Trilogy Cream Cleanser Review

Today I am going to review Trilogy Cream Cleanser £22.50 which I have been sent very kindly along with other Trilogy Skincare products to review on my blog. I have not tried any Trilogy products in past but I have heard many good things about them, so when I got chance to review them I was so excited. This Cream Cleanser is suitable for all skin types. Now a days I am loving cream cleanser. In past few months I have tried 3-4 cleansers and out of them 2 were cream cleanser and I am quite loving them. I find Cream Cleanser suits to my slightly dry and sensitive skin better than foam cleanser. Cream Cleanser does not leave my skin with dry patches which foam cleanser does. This is very gentle and creamy cleanser which helps to remove dirt and impurities and also makeup from face and eyes. Trilogy Cream Cleanser is infused with natural oils and non GMO ingredients like Rosehip, Primrose, Jojoba and Carrot Oil which help to maintain healthy skin whilst being soothing and nourishing same time. Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds of Rosehips and contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids as well as Beta-carotene which moisturises and enhances the softness and elasticity of your skin as well as promoting the renewal and repair of healthy skin cells.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser comes in a brown glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It holds 200ml of product and retails for £22.50. It also available in 100ml size and comes in a tube form which I find travel friendly and retails for £16.50. I just need one pump of product to cleanse the face. The texture of this cleanser is just right not too thick and not too runny. It has light rose floral scent which I am loving so much. I have been using it twice a day daily in the morning after shower and before going to bed in night. Take small amount of cleanser into my palms and then massage it into damp skin with fingers in circular motion. Sometimes I use Cotton Pads to remove or rinse with warm water. Trilogy suggests to use face cloth for best result. It leaves my skin silky soft, well cleansed, fresh, supple and moisturised. My skin looks more glowy too. After using it my skin does not feel tight or dry and not greasy too. When I have makeup on face, after using this cream cleanser I see it does not completely remove my makeup, I find some traces of makeup on cotton pad when I use toner. This cleanser helps to remove light makeup but not the heavy makeup. You have to use separate makeup remover for that.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser does not irritate my eyes at all but some of my other cleanser does. So I am reaching for this cleanser more often to remove my eye makeup. This is amazing product and I think bottle will last about 4-5 months which is really great. I am definitely going to repurchase it once I finish this one and at £22.50 I don’t think it is pricy as one bottle will last about 4-5 month. This cream cleanser suits to all skin types but if you have dry skin type like me I recommend them highly. I love rose scent products and if you are sensitive to fragrances then you would find scent of this product bit irritating?

I am so pleased with this cleanser and works great for me, if you like natural products and especially rose scented and infused with rosehip give it a try. It is fantastic and I don’t think you will regret it. It is super soft creamy and does not cause any irritation on eyes and skin. It gives healthy looking clean skin. This is lovely luxurious product to try and use. What do you think about Trilogy Cream Cleanser? Have you already tried Trilogy Cream Cleanser? Which is your favourite Trilogy Product? Do you prefer Foam, Gel or Cream Cleanser?

You can buy Trilogy Cream Cleanser from Trilogy, Boots,, and John Lewis.

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18 thoughts on “Trilogy Cream Cleanser Review

  1. This Cleanser sounds really great, I’ve found cream cleansers seem to agree with my sensitive & dehydrated skin. I use Rosewater lots so would love the scent. Thank you for sharing this great product, fantastic blog post.☺️xx

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    • Yes it is really great gentle cleanser, I agree with you my skin also likes cream cleanser much. You are so welcome and thank you so much for stopping by xoxoxo Silky


  2. This sounds very nice and I love Rose Scent things. I also like that it comes with a pump because my current cleanser is a squeeze out bottle which can get annoying. Great review Silky xoxoxo Janet

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    • Then I am sure if you love rose scented and rosehip products then you will love trilogy products. I know with pump it is too easy and fast to get the product out of it. This is my favourite cleanser after time bomb hehehe. Thank you sweetie for stopping by. Happy Friday ❤ Have a lovely weekend! xoxoxox Silky

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