JustBe Botanicals Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review JustBe Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover(£15) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have been using it for past few days and I absolutely love it! This is an award-winning (Beauty Bible Awards) balm that gently melts your makeup, even waterproof mascaras too without irritating eyes. This balm can also be used in the evening as a rich facial cleanser. JustBe handmade Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover is free from alcohol, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and parabens. This product is infused with some exciting ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Geranium Oil and Petitgrain Oil.

A little bit about JustBe…….JustBe is a natural range for the face, body and home.  Not only do they smell gorgeous, they are emotionally nourishing and are packed full of therapeutic benefits. All JustBe products are lovingly handmade in Scotland using purely natural ingredients with the soul purpose of making you feel consciously alive. The company’s core values are authenticity, passion and positive intent. JustBe has been developed by Scottish Aromatherapist Gail Bryden to encourage others to simply just be themselves.

JustBe Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover comes in a 30ml pump bottle. The packaging is quite sturdy and very light weight. This small bottle you can easily carry in your handbag. With pump dispenser you can easily get the product out, I don’t prefer tubs as I don’t like dipping my fingers in every time. When you are on the halfway removing makeup and you need more product, you have to clean your fingers first before scooping out product from tub. So thumbs up for the cute packaging. The consistency of this eye makeup remover is like gel but more on thinner and oily side and once you massage lightly, it completely melts to a light oil. I can smell Jojoba oil in it and scent is mild and soothing. JustBe suggests to apply it on damp cotton wool pad and gently press over eyelids for a few seconds before sweeping downwards over lashes. I also tried using with my fingers. Works well both the way.

I take required amount of product on one of my fingers and then lightly massage it on my eyes with finger, it gently melts eye makeup. Once everything melts down I wipe it off with damp cotton wool. It dissolves light makeup on eyes within few seconds like 10 secs and if you are wearing waterproof mascaras it takes 25-30 secs. So it works very fast to remove eye makeup completely. It gets into eyes while I use my fingers to remove makeup but this product is really gentle and have not caused any irritation or burning feeling. I don’t find any traces of makeup on cotton wool when I use toner, so really great product. I also tried this product to remove my light makeup on entire face and it worked perfectly. It leaves my face absolutely cleansed. My skin looks clear and glowing. It does not dry out my skin at all and also does not leave an oily residue on my skin. I have dry skin, after using this makeup remover on all over my face and eyes I find that it keeps my skin well moisturised and nourished. So if you have dry skin, must try out this product. In below picture you can see I have applied eyeliner, waterproof mascara, two eyeshadows, foundation and lipstick. After massaging makeup remover for 25-30 seconds, wiped off with cotton pad and you can see in final result all the makeup completely gone and skin looks so clean. I have not rinsed off my hand with water and still it looks so clean.

Overall this is a lovely dual purpose nourishing cleanser that removes every trace of light and heavy makeup including waterproof mascara and long wearing eyeliner and also gently cleanses the skin. It leaves my skin feeling absolutely clean, smooth and nourished. What do you think about JustBe Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover? Have you tried any JustBe handmade products? Which is your favourite everyday eye makeup remover?

You can buy JustBe Cleansed Eye Makeup Remover from their website here.

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