Be Your Own Skin Care Expert on Dermatocare

Today I am going to introduce Dermatocare personal online skin clinic. Are you facing any skin or hair related problems? Are you confused which Skin care and Hair care products are best to use to deal with your problems? As sometimes we choose products based on flashy advertisements, attractive packaging, or just a hefty price tag. Sometimes we fail to deeply understand is that every individual’s skin & hair type is different, hence we should avoid making the wrong choices. Do you know your skin very well? Now your problems are almost over, as Dermatocare personal online skin clinic will solve all your daily problems.

introduction…..Dr Surbhi, is founder dermatologist of Dermatocare is your personal online skin clinic, provides personalized skin care solutions. Just as your dermatologist begins the consultation with analysis of your skin, they have devised 10 simple questions, which help them to understand how oily, sensitive or pigmented your skin is, along with your major skin concerns and current skin care routine.

Dermatocare helps you choose products, salon & cosmetic procedures, and home remedies based on your skin type and concerns. It is important to note that cosmetics or home remedies are not a substitute for a proper medical treatment if required; hence they always advice users to see a Dermatologist if that is what their situation demands.

How Dermatocare works?

After analyzing the responses, they would email you the link to YOUR SKIN PAGE, with details of:

  • Your skin type The uniqueness of their analysis is that they not only tell that you have oily, combination, or dry skin type; but also sensitive and pigmented skin types are guided on how to go about taking care of their skin.
  • They provide you with the list of Do’s and Don’ts that would help you achieve the radiant looking skin.
  • The key advantage is they tailor or regimes based on the time and money you want to spend on your skin. They understand that some of their users might be embarking on journey of skin care, they are encouraged to start with a just one product Basic skin care regime, most of the guys find comfort in this step. Those of you who are already using some specialty products like sunscreens, etc, can get more structured guidelines on how to go about their morning and night skin care regime. And finally for the beauty enthusiast, we have five step detailed skin care regime.
  • Once you have decided skin care regime, they empower you be providing simple guidelines on how to choose your skin care product. After all it your skin, the key to your confidence you are emptying your pockets on.
  • Yups! they know after all that brain storming, you might have questions and it’s not easy to post your skin queries openly. Guess what? You can post them anonymously, and team of dermatologist takes due care to answer them that too for free, as of now.
  • Lastly they keep you updated with blogs and forums connected to YOUR SKIN only. No more general newsletter filling your inboxes from their side, they ping you when you need them the most; may it be winter skin care or a Holi masti.

Have a glimpse of our USP “ YOUR SKIN” page here:

If you are suffering from skin related problems like pimples, under eye dark circles, chapped lips, open pores, wrinkles or hair related problems like dandruff and hair loss, all problems solutions you will get at one place on Dermatocare, How amazing is it?

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t know your skin type or don’t know which products are best to use or match your skin type, fill in the form and know your skin type and best products for your skin here.

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