Nail Art with Benecos Green Way

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2016. I hope you guys had a great time with family and friends on Christmas and New Year. Today I am going to share two nail art designs with you beauties. I did it long ago but I have not got chance to show you here on blog. So thought why not to post it today?

I have did couple of nail arts with Benecos nail polishes which you can find here. I love their nail polishes, last long and main thing they are vegan.

So what do you think about these two nail arts? Valentine’s Day is on the way and I am planning to do nail arts series for Valentine’s Day. I am really excited!

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Some Nail Arts from Last Month

Today I am going to share 2-3 nail arts which I have done during my Sister’s wedding. You know during wedding you really do not get enough time to paint your nails and doing nice desings on nails need time. But I did very simple nail art that require less time and looks good too. So check out these 3 nail designs.

I used Makeup Revolution Red nail polish and Sally Hansen Gold one to do this design. I also used essence cosmetics base and top coat. This nail art inspired by my wedding saree that I wore during one of wedding ceremony.

Again for this nail art I have used Makeup Revolution Red nail polish, Sally Hansen Gold nail polish, W7 White nail polish and Lakme Green nail polish for dots. I also put gold diamond on nails as my saree has same kind of work going on. This nail art I did for wedding day to match the entire look.

For this nail art I have used Soigne Vodka Blue nail polish and the Lakme glittery one. Also used some diamonds to match the outfit. This nail design I did for engagement day look.

I also did some nail arts for my sisters but have not got chance to take pictures for them. Hope you liked my designs. I also did some nail arts with Benecos nail polishes which I will share later with you guys. Happy Weekend.

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Nail Art With Benecos Sparkles Nail Polish

Today I am going to share one of my recent nail art with Benecos Sparkles Nail Polish which I have been sent to do few nail designs with it. Now a days I watch many nail art tutorials and trying to do them on my nails, when ever I feel like I am getting bore and don’t know what to do, I watch nail art tutorials and try to implement them on my nails. It is really interesting. I am also learning water nail art but it is tricky, once I am good at it I will definitely share with you guys.

Benecos Sparkles Nail Polish is a lovely electric blue colour for summer, this super blue coloured nail polish elongates your fingers. Benecos Nail Polish is vegan friendly, not tested on animals, long-lasting, chip resistant and is free from toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony making this nail polish the best choice for your nails. I have used Benecos nail polishes many times now and I must say I love them. Benecos nail polishes are really good quality and you just need only 1 coat of polish as it was that opaque. Benecos Nail Polish dries very quickly so you don’t have to wait for your nails to dry.

I did two nail designs with Benecos Sparkles Nail Polish. In one design I did few small flowers design with cute bear or teddy you can say and for that I have used Benecos Mighty Orange Nail Polish which really goes well with blue I think and second nail art I did with dotted design using Sally Hansen’s Gold Nail Polish. Blue and Gold combination really looks cool. Hope you like both the design.

You can buy Benecos Sparkles Nail Polish from here.

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Makeup Revolution Nail Polishes Review/Swatch

Today I have one more review to share with you beauties. Since last 2 weeks I have mostly posted all about Nail Polish and today also I have few nail polishes to share with you guys. I am going to review Makeup Revolution Nail Polishes, I got them in november last year but never got chance to review them on my blog. So finally today the post is live. As you know I am really big fan of Makeup Revolution brand and I love all their products and recently I did Makeup Revolution haul that I will share with you guys soon.

I have used this Makeup Revolution nail polishes so many times and I am loving them, colours are really beautiful. They have huge collection and lots of beautiful shades to select from. I got 6 shades – Find True Love, Look Of Love, Gravity Pulls you thru, Heaven’s above, Be Luck In Love and Who Got The Look. Names given to them are really interesting.

Lets talk about the packaging and application first. The bottles are simple and have curved edges which make them very easy to hold. The size of the brush is good too and one dip covers my entire nail. Lid of the bottles are not so strong while opening bottles, two lids got big kracks on them. But they are only £1 each, so I really can not complain about it and would ignore it.

The formula of the polishes is quite thick. With one coat you don’t get nice colour so you have to apply 2 coats to get the good pigmentation. These nail polishes dry quickly and gives nice glossy and shiny effects to your nails. I have used 2 coats for my swatch photos and I got very good coverage with 2 coats. These nail polishes last for 2-3 days with top coat. In my swatch photos I have not used top coat and you can see it has lovely bright and glossy effect.

Overall I am happy with Makeup Revolution Nail Polishes and I am thinking to explore and try more shades from their nail polish collection. Have you tried any nail polishes from Makeup Revolution? What do you think about them? How do you like them? I would love to know your thoughts.

You can buy Makeup Revolution Nail Polishes from their website and from Superdrug Stores.

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W7 Cosmetics Nail Polishes Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review some W7 Cosmetics, I was sent two W7 Nail Polishes, one Lip Paint and one eyeshadow palette. I would not be able to review W7 eyeshadow palette because when my parcel arrived I opened it and Oh No one pan of eyeshadow was badly damaged and eyeshadow was all over the parcel and products. Lovely PR team again going to send me once they have in stock. In this post I will review 2 nail polishes – 181 Tiffany and 138 Bare. I will review Lip Paint next post.

W7 Nail Polish range have a huge range of colours and finishes- from nude to neon, sheer to sparkly, matte to glitter. W7 nail polishes come in a simple, dome-shaped bottle which is medium in size with brand name W7 embossed with black letters. The lid is black with a white sticker showing shade’s number and name. Ingredient list is printed on the bottle. It takes three coats to get nice colour. I adore these bottles and will be happy to purchase them in different colours to experiment with. The brush in these is perfect as it allows you to get the perfect amount of polish and easily paint your nails. It is quite sturdy so you can carry while travelling.

I loved the Tiffany color than Bare. Tiffany is sheer and the first coat was very streaky. You need multiple coats to get nice color on your nails. Bare can be used as base and you can use many dark colours on it to do nail art. Both the polishes were pretty much opaque at 3 coats. It’s one of those polishes that always shows a hint of the free edge through the finish, but it’s honestly not noticeable unless someone is scrutinising your nails up close. The polishes dried fairly quickly.The finish is a beautiful glossy paint; no need for topcoat!

Tiffany is perfect subtle colour for spring and I will use it more in spring and I will do some nice nail art with it. Both colours last long, that’s wonderful! I am going to try few more colours from W7 Nail Polish range soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post and You can buy W7 Cosmetics from here.

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