Weleda Skin Food and Aknedoron Purifying Lotion Review

Today I am going to review 2 more Weleda Products those I have been sent to try and review on my blog. The Weleda products I was sent are Skin Food and Aknedoron Purifying Lotion. I have also reviewed Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner which you can find here. I have been using both of these products since 3 weeks and I have noticed the major difference for my combination skin. During Fall/Winter besides it being cold, my skin gets pretty dry. My knees, elbows and cheeks are pretty much dry during winters and I see dry patches over those areas. It feels like I could exfoliate my whole body with those areas. Now all worries are gone as Skin Food works so well with all this dry patchy problems.

Weleda Skin Food 30ml (£6.95)

Weleda Skin Food is a deep-penetrating replenishing skin repair cream for dry patches of skin and for added protection. Ideal for skin that is dry, flaky and in need of extra care. Made with organic sunflower seed oil, and extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and revitalising rosemary extract to perk up tired skin, it is a great rescue remedy for lack-lustre or generally undernourished complexions. Skin Food is delicately fragranced with refreshing essential oils including sweet orange and lavandulae and is the natural choice for everyday care of the face and body. It can be used as a protective cream in harsh weather and is excellent for anyone regularly out-of-doors.

Skin Food cream comes in a green apothecary type tin package which makes it super light and easy to travel with. The texture is thick and slightly sticky, but a little goes a long way and it leaves skin nicely hydrated and dewy. If you are used to very light body lotions then this may take you by surprise, but it is a winter skin saviour for anyone who suffers from very dry or rough skin. This product has the most amazing scent from a very unique essential oil blend, It is fresh but with an herbal warmth that is comforting.

I am using Weleda’s Skin Food regularly since last 3 weeks and I find that it really does the trick in keeping my skin moisturized whilst it benefits from the wonderful essential oils and minerals used to make this product. When I am using it on my face, I apply a pea sized amount onto my fingers and rub my hands together, which warms the cream up and makes it easier to apply. Because of the thickness of the cream, I like to apply it at night and my skin soaks it well and by the time I wake up in the morning, my face is soft and smooth. I don’t see any dry patches on my cheeks. I have been using Skin Food for 3 weeks on my elbows and knees and have noticed a tremendous difference in the way that they look and feel. I don’t have any negative points for this Skin Food cream. I am really really happy with this product and going to buy the bigger size tube.

Weleda Aknedoron Purifying Lotion 50ml (£9.95)

Weleda Aknedoron Purifying Lotion is an intensive spot treatment lotion which works as part of the Aknedoron two-step system for problem skin, the first part being the Aknedoron cleanser. This special combination calms irritation and stimulates skin, restoring blood flow to regulate problem skin whilst restoring its natural beauty. The re-balancing action of the herbal extracts effectively cares for problem skin on both face and body and is most effective when applied at night, to soothe problem areas and blemishes. To care for problem skin on face and body, first thoroughly cleanse the affected areas, then apply Aknedoron Purifying Lotion with cotton wool or tissues. This lotion comes in a green glass bottle with a white plastic screw cap, which was sealed. The color of the lotion is white with yellow notes, and the texture is more of a cream-liquid. It smells very nice chamomile, witch hazel and marigold.

Aknedoron Purifying Lotion helps the skin to rebalance thanks to the essential oils of sage, thyme and lavender, soothing calendula and chamomile, witch hazel and sulfur, which helps irritated and blemished skin to find its balance. I generally don’t get pimples but after bath I see my face skin gets bit red and I can see some red patches. It goes away after 15 minutes so I am not worried. I had 2-3 red spots on my face and after using this purifying lotion they are like almost gone. I also asked my husband to try this lotion as in last month he got few pimples on his face and they left spots on his skin. He also tried for 2-3 weeks and those spots are very very light now. So yes this is working.

Some effective overnight blemish treatments can be quite drying, but this Purifying Lotion is the complete opposite and is rather very calming. Whilst you can feel the lotion dry on your skin, it does not feel tight or leave your skin stripped or dry in the slightest. I found that using this every night really calmed my skin and redness and help to prevent future breakouts, the soothing lotion is a dream to apply and it instantly soothes the redness. One to put on your wish list if your skin is being problematic.

Skin Food on left and Aknedoron Purifying Lotion on right

Overall I am so happy with both the products. Skin Food is now one of my favourite product. You can buy Weleda Products from Boots too. Do you love Weleda products? Are you tempted to try them? Have you tried these products before?

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