DMGM Xtreme Matte Chubby Stick in American Beauty Berry and DMGM Luminous Touch Cheek Blusher in Biege Pink 06 Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review two more products those have been sent by DMGM Cosmetics A Touch Of Luxury. DMGM stands for “Discover the Mark of Glamorous Make-up”. I know I am one day late to post this review. In my earlier post I have reviewed DMGM Skin Primer and Shimmer and Shine Loose Powder which you can find, here. Today I will review DMGM Xtreme Matte Chubby Stick in American Beauty Berry C S08 and DMGM Luminous Touch Cheek Blusher in Biege Pink 06.

I have been using this products for few days and both of them are really great and My favourite is Matte Chubby Stick. I really loved the vibrant color of that lip crayon so much.

DMGM Xtreme Matte Chubby Stick in American Beauty Berry C S08

Product Details

  • New Voluptuous and full color lipstick
  • Enriched with Vitamin – A, C & E
  • Extract of Ginseng & Coffee
  • Add a pop of color to your lips with DMGM’s all new Extreme matte chubby stick these lively lip colors are sure to define your lips while leaving a velvety matte and long – lasting stay. The combination of anti – oxidants Vitamin A, C, E, Coffee and ginseng extract work together to give the beneficial effect of firming and anti–ageing action
  • With the easy to use retractable feature it is perfect for those on the go
  • Available in 10 eye-catching shades

I am very great fan of chubby sticks and lip crayons and I feel like to collect them all. They are really easy to apply and travel with. I also love the sleek packaging of this stick and also it has transparent cap so color of the stick is visible from outside and you don’t have to open all the caps of your lip crayons when you are looking for particular color.

The texture is creamy, smooth, light, velvety and soft. It gives a sheer amount of color but of course you can build the shade. The color is awesome, it is literally a Barbie Pink to me, and has the matte finish without looking too gross and dry. It doesn’t dry out neither crack on my lips.

This chubby stick has very good pigmentation and lasts about 4-5 hours on my lips and then leaves a nice pinky stain on lips which also lasts about 2 hours almost. So if you do like matte lip products then you should try this chubby stick for sure and it gives velvety finish to your lips.and applies very smoothly.

DMGM Luminous Touch Cheek Blusher in Biege Pink 06

Product Details

A multi-brilliant radiant blusher that adds a soft silky texture on the skin with a delicious sensual sensation. It highlights cheeks with a sheer wash of color to create a natural flushed look. Luminous touch cheek blush blends easily giving a streak free finish and provides perfect application that is like a second skin and enables it to glow on contact for perfectly even and transparent results. Comes in 6 luminous shades & 3 shades in matte to create natural glow, to highlight and contour your face.

For Best Results

  • Apply to the centre of the cheeks and above the cheekbones and blend, for a blush effect.
  • Apply below the cheekbones to contour the face and accentuate the hollow of the cheeks.
  • Apply on key points of the face for glowing color and contrast.

The packaging is quite simple but attractive and very light weight. It does not come with mirror or applicator.

This is now one of my favourite blush, and it really gives glamorous glow to my cheeks. Instead of Biege Pink I find this color in peach shade. I used this as a blush and also as bronzer and both the way it gives very good result to my skin tone. It has very fine shimmer in it which blends nicely on skin and lasts for very long time. This blush is not very pigmented but the color can be built for a more dramatic effect. I can either go for a natural flushed look or a dramatic one.

Overall I am happy with both of this products and I am looking forward to try more shades from chubby stick in near future. So out of four products which one do you think, you will give it try?

You can buy DMGM Cosmetics from, here.

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MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic Baked Blush and Compact Blushes Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review three Blushes those have been sent by MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic to review.  MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic is an Italian brand that recently has launched in UK. I just LOVE blushes as much as I LOVE eyeshadows. I love pinky pinky cheeks so much. Three blushes I have been sent are – Diamond Blush Baked Blush in Shakira REF 145202, Blush On Compact Blush in Explosion REF 106 and Plum REF 101.

MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic have six shades in Blush On range and four shades in Diamond Blush range. You can find more information about their blushes range and shades on their website, here by downloading catalogue. All of them are really pretty blushes and sets so nicely on cheeks. They are lightweight and impalpable texture provides a luminous and sculpted skin tone. In my earlier post I have reviewed MESAUDA Milano Cosmetic’s lipstick range, so if you have missed it or did not check my previous post, click here.

Diamond Baked Blush In Shakira(REF 145202)

I was really excited when I saw this pinky shade in the package, I just love this type of shade so much. The packaging is very attractive, it comes in nice sturdy black plastic round box with a transparent dome kind of lid, so you can see the color of your blush. I think its great that the lid is clear. Makes finding a blush color so much easier 🙂 Also it is travel friendly.

This baked blush has a very little shimmer in it, that gives a very nice glow to the cheeks but isn’t overboard with shimmer so you can easily wear this everyday. If you have read my all previous posts then you know me that I lover shimmery shades. Shimmer in it does not show off too much, it sets so nicely and evenly on your cheeks.

The texture of this blush is so soft and silky and fades smoothly. This shade is warm, gentle and I think it gives a beautiful flushed look on the cheeks that makes your complexion look healthy and beautiful. The pigmentation is really good and staying power of this blush is incredible!

Compact Blush In Explosion(REF 106) and Plum(REF 101)

Again this both blushes have amazing shades light pinky and plum. The packaging of these blushes is simple compact but looks attractive and it also comes with a clear lid so you can see the color of your blush. Both blushes are so light weight so you can carry them in your handbag.

Both blushes are with matte finish and pigmented and both of the blushes are creamy but also present a bit of powdery feeling as when you touch the blush with your brush there’s a bit of powder that is released from the pressed blush, but nothing major. Something that really makes me love these two blushes is definitely their pigmentation – it’s incredible.The texture of these blushes is very soft and smooth.

There is no visible texture that’s left on skin so it really does look like you’re naturally flushed with color. Both the shades very creamy and they are super blendable and last on the skin. Light pinky shade is perfect for this winter and I love to use plum shade during summer.

So I am really enjoying with this three blushes so much and I would say they last some good 5/6 hours on my cheeks and that’s when it starts rubbing off a little bit but there’s always a little color and glow remaining which I find lovely and makes me reaching for these blushes.

Overall I’m really pleased with the performance of these three blushes and recommend them to anybody. I’m definitely looking forward to try more shades from MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics!

You can buy these gorgeous Blushes from Amazon, here. The MESAUDA Milano Cosmetics also going to launch their UK webshop soon, so later you would be able to buy all the products from their website. I will keep you updated on this.

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