Essence I Love Nude and 3D Eyeshadows Review

Today I am reviewing two eyeshadows from essence – I Love Nude Eyeshadow(05 my favourite tauping-£2.50) and 3D Eyeshadow (09 irresistible midnight date-£2.80) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have reviewed many essence products on my blog, I am a fan of essence cosmetics and their products are so affordable and always have something new to try in their range. Both eyeshadows come in a sturdy transparent plastic case which makes easier to spot the colours without having to open the lid.

I love nude is a baked eyeshadow and it is neutral for everyday looks, there are 6 shades in this range. It has satin-smooth texture for a luminous eye makeup. 05 is a taupe colour with purple undertones, matte finish and it is great for transition, crease and blending colour. I love buttery texture of it and has good pigmentation and very easily blendable. It lasts 5-6 hours without primer on my eyelids. There is minimal fall out during application.

09 has a combination of satin and metallic shade. The duo works wonderfully together to create blue evening eye do where darker shade can be used all over the lids and the light one as inner corner highlighter. It has silky smooth texture and has some fine shimmers in it so there is slight fallout during application. The formula blends very easily. With just one swipe, I get a super-rich colour on my finger but on lids I have to pack the colour to get colour to the pan. It gets super opaque when used wet or over primer. I would highly recommend using a good eyeshadow primer with these shadow to make it pop even more. I have oily lids so these shadow crease within a few hours so primer is must for me.

So what do you think about these essence eyeshadows? Have you tried any shades from this range? You can buy essence beauty products from Wilko here.

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