Oriflame The One Kohl Eye Pencil Review

Today I am reviewing Oriflame The One Kohl Eye Pencil in Black. Virtually no one’s make-up is complete without black eyeliner. I never leave my house without applying kohl. Kohl is very important for me and now its in my daily makeup routine. Oriflame Black Kohl Pencil come in a simple packaging of liner encased in a wooden pencil types. Easy to sharpen and hygienic. Oriflame kohl pencil is creamy and glides on easily. I do not like pencils, which drag on your lid and make using them very hard. I did not experience anything like this with this pencil. Very easy to blend out while using it as liner to do smokey eyes. Pigmentation of Oriflame Black Kohl Pencil is liitle poor which not gives pigmented kohl in first swipe, this pencil really needs multiple swipes to get black kohl eye look. The great thing about this pencil is that it is can be used as liner as well as kohl on waterline.

I also find its staying on power is ok, have to re apply it often during day. I will line my water line again just to freshen everything up. Overall I like this kohl pencil, because it is soft and easy to use. Also it does not irritate my eyes, which is a huge plus for me, because I have sensitive eyes.

Have you tried Oriflame The One Khol Eye Pencils before? Do you like them? You can buy Oriflame products from here.

Thank you,



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