Skin & Tonic London Mint Steam Clean Review

Today I am reviewing Skin & Tonic London Mint Steam Clean (£27.00) and Organic Cotton Face Cloth (£3.00). This simple cleansing balm is made with British Thistle, aromatic Eucalyptus and refreshing Spearmint oils to lift dirt and rejuvenate dull, tired skin. It is infused with beeswax, grapeseed oil, thistle oil, borage oil, eucalyptus oil and spearmint. Skin & Tonic London products are cruelty free, handmade in Britain which supports local farmers and producers and the products are preservative free. This Balm smells so good as soon as you open the jar and feels so fresh peppermint.

The packaging of this product is really cute and simple. The balm is quite thick, once you distribute the product it melts into a smooth oil. I have been using this balm since I received it two weeks back. It is easy to use and you need only pea sized amount, a little goes a long way. I take required amount of product in my hand and distribute it between my two hands and then gently apply on my skin. I like to massage it on my skin. Then I use the Organic Cotton Face Cloth with this balm. Soak it in warm water and hold against your face for 1 minute to steam and active the essential oils. Breathe in deep and cleanse away. It feels greasy and oily on skin but it melts down my makeup as well like foundation, concealer, bronzer or powder. You just have to massage with this balm for few seconds and your makeup is gone. However it does not remove my waterproof mascara so for that I use my other cleansers.

This balm is really gentle and have not caused any skin irritation or breakouts. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean. This is great everyday cleansing balm. You can also apply this balm on dry lips or dry skin patches for a nourishing, soothing boost. The Cotton Face Cloth is 100% organic and unbleached cotton. It is very gentle on face and perfect for daily use.

You can buy Skin & Tonic London Mint Steam Clean and Scrub Duo from here and get 30% discount on original value £36.00. So you will get Skin & Tonic Clean and Scrub Duo for only £25.20. Enjoy Shopping!

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