Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser Review

Today I am reviewing Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser(Rs. 270) which I have been using since 3 months. While I was in UK I could not get my hands on any Lakmé products. So now I am in India, I have got couple of skincare products from Lakmé and will review them one by one. First I got Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser in 100ml bottle to try, I have been using it every day in morning and before going to bed with my other skincare products. I am quite liking this moisturiser and I got second 200ml of bottle. It is blend of peach and milk which moisturizes, nourishes and protects your skin. Nutritive Moisture Technology implants each epidermal cell with intense moisture giving it a radiant glow & a natural blush.

The packaging is really stylish. It comes in a sleek bottle with a peach coloured flip top cap which is very convenient. You can easily carry it in a purse without any fear of leakage. The moisturiser is in baby pink colour and fruity scents of it very tempting. The texture of the lotion is just perfect, neither very thick nor very runny. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy kind of feeling.

I use it in the morning and before going to bed in night. I take a pea size of this moisturiser and rub between my palms and then apply it on face. It adds hydration to my face. My skin looks soft, smooth and healthy after using it. On top of it I also apply facial oil to add extra moisture. It is suitable to normal to combination skin. If you have super dry skin then it gives temporary relief from dryness. Also it is not effective enough to moisturise under makeup as it leaves dry patches for me due to my dry skin. I have bit dry skin so I have to re-apply this moisturiser after 4-5 hours if I am not adding any other cream or oil to it. This moisturiser can also be used during summer as it is very light and gets absorbed easily and does not feel heavy or greasy.

I would recommend it to people with Normal to Oily skin, people with dry skin can use it during summer or if you want to use in winter then pair it with your other creams or oils and would work great. So what do you think about Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser? Have you tried Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser? Do you have any favourite Lakmé product? Let me know in comment section below.

You can buy Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and many other online and offline stores too.

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Yardley London English Lavender Body Spray Review

Today I am reviewing Yardley London English Lavender Body Spray which I got two months back from D’mart. This is my first ever Yardley London Body Spray which I have tried and quite liking it. I have tried and reviewed couple of other Yardley London products on my blog like Body wash, Hand Cream and Perfumes. I am fan of flowery and fruity fragrances and Yardley London has that flowery fragrances in their collection so I am very much looking forward to try other body sprays too from their range. English Lavender is Yardley’s signature fragrance. Yardley London offers the most extensive collection of quality bath and body luxuries. Since 1770, Yardley London English Lavender has been made with only purest natural lavender oils. Applying this scented body spay leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorating. A beautifully fresh, clean elegant fragrance combining bergamot and clary sage with a heart combining English Lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine, chamomile and violet, enhanced with deeper, warm notes of wood, vanilla and patchouli.

It comes in a sleek and simple packaging that you can easily carry in your handbag. It has a nozzle neck and you won’t have to put much pressure for its easy application. Lavender is a very feminine and warm scent. It smells so refreshing and alluring. It keeps me feeling fresh and smell good for a fair amount of time. A few sprays and you get to sniff the wafts of the perfume, and remain recharged all through the day. Initially when you spray, it has that strong scent but in a few minutes it mutes down into more subtle note. When you smell good, you feel good, and that is exactly what this refreshing body spray does for me. I totally love the classic, vintage smell that lasts for around 4-5 hours, but its mild essence lingers on my body for hours.

This is an alcohol based body spray with 95% alcohol content. Avoid this if you have sensitive skin, or if you are allergic to alcohol based deodorants or if you are allergic to lavender scent. With this body spray I have not felt any burning sensation, no allergic reactions whatsoever.

So What do you think about Yardley London English Lavender Body Spray? Have you tried any body spray from Yardley London? Do you have favourite Yardley London product? Let me know in comment section below.

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Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream Review

Today I am reviewing one more Oriflame product that is Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have used few Oriflame products and till now whatever I have used I loved them. So if you have not tried any Oriflame products yet you must try out some products from their range. The new Love Nature care collection consists of three lines for different skin types, whose products are made from natural ingredients. The aloe vera line is refreshing and moisturizing and is intended for the normal or combination skin. The tea tree line works well for people with oily skin and has a purifying effect. I myself have a dry skin and I have eye cream from the line with wild rose, rich and nourishing and specifically for dry skin it has been developed.

When you reach the age of twenty, it is wise to use an eye cream from then. The eye cream from the Wild Rose line is a special moisturizer which nourishes the eye area, softens and moisturizes. Oriflame also promises that the product prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The cream is among other wild rose extract, shea butter and vitamin E. This eye cream smells fresh and not overwhelming, texture is light cream type of in light pink color, absorb quite fast on skin. Packaging wise is really nice, small in a tube, which is hygienic and easy to travel with.

The eye cream feels very refreshing to the skin. My skin under the eyes is prone to drying and this cream helps to keep my skin hydrated and fresh. It does not irritate under eye skin, so gentle as eye cream. After many other creams my skin around the eyes was slightly irritated, aching and inflamed. This however keeps feeling of comfort. I did not expect even that the cream in such an affordable price, it will be so cool! I would definitely recommend!

So what do you think about Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream? Have you tried any skincare products from Love Nature range? Is there anything from Love Nature range you recommend me to try? Let me know in comments.

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Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara Review

Today I am going to review Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara which I have been sent very kindly along with other Oriflame products to try and review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow which you can find here. I am very big mascara fan, I always put mascara on my eyelashes and love big and dramatic eyelashes. The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara’s specially-designed brush works to create a super strong curl by lifting your lashes from root to tip. Its high-performing formula also helps to keep the curl perfectly in place – and with a lasting effect.

Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara comes in a berry colored packaging that has silver detailing on it. The cone shapes wand of this mascara is designed to give your eyes a more opening effect. The narrow end of the brush you can use on lower and inner lashes and it helps to curl and lift your lashes whilst the flatter end helps to add extra volume to the middle longer lashes and outer lashes. This cone shaped wand really helps to coat every single lash by moving it slowly upwards and outwards and you really get big beautiful eyes.This mascara provides stunning curl the lashes, creating a sublime glance. Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara is available in the colors Black and Black Plum.

The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara is the first in the world, clinically proven eye opening mascara that gives you that beautiful, wide-eyed look you long for and visibly opens eyes by 30%. As well as giving some curl, this mascara also gives a nice length and volume. My eyelashes were left looking really long, curled and nice black after only two coats! You don’t have to use eyelash curler before you apply this mascara as it gives such beautiful curl without using curler too. The formula contains fi xative agents to keep the curl perfectly in place with a lasting effect. The mascara is very light weight and doesn’t flake or smudge and hold the curl throughout the day. It is a long lasting mascara and stays put on me for over 8 hours. Removing this mascara is really easy too, I do not need to use a makeup remover to wipe it off just cleanse my face with cleanser and water and it is all gone.

This is wonderful masara and I am really pleased with the result.  What do you think about Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara? Have you already tried it? Which one is your favourite mascara?

I have few more review posts coming on Oriflame products so keep watching my blog space. You can buy Oriflame products from here.

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