Lip Smacker’s Frozen Strawberry Shake and Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Review

Today I am again going to review two more Lip Smacker’s Lip Balms one from Disney Frozen Collection Strawberry Shake and one from Disney Cinderella and Friends Collection Cindrella Vanilla Sparkle. These lip balms I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Lip Smacker’s Coca Cola Collection and I just loved it so much. Lip Smacker’s Disney collection is really beautiful. I am very big fan of Disney movies and characters. I have been to Paris Disneyland 3 times and I really enjoy lot there! Meeting with characters in Disneyland is the most loving and fun part of my Paris Trip each time. I have seen most of all Disney movies in cinemas. I just love it.

The Frozen Collection has 6 lip balms Olof (coconut snowballs,) Sven (Berry Slush,) Anna (strawberry shake,) Kristoff (ice pop,) Elsa (cool vanilla mint) and an Elsa-Anna combo (chilled cranberry grape). Strawberry Shake really smells delicious. This lip balm is transparent and glides smoothly on lips. It is very light on lips and not sticky at all. It makes my lips soft and smooth. It is not super hydrating. This lip balm stick is in pink color but it does apply on lips clear. It is not tinted lip balm.

I am loving this Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Lip Gloss Balm so much. When I apply it, it glides on smoothly on lips, leaves a glossy glittery shine with a slight blue tone on lips and then apply it heavily and this definitely leaves quite a blue tone to the lips with a super glittery glossy look. The glitters in this lip balm are not overpowering. This lip balm is Vanilla scented and it really smells like Vanilla. This lip balm really moisturising and soft and leaves lips sparkly and glossy. This lip balm is more hydrating than other Lip Smacker’s lip balms I have tried and stays bit longer on lips.

I am a Disney lover and I love the cute packaging of this lip balms and think they would be ideal for stocking fillers for any Disney lovers. These lip smackers are really affordable too retailing at £2.49 each and the Lip Balm tin £10.00 and exclusively available in Claire’s Accessories Online, Debenhams Online and Primark. Are you a Disney fan?

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4 thoughts on “Lip Smacker’s Frozen Strawberry Shake and Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle Review

  1. I love love love Lip Smackers! Mostly for nostalgic reasons. My favorite flavor is the Dr. Pepper one. I used to save my money when I was younger and buy a new flavor when we went to the store. See I was a beauty product hoarder even when I was little! It is ingrained in me! I think I was born this way.

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    • I have used this smackers first time ever, have not heard about it before. I also loving them now. I Have to try DR. Pepper ones too. Heheh so sweet of you, girls are like that only, I was so fond of clothing, dresses, shorts and skirts.


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