Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream Review

Today I am reviewing one more Oriflame product that is Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have used few Oriflame products and till now whatever I have used I loved them. So if you have not tried any Oriflame products yet you must try out some products from their range. The new Love Nature care collection consists of three lines for different skin types, whose products are made from natural ingredients. The aloe vera line is refreshing and moisturizing and is intended for the normal or combination skin. The tea tree line works well for people with oily skin and has a purifying effect. I myself have a dry skin and I have eye cream from the line with wild rose, rich and nourishing and specifically for dry skin it has been developed.

When you reach the age of twenty, it is wise to use an eye cream from then. The eye cream from the Wild Rose line is a special moisturizer which nourishes the eye area, softens and moisturizes. Oriflame also promises that the product prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The cream is among other wild rose extract, shea butter and vitamin E. This eye cream smells fresh and not overwhelming, texture is light cream type of in light pink color, absorb quite fast on skin. Packaging wise is really nice, small in a tube, which is hygienic and easy to travel with.

The eye cream feels very refreshing to the skin. My skin under the eyes is prone to drying and this cream helps to keep my skin hydrated and fresh. It does not irritate under eye skin, so gentle as eye cream. After many other creams my skin around the eyes was slightly irritated, aching and inflamed. This however keeps feeling of comfort. I did not expect even that the cream in such an affordable price, it will be so cool! I would definitely recommend!

So what do you think about Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream? Have you tried any skincare products from Love Nature range? Is there anything from Love Nature range you recommend me to try? Let me know in comments.

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2 thoughts on “Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream Review

  1. Have just started using it. It completely removes all the dirt and impurities that might have settled on your face during the day. It freshens you up and you go to the bed with a much nurtured and healthier skin. It gently glides on the surface of your face and makes your face look young and glowing. Plus The fragrance is enough to instantly uplift your mood.

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    • Yes It is such a lovely gentle eye cream. I also suggested to my mom and she also loving it. I am too in love with the scent of the cream. Thank you sweetie for your lovely comment and hoping to see you again on my blog 🙂


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