Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Red Lipgloss Review/Swatch

Today I am reviewing Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Red Lipgloss(£9.99) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have also review Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows which you can find here, it is amazing brow kit and very easy to use and gives perfect shaped beautiful brows. I am so obsessed with red and pink lipsticks and lipglosses. I think these shades quite suit to my skin tone. Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Lipglosses come in three shades Brown, Pink and Red.

I love the classy packaging of this lip gloss. It looks gorgeous with nice silver design on cap. There is no gimmicks with the wand, a simple sponge applicator which makes application effortless. This lipgloss has lovely mild scent like orange candy. The texture is just right and glides smoothly onto lips. It does not feel sticky on lips. This lipgloss is not that pigmented on my lips it comes as mixture of brown, maroon and orange but not red. In swatch I swiped 2-3 times but did not get red colour same like in tube. When it layered over a red lipstick, it adds a nice depth of tone along with gorgeous glassy shine.

The silver shimmer is quite fine and evenly dispersed throughout the product, feeling quite smooth when worn. These shimmer particles are not really visible unless you’re looking very closely and that too under broad sunlight. It easily lasts on me for around 4 hours which is great staying time and even after it has faded, it leaves a stain behind and looks as though I am wearing a sheer lipstick. All in all, it is a nice lip gloss shade for every day wear. It makes my lips look slightly fuller too.

What do you think about Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Red Lipgloss? Do you love shimmer lipgloss? You can buy Ruby Cosmetics Lipglosses from here.

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