Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm Review

Today I am going to review Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. As you may know how much I love lip balms. Lip balm as we know is a waxy substance applied on the lips to keep them from chapping, by moisturizing them. This lip balm claims that it does sooth and protect lips, give long-lasting hydration for up to 24H. It is infused with wheat germ oil and aloe vera for complete lip nourishment and protection. It helps to reduce appearance of rough chapped lips and fine lines associated with dryness.

Packaging of this lip balm is most classier. The white casing looks really chic and classy. I like how it looks like lipstick and sturdy packaging. It is more hygienic than potted lip balms, where we have to dip our finger in. It smells really good. It has quite soft and creamy texture. It has pearlescent particles in it which gives a little volume to lips. The minute shimmers in it are not overpowering at all. The lip balm is in peachy colour but it applies almost clear with very subtle peach undertone.

It glides smoothly on lips. The fine creamy texture of this lip balm helps to keep my lips soft and moisture. The staying power of this lip balm is average. Like after eating and drinking I have to re-apply it. I can not comment on if it gives 24H long-lasting hydration if applied ones, As I have to apply it couple of times in between to keep my lips moisturised. But yes this lip balm is really hydrating and It gives lips smooth, rich and glossy effect. This lip balm is not sticky at all and sits nicely on lips.

Overall it is good lip balm but I don’t find anything special about this lip balm as it does normal job like other lip balm does. It retails for only £4.95 so at this price point nothing can go wrong. Have you tried Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm? What do you think about Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm? You can buy Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm from here.

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