Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids VS Unicorns Review/Swatch

Recently I have been sent two gorgeous palettes from Makeup Revolution to review on my blog. As you may know how much I love Makeup Revolution products, it is one of my most favourite drugstore brand across all. Today I am going to review Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids VS Unicorns. First of all I love the name given to this palette and it contains such a beautiful greens, blues, plum purples shades.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids VS Unicorns comes in a sturdy plastic packaging with top lid is transparent so all the colours are clearly visible from top. It also contains double ended sponge applicator. It contains 12 shimmer and glittery eyeshadows. All the shades in this palette are highly pigmented and blends very well. The shimmery shades on the left side mix of green and aqua are the Mermaid shades while the other end of palette on right side mix of plum purples and dark blues are the Unicorn shades. I love the sparkly shimmery pink from Unicorn side but I am loving all those aqua shades so much so I am on the Mermaids side.

This palette contains beautiful bold colours. You can also combine this shades with neutral shades and add a pop of colour from this palette to the outer corner of eyes. Even this shades can be used as eyeliner and looks beautiful. Starting from the left side of palette, very first shade is light pistachio green is bit sheer colour and have to swipe 2-3 times to get the exact colour like in pan. This shade can be used as highlighter. Next shade is mix of blue/green and bit darker than first one. The 3rd shade is kind of same like 2nd shade but more darker. The 4th one is soft blue colour, next to it is strong blue colour and one of my favourite too. It looks so beautiful on eyes. The next shade 6th is intense blue colour and not shimmery, it is semi matte. So these all shades from Mermaid side.

Now Unicorn shades 7th colour is beautiful purple on darker side and can be paired with next shade pink to create lovely purple pink smoky eye. 8th shade is reddish rose-pink colour with silver glitters in it and my 2nd favourite of this palette. The glitters in it does fall out during application. 9th shade is gorgeous lavender colour with silver shimmers in it. It is quite sheer colour. 10th shade is navy blue and nicely pigmented. 11th shade is darker navy blue and have bit glitters in it. The final shade 12th is dark grey/black colour with glitters in it. With this you can create lovely bold night-time look.

I like shimmery and glitter shades so if you are like me you going to love this palette and other side if you don’t love shimmery shades then this is not the right palette for you to try. All the shades in this palette apply like a dream and blends nicely. The texture is so soft and contains great shimmers. With this palette you can create soft shimmery daytime and bold night-time look. This palette retails for only £4.00 and quality is amazing.

What do you think about Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids VS Unicorns? Which side are you? Choose a side! Mermaids Vs Unicorns!! I am Mermaids. You can buy Mermaids VS Unicorns palette from Makeup Revolution website here and Superdrug stores.

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