Eau Ecolo’s Harvest of Wild Orchids Eau de Toilette Review

Today I am reviewing Eau Ecolo’s Harvest of Wild Orchids Eau de Toilette £13.95 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. Eau Ecolo represents a spectacular retro collection of natural Eau de Toilette fragrances based upon the sensory beauty of the Mediterranean. A beautiful range developed from the harvest of wild flowers, with each fragrance evoking the memories of summer holidays.

It comes in a very simple 50ml glass bottle with silver cap on. The orchid’s designs on bottle looks pretty. This Luxurious fragrance wraps the skin in the captivating scent of sensuous orchid and pure sandalwood. This Wild Orchid perfume is an enticing, mouth-watering fragrance that emits a fierce, feminine energy. The perfume has a bit of sweet musky undertone which is not that heavier. You can easily detect woody and orchid floral scent in this perfume. It is suited as day fragrance and great for spring. The perfume has a relative good wear, lasting approx. 6-7 hours before you need to re-spray, so if you use it in the morning, you do have to spray again before going out at night, but I find that quite reasonable.

Overall it is lovely perfume to try if you love orchids scents and entire perfume collection of Eau Ecolo is very affordable. Have you tried any Eau Ecolo’s Eau de Toilette? What do you think about this fragrance? You can buy Eau Ecolo’s Harvest of Wild Orchids Eau de Toilette from Millabaci Boutique and Green Energy Organics website.

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