Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream Review

Today I am going to review Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream £24.50 which I have been sent to review on my blog. In my previous posts I have reviewed Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ and Cream Cleanser. They both are lovely products to try. Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream infused with Trilogy’s unique antioxidant complex, Rosapene which helps to restore and protect skin. It also includes Manuka Honey and Lavender for added skin benefits to replenish moisture levels while restoring elasticity and softness. It also includes nourishing essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) from Cranberry and Rosehip to moisturise and renew skin. This face cream is perfect for those who have dry and dehydrated skin type.

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream comes in simple and sturdy tube packaging and it holds 75ml of product, retails for £24.50. The texture of the cream is quite thick and rich. I only need a little bit of product for the face. Any extra product I apply on neck. This cream would be more suitable to use during colder days if you have very dry skin. I have been using this cream during day time and sometimes during night. It is gorgeous and smells amazing. I can really smell the lavender and manuka honey in it. If you are sensitive to fragrance you may find smell of it bit too much but it fades away over time. The consistency of this product is thick but it sinks quickly into skin and does not leave any oily or greasy feeling on skin. This cream is very rich so if you have combination oily skin, this face cream might be too heavy for you during day, you can use it during night-time before going to bed or definitely in winter when your skin feels bit dry.

After applying this cream on my face it instantly makes my skin feel soft and smooth. This intensively nourishing cream re-hydrate and rejuvenate skin. This rich cream is ideal for the daily care if you have dry and weakened skin. I have dry skin and if I don’t use good moisturizer on my face, dry patches would start showing up on my face. Straight after shower do daily cleansing and then moisturizer on face. I am loving this ultra-hydrating face cream so much it puts back life into my dry skin.

Again this is a wonderful cream for dry skin and feels comfortable on skin. I like to use this cream alone due to its thick consistency, I tried using it with rosehip oil but I found too heavy on skin and my certain area gets oilier like T-zone and around nose corners. So if you have dry and dehydrated skin and like the lavender smell I highly recommend them to try this cream and perfect for the winter months.

What do you think about Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream? Have you tried it? Which is your favourite Trilogy product? You can buy Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream from Trilogy, Boots,, and John Lewis.

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