About Bio-Oil’s The My Body Philosophy Campaign

Skin treatment oil Bio-Oil is launching the My Body Philosophy campaign. Bio-Oil is funding a new body confidence performance project in school with The Body Gossip Charity in light of new finding. The Body Gossip Performance Project is a 90 minute drama session for years 7-9 which will use creative writing and theatre to inspire young people to be the best version of themselves. Bio-Oil discovered that ‘1 in 10 teenagers have wanted to self-harm because of skin or body worries.’ So Bio-Oil’s mission is to inspire a life-time of body confidence, starting in schools and inspiring women of all ages – we bring you My Body Philosophy. Bio-Oil are working closely with the Body Gossip charity to take a selection of Body Philosophies into schools to inspire body confidence amongst young people. As part of the campaign Bio-Oil will be funding Body Gossip to run a Body Confidence Performance Project in 20 schools nationwide. From 1st June to 31st October you can nominate a school to receive a free Body Confidence Workshop here: http://www.bodygossip.org/nominate-a-school

You can have a look and get a feel for the campaign, share your own words of wisdom or read other people and feel inspired: www.mybodyphilosophy.com. You can find Bio-Oil on Twitter @BioOilUK and tell us your Body Philosophy using #bodyphilosophy

New survey stats reveal teenagers worry more about their bodies than their grades:

  1. 42% of teens worry about being overweight and 25% worry about the size of their breasts
  2. Teen body worries prevent 1in10 from contributing in class and 15% from taking part in PE classes
  3. A quarter of teens have been bullied about the way they look, making 1in5 feel ugly and 1in10 have even wanted to self-harm
  4. The charity Body Gossip is offering schools free Body Confidence Performance Projects funded by Bio-Oil to help improve body confidence amongst teenagers
  5. Call out for people to share their body confidence advice to form the Body Confidence Performance Projects

Over the years, Bio-Oil has become a household name and trusted by millions of people across the world to help care for their skin and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Bio-Oil recognises that our skin tells the story of our bodies and we can’t and may not want to completely remove our scars and stretch marks. Instead Bio-Oil want to help empower people to come to terms with the marks on their skin. The Bio-Oil formulation includes important skincare ingredients Vitamin A and E as well as essential oils alongside unique ingredients PurCellin Oil which creates a dry non greasy oil which ensures the ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin, where they can provide targeted treatment.

Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to help with: scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. It is preservative-free and is not tested on animals. Superdrug is also supporting the Bio-Oil Body Philosophy campaign. Buy Bio-Oil from Superdrug, Superdrug.com, Boots, Tesco, Primark, Amazon, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Savers, Bodycare, SemiChem, T J Hughes, Wilkinsons, and independent pharmacies nationwide.

I have also reviewed Bio-Oil on my blog which you can find here.

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