Yardley London’s NEW Contemporary Classics English Rose Eau de Toilette Review

Yardley London is famous as a purveyor of luxury fragrances and soaps. From light refreshing body sprays to the more indulgent eau de toilettes, they combine only the highest quality ingredients to create long-lasting yet delicate fragrances. Yardley London prides itself on being a quintessential English fragrance brand, which has been capturing the delicate fragrance of flowers since 1770 and it is acknowledged as one of England’s most iconic beauty brands and established purveyors of quality floral fragrances and ancillary body products. House of Yardley was born in England in the mid-seventeenth century, during the reign of King Charles 1. Today I am going to review Yardley London’s NEW Contemporary Classics English Rose Eau de Toilette (50ml, £9.99) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog.

These new fragrances are inspired by a diverse variety of flowers, and also offers naturally derived fragranced anti-aging body products. There are four signature fragrances in this collection – Lavender, English Rose, April Violets and Lily of the Valley. The new range now contains even more natural extracts for added benefits.  All products are free from Parabens and Mineral Oils, and contain up to 95% naturally derived ingredients. It comes in a simple elongated glass bottle with a golden cap. Its fragrance is moderate without any irritating smell. The liquid flows freely while pressing. It does not make any stain to cloths.

Newly refined, English Rose is now an evocative, light, fresh fragrance, combining rose absolute, neroli and camomile, a heart of rosebud and jasmine petals with amber and sandalwood base notes. The perfume smells like pure summer, beginning light and fresh and later deepening into a slightly more musky fragrance. To me, this perfume smells like sweet roses and a hint of baby powder. I personally love it the deeper the fragrance gets because it smells like a garden in the middle of summer. English Rose is a very romantic, beautiful fragrance. It is so captivating and alluring that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated whenever you apply it. I have always been sceptical of lower priced perfumes as I feel they may stain or harm my expensive clothes but this one does not stain the clothes at all. The fragrance stays for a 6-8 hours and after that also a mild fragrance lingers for a good time. The rose tones were strong enough to smell but still very light and fresh. The perfume did not smell cheap like most rose ones do. I can definitely see myself wearing it in the summer. This new range is perfect for gifting someone or to treat yourself.

So what do you think about this new Yardley London’s Contemporary Classics English Rose Eau de Toilette? Have you tried any of their new fragrances yet? Do you have any favourite Yardley London Product? Do let me know your thoughts in comment please. Keep watching this space as I will be reviewing more perfumes in coming days.

You can buy Yardley London’s NEW Contemporary Classics English Rose Eau de Toilette from their website here, Boots, Large Lloyds Pharmacy stores, Superdrug.

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