some nail arts. This combo I would carry on my long holidays, generally I don’t get enough time to paint my nails on holidays so paint nails once and apply eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System on top, I know I am going to get long-lasting result with it.

You can buy eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set from Tesco(Now £7.49) and online at Amazon for £7.49.

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MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review

Today I am going to review MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher(RRP: £39.99,Special Price: £29.99) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher effortlessly buffs, smooths and shines nails in seconds so you can have great natural looking shiny nails every day without needing to use any products, finishes or treatments or time-consuming manual nail buffers. MICRO Nail Polisher is very easy to use and you get nice glossy finish nails like painted nails in just seconds and glossy finish stays nearly 2 weeks.

This device can be used for both hands and feet. I have been trying out this MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher on my hands and feet and I have to say results are amazing, I am impressed! Earlier I have been using normal nail buffers, one side with buffer and other side a polisher. They are so affordable but time-consuming and results do not last longer after doing that much hard work. After using MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher which buffs and polishes your nails in seconds and also saves lot of time and gives long-lasting result, I have not touched my normal buffers, FOREVER BYE BYE to them!

Product Description

MICRO Nail is a new, innovative electric nail polisher that effortlessly reveals naturally beautiful shiny nails in seconds taking the hard work out of nail buffing forever!

Your MICRO Nail kit contains:

  1. 2 x MICRO Smooth Roller which smooths away ridges in seconds leaving a smooth, but dull nail bed.
  2. 2 x MICRO Shine Roller, which buff your nails in an instant revealing a naturally beautiful shine.
  3. 2 x AA batteries
  4. Instruction booklet
  5. Handy drawstring pouch to keep your rollers safe

Let me tell you about how to use it. First make sure your nails are free from nail polish, wash and dry them fully. If you need to cut or file your nails then do that first before using this MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher. Insert both the batteries and you are now ready to use this tool. The Micro Smooth Roller is already mounted to the device. Micro Smooth Roller is grey in colour. Flip the switch up and gently roll the Micro Smooth Roller across your nail. Micro Smooth Roller should be used first and only for a maximum of 2 seconds per nail. And only use Micro Smooth Roller on your nails every two weeks. For the very first time I used it more than 2 seconds but once you get into a routine with this tool you would need only a couple of seconds for your each nail. Do not leave Micro Smooth Roller on your nail in same position for very long time, roll it in circular motion for 2 seconds to avoid any friction.

If you have brittle nails, ridges or any peeling then this would be the perfect tool for you. Micro Smooth Roller really helps to smooth out the surface on nails and nail polish glides so smoothly on nails. Micro Smooth Roller rotate 1800 times per minute to smooth away ridges instantly. So you can imagine how perfect result you can achieve with MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher in far less time than you could achieve through manual buffers and shiners. After buffing your nails you can see some white powder on nail surface just sweep it away.

Once you have buffed your nails now it is time to shine your nails with Micro Shine Roller. First remove the Micro Smooth Roller and pop on Micro Shine Roller which is white in colour. Use the same motion, roll it across your nail for 1-2 seconds per nail. You will get incredibly smooth and super glossy nails in just few seconds. Your nails would look like you have applied some super shiny clear nail polish on your nails. After using both the roll, my nails look so healthy, perfect and glossy. Sometimes I just want to keep my nails naked but same time I want them to look glossy and healthy, so this is perfect tool when I don’t want to wear nail polishes.

The MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher is very easy to use and it comes with user manual so you can also read and follow the instruction. This nail polisher does not hurt at all while using them on nails and no side effects, you get salon professional like results at home and don’t have to wait in queue for your turn in salons. As per MICRO Nail results last for up to two weeks, actually I used this Nail Polisher two times in 2 weeks, I know they say to use it every 2 week but I had to paint my nails. I could not wait for 2 weeks to see if the result last that long but yes I waited for 5 days and you know what my nails were so shiny, healthy and smooth like they were on very first day. If you are nail polish lover like me then you must try MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher as it helps to decrease chipping and also your nail polish glides so smoothly on nails. It helps to even out the nail surface and you get flawless streak free finish on your nails. I had applied nail polish after using this device and when I removed nail polish after 3 days my nails had same glossy effect, I had not expected it after removing my nail polish.

This is a revolutionary new nail care product that buffs, smooths and polishes the finger and toe nails. Very easy to use and results are instant! I would highly recommend MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher to you all and give it a try! You can buy MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher from Boots, Superdrug and directly from MICRO Nail website here.

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