Fancy Witch Complete Black Magic Makeup Brush Set Review

Today I am reviewing Fancy Witch Complete Black Magic Makeup Brush Set for Eyes and Face which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. Fancy Witch is a reserved trademark owned by Face Art Bulgaria Ltd. Their makeup brushes are designed by professionals and are handmade from high quality natural and synthetic hair, luxury black and glossy handle, black glossy ferrule, exquisitely shaped heads – it’s all you need to turn your makeup into real magic! This collection includes Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Bronzer Brush, Kabuki Brush, Flat Concealer Brush, Eye Crease Brush and Eye Blending Brush. Each brush comes in a handy plastic zipper bag which protects each brush from dust and keeps them clean.

1. FANCY WITCH Black Magic Blush Brush

Luxurious powder blush brush, handmade with high quality natural Goat bristles. This is the only brush that is not vegan in entire collection. According to me the bristles of this brush are not super soft like other brushes in collection. The angled head of this brush works well for applying blush or contouring and shaping. This can be used with pressed and loose powder products like blushers, bronzers, highlighter on the cheekbones and helps to achieve natural looking makeup. The bristles are densely packed ad disperses powder product lightly and evenly without leaving a clownish finish.

2. FANCY WITCH Black Magic Foundation Brush

This vegan foundation brush is handmade with high quality taklon bristles which are so so soft. It is round dome-shaped multipurpose makeup brush which can be used for applying and bending foundations, powder and mineral makeup. It works really well for applying liquid foundation and gives natural looking flawless streak- free finish. You can use this makeup brush also with blush, bronzer and highlighter. The bristles are really dense and have been cut evenly. Really great quality brush.

3. FANCY WITCH Black Magic Bronzer Brush

This luxurious bronzer brush is handmade of vegan taklon bristles and has tapered dome shape with dense bristles which is perfect for applying and blending the product easily. I love this brush for highlighting and contouring my face. Again this is also multifunctional brush which can be used for pressed powder, cream blush and bronzer and highlighter. The tulip shaped head is perfect for bronzing and then use it in circular motion for blush. It gives soft and even application, fixes the makeup and for applying bronzer for soft sun-kissed looks.

4. FANCY WITCH Black Magic Powder Brush

This luxurious powder brush is handmade with silky soft high quality vegan bristles. This fluffy brush is brilliant choice for applying pressed and loose powder. The vegan bristles are good choice for ladies with sensitive skin. It is designed to apply any kind of powder product easily and to fix the makeup. I found this brush much more effective for setting powders than it was for buffing mineral foundation. It doesn’t hold on to too much powder at once, making it perfect for a smooth, light finishing touch. This brush was also good for blush, highlighter and body bronzing/highlighting.

5. FANCY WITCH Kabuki makeup Brush

This kabuki makeup brush has vegan bristles in pink and black and it is very soft brush for ladies with sensitive skin. It is ideal for dusting and setting mineral and powder makeup on face and body. This gorgeous compact and dense brush allows super easy application and a gentle finish. Just pick up a good amount mineral foundation and blend onto the skin for a flowers finish with medium to high coverage. I have been using this brush for applying my Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation and gives natural looking flawless finish. The brush is amazing quality. It picks up just the right amount of product, and you can use it with powders, blushes, bronzers.

6. FANCY WITCH flat top Concealer Brush

The perfect top flat concealer brush is handmade with vegan bristles. It is small and dense makeup brush for precise concealer application under the eye. It is designed to stipple concealer on spots, blemishes and other small imperfections. I love to use more tapered brush for my under eye area for concealer application so this brush I use for concealing any dark spots or blemishes on face and for finishing off around the nose area.

7. FANCY WITCH Tapered Eye Crease Brush

Fancy Witch Tapered Eye Crease brush is a small, vegan and tapered brush, designed for applying and blending eyeshadow and concealer. It helps to create crease definition and a perfect eye contour. It also can be used for applying concealer under eye, around the nose or to conceal spots and other blemishes.

8. FANCY WITCH Round Eye Blending Brush

Fancy Witch Round Eye Blending brush is a handcrafted eyeshadow brush with soft vegan bristles. This round dome-shaped blending brush gives precise application of eyeshadow bases and primers. It also can be used for applying and blending cream eyeshadows. I also use it for blending my concealer under the eye area. This small, dense and rounded makeup brush is my favourite eye makeup brush for blending eyeshadows.

Overall I am highly impressed by Fancy Witch Black Magic Makeup Brush set. The quality of each handmade brush in the set is best and the handles are really strong. With an amazing quality the prices for each brush is very reasonable. So if you are looking for new brushes to try I highly recommend anyone to try Fancy Witch Black Magic Makeup Brush set. I have not experienced any shedding or bleeding with any of these brushes.  After washing, they retain their shape very well. You can buy Fancy Witch Complete Black Magic Makeup Brush Set directly from their website here or from Beauty Crowd UK here.

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