MeMeMe Cosmetics Trio Eyeshadows and Dew Pots Review

Today I am reviewing some more eyeshadows and this time it is MeMeMe Cosmetics. I am sure many of you might have heard about MeMeMe Cosmetics and read reviews about their products. I have not tried any products from them earlier so I was really excited to try their products. MeMeMe Cosmetics is owned by Lifestyle Aesthetics, a UK specialist provider of Cosmeceuticals, Beauty & Hair Care solutions globally. The inspiration of the brand begins with the ancient Greeks, whose enormous influence on civilisation, art and architecture echoes through the modern world. It then goes on to the Renaissance; a period in history that saw a rebirth of classical learning from our ancient Greek predecessors, where women were adored and the cherub established herself as the iconic embodiment of love. From the philosophies of Ancient Greece to the beauty and elegance of the Renaissance, MeMeMe is a celebration of the free spirit found within us all. MeMeMe products are not tested on animals.

Eye Inspire Classic Trio Collection – Smokey Eyes (£5.95)

Who does not love dark smokey eye makeup look. This trio eyeshadow palette has everything you need to create smokey eye look – a base shade, a highlighter shade and intense colour for smokey look. The pigmentation of this trio is amazing, with just one swipe you get high colour pay off. All three shades are metallic in finish and have slight shimmer effect.

Eye Inspire Classic Trio Collection – Sultry Eyes (£5.95)

If you love browns and nude shades on eyes then this would be the ideal palette for you. This shades are most wearable for a daytime look and I would love to wear them on my eyes on a daily basis. The shimmer taupe is gorgeous shade and dark brown is ideal for crease of the eye. Again the pigmentation of this trio is really good and the shades are easy to blend. The formulation of these trio includes Jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E!

Dew Pots – Twilight Bliss (£7.25)

There are 9 beautiful shades available to try in this range. Dew Pots rich colour eye defining creams are perfect for adding an on-trend splash of colour to your look on all year round. The dew pots rich colour defining cream can be built up to create a heavy block colour on the eye or can be used to delicately line the eye. Creamy eyeshadows are great when you are in rush and don’t have enough time. You can layer this cream eyeshadow on top with powder eyeshadows. This also would be a great base to create more dramatic eye looks. I absolutely love the little glass jar it comes in and very handy.

So what do you think about these MeMeMe Cosmetics eyeshadows? Have you tried any MeMeMe beauty products? You can buy MeMeMe Cosmetics from their website here. Keep watching this space for more upcoming reviews on MeMeMe products.

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Essence I Love Nude and 3D Eyeshadows Review

Today I am reviewing two eyeshadows from essence – I Love Nude Eyeshadow(05 my favourite tauping-£2.50) and 3D Eyeshadow (09 irresistible midnight date-£2.80) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have reviewed many essence products on my blog, I am a fan of essence cosmetics and their products are so affordable and always have something new to try in their range. Both eyeshadows come in a sturdy transparent plastic case which makes easier to spot the colours without having to open the lid.

I love nude is a baked eyeshadow and it is neutral for everyday looks, there are 6 shades in this range. It has satin-smooth texture for a luminous eye makeup. 05 is a taupe colour with purple undertones, matte finish and it is great for transition, crease and blending colour. I love buttery texture of it and has good pigmentation and very easily blendable. It lasts 5-6 hours without primer on my eyelids. There is minimal fall out during application.

09 has a combination of satin and metallic shade. The duo works wonderfully together to create blue evening eye do where darker shade can be used all over the lids and the light one as inner corner highlighter. It has silky smooth texture and has some fine shimmers in it so there is slight fallout during application. The formula blends very easily. With just one swipe, I get a super-rich colour on my finger but on lids I have to pack the colour to get colour to the pan. It gets super opaque when used wet or over primer. I would highly recommend using a good eyeshadow primer with these shadow to make it pop even more. I have oily lids so these shadow crease within a few hours so primer is must for me.

So what do you think about these essence eyeshadows? Have you tried any shades from this range? You can buy essence beauty products from Wilko here.

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eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Review

Today I am reviewing eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. When nail industry unleashes their DIY gel nail kit to achieve salon perfect nails in the comfort of your own home and also we are saving some of our money, eyeCANDY have gone one step further and have revolutionised the quest for longer lasting, high gloss, clip resistant polish – all without the use of an LED Lamp. DIY UV Lamp costs average about £70 while eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System at only £10.99 is a fraction of the price of DIY UV Lamp. So eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System is saving you lot of money and also it is very easy to use and achieves the exact same long-lasting results. Your nails and tips will remain chip free and glossy for up to two weeks, isn’t that amazing? It gives same lifetime as a professional gel nail system!

I don’t have UV lamp so I was really excited to try this products to get gel like professional results. eyeCANDY two-step Gel Wrap System dries like a normal nail polish but uses daylight to cure the special, super glossy, chip proof top coat, delivering mani at home that could last up to a fortnight. The formula for Base and Top Coat is quite thick which is good thing if you have ridges in nails. Both base and top coat dries very quickly and seal your nail polish and nail art safely. I tried and tested this combo for 1 week. Application with it is flawless and effortless. First apply the uniquely formulated Base Coat acrylic gel, which provides a smooth foundation for your nail polish and protects against spitting, peeling and cracking. After Base Coat apply your favourite nail polish and then follow with fast drying acrylic Top Coat, which protects chipping and extends wear time.

I was quite surprised by the result, even after 7 days there were no signs of chipping. My nails were glossy and shiny whole time. So I am very much impressed by eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set. I could not test it for more than 7 days as I love to paint my nails every week. On weekend I play with nail polishes and try to do some nail arts. This combo I would carry on my long holidays, generally I don’t get enough time to paint my nails on holidays so paint nails once and apply eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System on top, I know I am going to get long-lasting result with it.

