eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Review

Today I am reviewing eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. When nail industry unleashes their DIY gel nail kit to achieve salon perfect nails in the comfort of your own home and also we are saving some of our money, eyeCANDY have gone one step further and have revolutionised the quest for longer lasting, high gloss, clip resistant polish – all without the use of an LED Lamp. DIY UV Lamp costs average about £70 while eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System at only £10.99 is a fraction of the price of DIY UV Lamp. So eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System is saving you lot of money and also it is very easy to use and achieves the exact same long-lasting results. Your nails and tips will remain chip free and glossy for up to two weeks, isn’t that amazing? It gives same lifetime as a professional gel nail system!

I don’t have UV lamp so I was really excited to try this products to get gel like professional results. eyeCANDY two-step Gel Wrap System dries like a normal nail polish but uses daylight to cure the special, super glossy, chip proof top coat, delivering mani at home that could last up to a fortnight. The formula for Base and Top Coat is quite thick which is good thing if you have ridges in nails. Both base and top coat dries very quickly and seal your nail polish and nail art safely. I tried and tested this combo for 1 week. Application with it is flawless and effortless. First apply the uniquely formulated Base Coat acrylic gel, which provides a smooth foundation for your nail polish and protects against spitting, peeling and cracking. After Base Coat apply your favourite nail polish and then follow with fast drying acrylic Top Coat, which protects chipping and extends wear time.

I was quite surprised by the result, even after 7 days there were no signs of chipping. My nails were glossy and shiny whole time. So I am very much impressed by eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set. I could not test it for more than 7 days as I love to paint my nails every week. On weekend I play with nail polishes and try to do some nail arts. This combo I would carry on my long holidays, generally I don’t get enough time to paint my nails on holidays so paint nails once and apply eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System on top, I know I am going to get long-lasting result with it.

You can buy eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set from Tesco(Now £7.49) and online at Amazon for £7.49.

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