Collection Gorgeous Glow Palettes vs Speedy Blush Sticks Review

Blushers are essential part of makeup routines for many of us. When applied correctly, the right kind of blush adds a subtle glow and a hint of color to the complexion. Basically, blush comes in either powder, cream, or liquid form, and each form produces different results. Cream blushers give healthy and natural glow while Powder blushers with bit of shimmers work as blush/highlighter. If you ask me I am on powder or cream blush side. I would say I am on both sides as during springs I love to use cream blushers and for winters I love to use powder blushers. Today I am going to review Collection Gorgeous Glow Palettes vs Speedy Blush Sticks(£3.99) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog.

The Gorgeous Glow Palettes come in two different shades – Bronze Block and Blush Block. They silky smooth shimmering powder with different tones. You can just pick one shade or swirl all the five together to create subtle sun-kissed glow. They give warm and radiant effect on the skin. The peachy Blush Block palette has beautiful shades and adds delicate flush to your cheeks while Bronze Block palette is perfect for subtle contouring around cheekbones, forehead and nose. The shades in both the palettes are light-weight and not too shimmery. You can wear them together, alone or over base. If you are not fan of cream blushers this palettes would be perfect for you. It is incredibly velvety and the colour pay off is really great. I like to use Blush Block on top of Bronze Block to add natural flush to my cheeks and highlight them.

The new Speedy Blush Sticks are highly pigmentation and so creamy. They are very easy and quick to use and also easy to blend. New blush sticks available in three colours – Tickled Pink (ballet pink), Cheeky (coral) and Pinch Me (plum). The packaging is stylish. I like to buff them in with flat blusher brush to achieve natural flush look. They also blend easily with fingers too. I love to use cream blushers during springs as they look more healthy, natural and blends into skin or over base easily plush they have more of sheen or glow to them with compare to powder blusher. These don’t need to be sharpened you just twist them like a lipstick. I have also used this sticks on my lips as lip stain and it works just great. It provides a soft, long-lasting glow, and it tends to give mature skin a more youthful appearance.

So after using both it is very hard to decide which side I am on as I am loving both powder and cream equally. But my favourite would have to be the powder as you can use them as blusher, highlighter, bronzer. So which side are you #TeamCream or #PowderPosse?

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