Sk:n Cleanser, Hand Cream and Age-Delaying Cream Review

When it comes to skincare I am always trying out new products or trying to get my hands on some, nothing excites me more. Today I am reviewing few Sk:n skincare products which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. Sk:n is the UK’s leading skin clinic offering more highly medically trained staff than any other chain of clinics. I really like about the skincare range from Sk:n that each product has an almost unnoticeable scent which smells clean and fresh. The packaging is super simple and colour coordinated by range of which there are six; Repair & Protect, Anti-Ageing, Exfoliate, Cleanse, Corrective and Anti-Blemish. I also think the products are fairly reasonably priced, with some being more purse-friendly than others.

Sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser – dry/sensitive skin (200ml £14.75)

Cleansing is the first step of a daily skin care routine in order to remove surface-only skin cells, environmental dirt and make-up, without over drying the skin. Sk:n Vitamin-Rich Cleanser for dry or sensitive skin is fortified with age fighting vitamins and antioxidants to gently remove make-up and impurities. The skin is left feeling cleansed and purified and in perfect condition for further skincare products.

Key active ingredients

  • Evening Primrose Oil — soothing and healing properties
  • Allantoin — moisturising for dry/sensitive skin
  • Vitamin A, C & E — anti-oxidants protect the skin from free radicals

The cleanser is creamy in consistency and not too thick, nor too thin. It has a subtle fresh scent. Apply this to cotton wool and gently wipe over the face. I love to apply cleansers on my face with fingers, massage it into the skin and then rinse off with water. This gently but efficiently removes makeup (including non-waterproof mascara) and does not irritate my eyes. It did not dry out my skin and left my skin feeling cleansed and purified. Now my skin is ready for toner and creams. I have been using it for few weeks now and has not irritated my skin so thumbs up! I think it’s a really nice cleanser, which does exactly what it’s meant to, removes all traces of my makeup and gives a lovely thorough cleanse. Great value for money too as you get 200ml in the bottle, so it should last a good while.  This cleanser is also available for oily and normal skin types.

Sk:n Age-Delaying Cream – younger skin (30ml £33.75)

As time passes, ageing of the skin in inevitable. However, exposure to UV rays, along with pollution and activities such as smoking, accelerate damage to the skin from free radicals. Free radicals attack and destroy skin cells in a process known as oxidation. The visible signs are lines and wrinkles, brown marks, facial broken veins and loss of firmness to the skin. Clinically proven peptides target fine lines and loss of firmness, Vitamin A helps regulate cell turnover and anti-oxidants fight free radicals.

Key active ingredients

  • Clinically proven peptides — stimulate the natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production within the skin to improve firmness and reduce lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamins C & E – anti-oxidants that protect the skin from free radicals
  • Vitamin A — As we age the cell turnover decreases. Vitamin A stimulates this process leading to brighter younger looking skin
  • Shea Butter — softens, moisturises and helps regenerate cells

This cream is so smooth to apply on face and sinks in quickly. It hydrates the skin and delay the initial signs of ageing. It contains anti-ageing Peptides, Vitamins C & E, Vitamin A and Shea Butter. I have been using this cream daily and it really helps to plump up the skin. It softens skin really well too, which could be something to do with the shea butter it contains. It is best product for colder months, apply morning and evening after cleansing. It really keeps my skin well moisturised and nourished.

Sk:n Anti-Ageing Hand Cream (50ML £15.75)

Our hands are constantly exposed to UV rays which age the skin but in addition they are subject to contact with chemicals that can impair the barrier function of the epidermis leading to a loss of hydration. As the skin on the hand ages it becomes thin and transparent and shows veins and brown marks.

Key Active Ingredients

  • Clinically proven anti-ageing peptides – stimulate the natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production within the skin to improve firmness
  • Vitamins C & E — anti-oxidants that protect the skin from free radicals
  • Jojoba oil — a natural botanical oil that helps moisturise and protect the skin’s barrier

I am a bit of a hand cream hoarder – I have tons of them! The Sk:n Anti-Ageing Hand Cream isn’t just any old hand cream, as you may have guessed from the name. It works to moisturise and firm your skin, increase the elasticity as well as helping to repair any skin damage caused by free radicals such as brown spots and marks. This hand cream is not as thick as my usual choices in hand cream, I find this is quite moisturising and sinks in skin completely. It is one of the least greasy hand creams I have ever used, which is always a bonus.

Overall all the products are really great and not one of them disappointed me. These are reasonably priced good quality products, and are definitely worth checking out. You can find out more about them and purchase these products from the website:

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