Mesauda Milano Blush & Contour Palette Review

Today I am reviewing newly released Mesauda Milano Blush & Contour Palette-£33.95 which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. As you might have seen many review posts on my blog about Mesauda Milano Products and how much I love them. The quality of their each and every product is just amazing. I also love Mesauda products packaging, very functional and professional looking. This new Mesauda Milano Blush & Contour Palette has total 8 shades. It has 6 matte blushes and 2 shimmer finish bronzing powder, so it offers everything you need to achieve healthy and fresh complexion and to create sun-kissed look. This palette is perfect match for a radiant and beaming skin tone.

I honestly love the black sleek-slim case which really makes it a joy to travel with. It is super lightweight so it will travel easily with you and who doesn’t love to carry many blushes and contour shades on a vacation right? I know I always want to travel with the contents of my entire makeup collection and any beauty junkie can agree with that feeling. All the 8 shades have nice soft texture to them and build up nicely. They are not crazy pigmented which I really like about this palette, all the shades are very easy to blend. The shades have pleasant mild scent which I really enjoy every time I use this palette. All the 8 shades have been given names – Explosion, Malice, Plum, Initial, Peche, Nature, Golden Brown and Golden Tan.

I love the pink, mauve and coral shades of blushes in this palette. It works well with different skin tones and allow you to vary your look. The warmer shades would look incredible on deeper skin tones. I think the range of shades is quite nice. My favourite shade is Malice, very flattering and gives the most gorgeous, youthful glow to the complexion. The formula is so smooth, silky and blends so nicely. The two bronzing powders can be used to contour. They do have some golden subtle shimmers in them, so if you prefer a matte contour then you might not like these two contour shades. Actually the shimmers in them are very fine and they give a really nice glow to the cheeks and rest of area where you usually contour. The finish look is not shimmery. My favourite thing about this palette is that the two contour shades have more of a taupe hue rather than a bronze hue which is much better for contouring as bronzers tend to have orange undertones instead taupe or grey. It is taupe/grey undertones that really help shade and contour giving that part of the face the appearance of receding. Both the contour shades looks very similar on my Asian medium skin tone. Golden Brown is bit lighter than shade Golden Tan. The staying power of this shades is really good and I have used them couple of times now.

A palette like this is really all you need and for makeup lovers I think Mesauda Milano Blush & Contour Palette is must to build collection! It has highly usable set of high quality blushes in a single, slim, easily stored-and-packed package. Love it! It has quickly become my favourite blush palette and I have been using it every day since I received it!

So what do you think about Mesauda Milano Blush & Contour Palette? Have you tried any Mesauda Milano products? You can buy Mesauda Cosmetics directly from their website here and also from Beauty Crowd here.

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