Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder & Tinted Natural Earth Cream Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder (Medium Minerals Golden Light-£17.50) and Tinted Natural Earth Cream(Medium-£11.00) which I have been sent very kindly along with two more products to review on my blog. Dusty Girls is framed by MooGoo which is a cruelty free Australian Skincare brand based out of Gold Coast, Queensland. Their entire range is made with natural, safe and effective ingredients for those wanting products that are actually good for the skin, rather than harmful and damaging. They recently opened up their own distribution warehouse in the UK. I have heard bunch of positive feedbacks for MooGoo Skincare products. Visit MooGoo Facebook Page and you would come to know how much people love their products. Their products are so effective for problematic skin and I have read many positive comments and posts how MooGoo products helped people to solve their skin related problems. MooGoo do not test their products on animals they strictly follow cruelty-free policy. Who does not love to try new makeup and skincare brands and their products especially natural effective products? So when I got chance to review and introduce Dusty Girls Natural Beauty Products on my blog I jumped into it. I am sure you beauties also as much excited as I was to know how well it goes on.

Dusty Girls uses clay and minerals from the earth to improve skin tone and their all the products are 100% natural. They do not use clogging silicones or any penetration enhancers to their products while the products still give beautiful looking makeup on face. I totally agree with them on this point. I love the cute little note on the side of their packaging which says ‘Not tested on animals (they’re cute enough without makeup)’. I am in love with Dusty Girls card box packaging. Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder comes in an adorable sky blue and white card box packaging. Tinted Earth Cream comes in an orange card box packaging. I love the print on the packaging a tree and fences looks like country side farm theme going on. They have added small and useful detailing on their packaging. They have printed directions and tips right on the inside of the boxes.

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder (Medium Minerals Golden Light-£17.50)

I was so excited to try mineral powder foundation as I have never tried foundation in powder form. Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder comes in 9 different shades to match all skin tones ranging from fair to dark with different shades for different undertones. I have picked up Medium Minerals Golden Light shade which is perfect for my medium skin tone. If you not sure which shade would be more suitable to your skin tone don’t worry just simply answer few questions by clicking on Click to start button on their foundation page and it would help you to find your shade.

This Mineral Foundation Powder is very subtle so you need few layers for it to get the right coverage and even out the skin tone. If you want high coverage you can use it over BB Cream or Tinted Creams. I have been using Vintage Cosmetics powder brush to apply this foundation powder. This foundation powder makes my skin look flawless and more natural looking. This powder covers any blemishes and redness on skin. It feels so light on skin and not feel cakey at all even if you add many layers of it on skin. Apply mineral foundation soon after moisturising your skin for a little dewy look or wait for few seconds to sink in your moisturizer into skin. Swirl your powder brush or kabuki brush in the powder, remove any extra product by tapping and apply on your face. It applies smoothly and evenly and blends easily. I have tried and tested it when I was on mini vacation few weeks ago. I have used it for 5-6 times during my vacation, it stayed on my face very well for all day and lasted almost 8-9 hours for me. So the lasting power of this foundation is amazing. It did not cause any breakouts so thumb up! This is a great mineral foundation powder if you want light coverage and natural non cakey finish. I am loving this foundation so much and packaging is so adorable.

Tinted Natural Earth Cream(Medium-£11.00)

The Earth Cream is a natural tinted face cream that also contains ingredients in it for acne prone skin. This Earth Cream comes in two shades Light and Medium. I have picked up Medium for me which is perfect for my tone. I am in love with Dusty Girls products packaging, they are cutest and eye-catching. This tinted face cream comes in handy pump bottle. The texture of this cream is thick, once you start smoothing it out with finger it appears thinner. The colour of the product is much like normal foundation but it goes on much lighter while you start spreading it. I just require one pump, it is enough to cover my entire face. Before I apply this tinted cream I moisturise my face well with my daily cream. I have dry skin so I always put good moisturiser first to avoid any dry patches on skin. This earth cream gives a nice sheer coverage. If you want bit more coverage you can always build up by adding few more layers of it. It gives natural healthy looking skin and also protects your skin from sun. I am not loving the smell of this product much it is not unpleasant but bit irritating. It is due to natural ingredients in it I think. They have not added any extra fragrances as this cream is designed for sensitive and irritable skin. Anyway smell disappears after a few moments. It does not put me off using this product.

I am obsessed with Vintage Cosmetics Foundation Brush now a days so I use it to apply Earth Cream on my face. It also applies well with fingers. It gives even sheer coverage and flawless finish to my face. This cream is perfect for daily use as it has UV protection. It keeps my skin well moisturised and healthy looking all day that is the most important thing. From swatch you can see how it evens out skin tone and helps to hide redness on skin.

Now a days I am often reaching for both of this products, I love how it gives healthy natural looking skin without any damage to my skin. Both the products so gentle on my skin have not caused any irritation or breakouts. If you have acne prone, sensitive or problematic skin I highly recommend them to try MooGoo and Dusty Girls Product. You can buy some of their products in selected stores across UK. You can also buy MooGoo Skincare and Dusty Girls products from their UK website.

So what do you think about Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder and Tinted Earth Cream? Is this something you would like to try out? Please let me know in comments. I will be sharing two more Dusty Girls products tomorrow so keep looking.

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13 thoughts on “Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder & Tinted Natural Earth Cream Review/Swatch

    • I just put in an order, they ship to South Korea. Whoop Whoop! And for only like AU$11 dollars, it was almost as much to send it to New Zealand which I was going to do as I’m doing some online shopping and having it sent to my parents so I can pick it up when I go home for a holiday later this year. This way I get it much quicker 🙂

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      • Woohooo I am sure you going to love it so much as much as I do. It is great way and I am sure you want to go on holiday very fast to get your hands on this lovely products. Thank you so much hunni for stopping by and hope you had a lovely weekend

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