DMGM Cosmetics Skin Primer and Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder Review

Today I am going to review some gorgeous beauty products those have been very kindly sent by DMGM Cosmetics A Touch Of Luxury. DMGM stands for “Discover the Mark of Glamorous Make-up”. I have been sent Skin Primer, Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder, Cheek Blush and Matte Chubby Stick. I am playing with this products since few days and they are really great.

I am going to divide review of this four products in two posts, so today I am going to review Skin Primer and Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder.

DMGM Skin Primer Makeup Base

A Primer is a very essential product for makeup base, It does smooth fine lines and minimize pores on the skin. Primer should be applied before you use foundation on your face and it improves coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face.

The Product Claims

  • Fixes your make up and makes it long – lasting.
  • Blots away excess oil and makes your skin look completely matte.
  • Advanced water proof formula provides a protective film on the skin.
  • Moisturizes and gives the skin a soft and velvety touch.
  • Minimizes the enlarged pores and appearance of fine lines.
  • Use before foundation for perfect complexion.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

The packaging of this Skin Primer is so cute and light weight. It comes in sleek small size bottle which makes it very easy to carry in your handbag. The mouth of the bottle is designed to be travel friendly. It is small in size so you don’t have to worry about product leakages.

The DMGM Skin Primer is transparent, odorless and has a gel like consistency which absorbs in no time. I have combination skin, so I always use primer first then I use foundation. After applying it on my face, it gives my skin a velvety touch and makes it more easy for me to apply the foundation. It gives matte finish to my skin and also makes my skin to look shine free for few hours.

I take a small amount of primer, apply on face and then wait for few seconds, so primer set on face well and then I apply foundation. As I said earlier this primer feels velvety and very light on application. This primer also minimize your pores to some extent. Overall I really happy with this primer and continue using it.

You should give this primer a try if you have Combination/Normal skin. It prepares a smooth base to apply the foundation and makes your makeup last longer. It also reduces fine lines and minimizes pores to some extent and gives your face a velvety touch.

DMGM Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder

DMGM Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder gives you a fresh glowing look that lasts throughout the day! It available in four different shades – Gold 01, Silver 02, Pearl 03 and Pink 04. I have opted Pink 04 for me to try.

The Product Claims

An ultra – sheer fine loose powder to set your make up for the day, with a purely professional touch. Shimmer & Shine loose powder illuminates skin with a touch of fine micronized pearls to enhance you look. The sheer powder blends easily with skin for a natural, glowing finish.

The packaging is very simple and elegant. It comes in a small plastic broad-based bottle with a white cap. Inside there is a sponge applicator head which attached to the bottle and can be used directly to apply the powder to the face. The sponge applicator has holes underneath that can allow the powder to come through.

Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder is very fine and soft, goes on the skin easily without giving any feeling of being there. I took off the main cap and dabbed some powder on the back of my hand until I saw the powder coming out. Then with sponge applicator lightly dusted over my cheeks, on forehead, center of nose and collar-bone. The powder has very fine shimmer in it and who does not like too much shimmer then this powder is perfect for you to use. As I have picked up pink color which is very sheer and does not show up too much on my skin. My skin has pinkish undertone so I have picked up the Pink shade and it looks very natural on my skin and also adds lovely shine to your face and looks so fresh.

Overall I am really happy with both of these products and recommend them to anybody. If you have combination/Normal skin then DMGM Skin Primer is worth to try and Shimmer Loose Powder adds natural shine and makes your face look fresh and healthy.

You can buy DMGM Cosmetics from, here. Other two products I am going to review tomorrow so keep looking.

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7 thoughts on “DMGM Cosmetics Skin Primer and Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder Review

    • Yes this powder works well as highlight and even you can apply it all over face as this one is not that glittery. I am happy with how it works well and give natural shine to my face.


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