Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes Cerise Shine and Naked Glow Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. On my previous post I have reviewed Models Owl Colour Chrome Nail Polishes which you can find here. Now a days gel finish nail polishes are everywhere and I love the gel finish polishes so much they look so shiny on nails. I have been sent two Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes – Cerise Shine and Naked Glow. Both the HyperGel nail polishes are highly pigmented and gives glossy and rich finish to your nails. This nail polishes give a professional high shine finish and they are enriched with lotus flower oil. There are total 31 shades available in this collection ranging from nudes, pastels and brights. No UV is required and you can achieve that gel effect nails in ten minutes in the comfort of your own home!

The packaging of these polishes is really gorgeous with gel effect lids. The cap of this polishes are coloured with same colour in bottle so it makes them very easy to find when you are looking for particular colour and you get an idea how dark or light colour you are looking for. The texture of this polishes is thicker than usual polish to give a gel effect finish but still they are very easy to apply. It can become a little gloopy if you don’t brush on polish quickly. Ones the polish dries it gives a flawless shiny finish. This polishes dry pretty quickly.

Cerise Shine is a medium candy pink colour and I have used two coats to make it more perfect.

Naked Glow is a classic soft beige or you can say like light milky coffee. I have used 2 coats with this too as 1 coat was not enough!

The polishes are described as highly pigmented, long-lasting and chip resistant and I totally agree. They both last an impressive 4 days with absolutely no chipping (and NO top coat!!) The formula is thick with two coats giving you the perfect finish. Have you tried Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes? Which shade is your favourite from Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes Collection?

You can buy Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes from Boots, Superdrug Stores and from Models Own website too.

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6 thoughts on “Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes Cerise Shine and Naked Glow Review/Swatch

  1. Gorgeous! These nail polishes are cool, I loved the designs you did with both polishes. I have to try the naked one and will try to do same design you did. Thank you. You have lovely blog. I also loved your photos. Thank you.

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    • Thank you so much Nancy for your very kind comments, I am so happy to know that you loved the photos and my blog, Thank you. Yes these polishes are supper cool and no need of top as they have own shine and last quite longer on nails no chipping. I am sure you will also do good with design as this is very easy design to do. Thank you again.


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