You can buy eyeCANDY Gel Wrap System Base Coat and Top Coat Set from Tesco(Now £7.49) and online at Amazon for £7.49.

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The Jojoba Company’s 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil Review

Today I am reviewing The Jojoba Company’s 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. This is a multi-tasking product which can be used for skin, nails, hairs, lips and hands. This unique, natural wonder ingredient, Jojoba has been natured and gently cold pressed to give the highest quality, ground breaking and purest beauty treatment, guaranteed to benefit a wide range of beauty issues. It is suitable for all skin types and also proven to help with wide range of skin concerns, linked to climate, stress, hormones, sleep, diet and lifestyle; If you have dry and cracked skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, sign of skin aging, pigmentation and tone, acne and stretch marks this product would be beneficiary for you. Jojoba Oil is enriched with some powerful antioxidants and added vitamins; Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D and E.

Youthful skin naturally produce wax esters (lipids produced by skin cells) that are responsible for the deep cleansing and body’s natural conditioning of skin, hair and nails. As our skin ages, was ester production begins to slow down. As a result, the function of was esters are lost, allowing moisture to escape from skin cells which in turns begins the skin aging process. Applying Jojoba Oil to the aging skin puts back what age takes away, working in synergy, with the skin to begin restoring a radiant, youthful complexion. Jojoba Oil has been shown to effectively reduce superficial facial lines by 26% after one hour, 28% after four hours and 11% after 8 hours. It also increase sin suppleness by 50% which means it can used on pregnant women to reduce the risk of stretch marks.

How to use 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil

  • If you are using it on the skin you just need a very small amount, just 1 pump and it would be adequate for one area and massage well into either damp or dry skin to add warmth.
  • There are two benefits of applying this oil on wet skin, both of which are more beneficial to a normal/dry skin type. Jojoba Oil travel fast in water and spreads evenly. It moves under the water layer and absorb into the epidermis to recreate skins natural moisture barrier to lock moisture in the deep skin cells.
  • Once you have massaged the jojoba oil in the skin simply apply your daily moisturiser on top to complete your regime. You can also mix Jojoba oil into your daily moisturiser.
  • It also moisturise and nourish the lips, face, hands, cuticles and body. It leaves you skin feeling smooth and soft.
  • It is also fantastic for hair treatment to give it shine and softness. Take some drops and massage into hair and comb your hair to seal and moisturise the hair follicles whilst giving a unique keratoplastic effect. Jojoba Oil builds onto the keratin on the outer layer, conditioning and preventing the hair from becoming brittle and dull. Before swimming you should apply Jojoba oil as it seals the hair shaft preventing the chlorine greening effect.

I have been using it since week on my body and hair. I have only used it once on my face mixing with my daily day cream and it was good, no skin irritation or nothing. I think if I apply directly on my face it would be too heavy. I have combination skin more on dry side but since last 2 weeks I feel my skin is getting bit oily so I thought not to use on my face. I have read some reviews about this oil before I started using it and noted that many people find the scent of this oil too much, but truly speaking I did not smell anything much, it has natural its own scent which I hardly can smell so even if you are sensitive to scents this oil would not put you off. The formulation of this oil is really high quality and has thin texture, applies evenly on skin without tugging onto the skin. It takes few seconds to absorb completely into skin and does not feel greasy or oily on body. It moisturise and nourish my skin. I also used this Jojoba Oil 3 times for hair treatment, apply on hair and gently massage for some time, leave oil over night and next morning shampoo my hair. The oil rinses off very easily. It really makes my hair more shiny, silky soft and frizz free. For each time after shampoo I have not used any conditioner and still my hair were feeling super soft and bouncy after each wash so yes this oil really works great and I think I am going to repurchase it. I got 15ml bottle which I have finished in one week.

This 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil is much better alternative to the harsh synthetic chemicals we get in some beauty treatments. This oil is suitable for vegans, contains no parabens, chemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances, colours, perfumes, PEGs, mineral oil. Petrochemicals, animal testing or animal derivatives. You can buy 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil from Amazon UK, Holland & Barrett and

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Yardley London April Violets Body Wash Review

Today I am reviewing Yardley London April Violets Body Wash-£3.99 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. in my previous posts I have reviewed Yardley London’s English Lavender Hand Cream and English Rose Eau de Toilette . The fresh and sensual APRIL VIOLETS is a clean fresh, green and sensual floral fragrance with top notes of violet leaves and citrus fruits combined with a gorgeous heart of orris, mimosa, rose and white peach, enhanced with sandalwood, vanilla and powdery notes in the base. This moisturising body wash contains soothing Violet extract, moisturising shea butter, passion-flower oil and gold of pleasure oil, rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant Vitamin E all helping to hydrate and moisturise and combat the signs of ageing, leaving skin soft and smooth. It contains 80% naturally derived ingredients.

It has gorgeous scent with hint of sweetness which is great for anytime of year. It has light and runny texture. This rich, creamy body wash lather up very nicely and gently cleanses and moisturise skin. I like my body wash to lather up on shower puff and this is perfect. It is really pleasure and soothing to take bath with this body wash. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft to touch and delicately fragranced. The scent of it lingers on body for quite sometime which is very mild. This body wash rinse off easily and leaves no residue on body.  If you love floral sweet aroma with a touch of musk then this April Violets Body Wash is must try out product.

So what do you think about Yardley London April Violets Body Wash? Have you tried any body wash from Yardley London? You can buy Yardley London April Violets Body Wash from here.

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