2true Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadows Shade 1 and Shade 13 Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review 2true Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadows those I have been sent to try and review on my blog. I have been sent Shade 1 and Shade 13. Shade 1 Due Eyeshadow has black and white shades while Shade 13 Duo Eyeshadow has amber/gold and bronze taupe shades. In my previous posts I have reviewed 2true Cosmetics Lipsticks and Lip Glosses which you can find here. Shade 1 eyeshadow may look bit messy in pan as it was bit damaged when arrived in parcel but I was able to fix it with fingers.

2true Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadows come in 15 different shades and retails for £1.99 only. It is a real bargain buy. Packaged in a compact with a clear lid. They are very light weight so you can pop them as many as you want in your handbag.

The shades are soft and pigmented, and not too long-lasting without primer. If you wear them on a cream base eyeshadow or an eyeshadow primer then they stick to and they are as good as some of the high-end eyeshadows. Shade 13 has nice pigmentation while in Shade 1 white one is nicely pigmented and grey/black shade has poor pigmentation. This eyeshadows are bit shimmery. you can create beautiful light look with shade 13, apply gold all over the eyelid with brown in the crease. With black and white shades you can create pretty smoky eyes.

There is a little fall down during application so you do have to tap off access before applying. These duo eyeshadows are very affordable and have good quality. Have you tried 2true Cosmetics beauty products? What do you think about them?

You can buy 2true Cosmetics from Superdrug stores nationwide, here.

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8 thoughts on “2true Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadows Shade 1 and Shade 13 Review/Swatch

  1. Hey Silky, great post 🙂 I have tried them but unfortunately I’m not a huge fan – I find the eyeshadows very powdery and their mascara wasn’t great at all. I think if anyone is looking for a staple budget range I’d rather recommend MUA. I almost feel the 2True range is more for a young teen experimenting with new looks X

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