MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review one more MUA eyeshadow palette – The MUA Glamour Days. In my previous post I have reviewed MUA Romantic Efflorescence Eyeshadow Palette and MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette. Glam Days contains a great mix of neutrals, with a few pops of colour to make it suitable for work and days-out, or nights if you prefer a more subtle look. MUA also has Glamour Nights palette too. It is really convenient having so many types of palettes in your make-up collection, and I always love to try different types of palette better than buying individual eyeshadows. MUA have amazing palettes in their collection and I got 6 of them now and still I have few more palettes pending to buy to complete my collection.

This palette comes in firm black plastic palette with clear lid so you can see colors from top and don’t have to open and go thru all the palettes when you are searching for particular colors., The size of this palette is nice and it is perfect to put it into your makeup bag or purse when you go somewhere. It also comes with double ended sponge applicator which I don’t use.

MUA Glamour Days palette contains a nice mix of both matte and shimmery shades. There’s twelve colours to choose from, colours range from icy blues, to girly pinks and luxurious golds. There is so many looks that you could create with this palette, which is great considering the price is £4.00. Now MUA having up to 70% off sale, so you can get this palette only for £2.00, that’s amazing.

Each eyeshadows are very easy to pick with brush or fingers and they glide on the eyelids easily and there is no difficulties on applying them. Each shadow has good pigmentation, and creamy in texture and blend fairly well. Because of the creamy texture there is no fallout during application and blends nicely. The glitters on the shimmer eyeshadows are not too over powering since there are no chunky glitters which make them wearable for any events. Without primer eyeshadows last about 5-6 hours and with primer they last for more hours.

I am really loving this palette so much as eyeshadows are very well pigmented and colour pay off and consistency of each eyeshadows are just wonderful! This palette costs only £4.00 and everything is good about this palette, so nothing can go wrong. I highly recommend them to anybody because this palette contains shades that are suitable for any skin tone.

Have you tried MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette or any of other MUA Palettes? Which one is your favourite? You can buy MUA products from their website, here.

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4 thoughts on “MUA Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatch

  1. I don’t remember the actual name but I went into superdrug and saw the MUA palettes and I picked up a smokey eye and sultry eye – since I’ve moved house I lost them now😔 but would deffo recommend as yeah they are easy to apply and very high pigmented 😀❤️

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