Natura Siberica Rhodiola Rosea Day Cream with SPF 20 Review

This month I have concentrated on suncare products on my blog. As you may have seen I have featured and reviewed various sun protection products for hair, body and face on my blog. Today I am going to review Natura Siberica Rhodiola Rosea Day Cream with SPF 20 – £ 7.29 which protects the skin from dehydration due to harmful UV rays from the sun. I recently discovered this brand made in Russia and born in Siberia. Natura Siberica is not just natural cosmetics and not just cosmetics made from herbs. This is Russia’s first organic cosmetic line and it really works. Highly active wild grasses from Siberia and the Far East. Modern formulas with the highest quality content of plant components. At least 95% of ingredients are vegetable origin. Certified organic extracts and oils. Free of petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, and artificial dyes. Natura Siberica has won a number of international awards which you can find here.

It comes in a 50ml pump bottle and it is white in colour and has creamy texture. With pump dispenser you can always control the amount of product that comes out. It has pleasant smell and hard to describe but it is not overpowering at all. Natura Siberica Moisturizing Day Cream on the basis of Rhodiola Rosea – the most valuable medicinal plant of Siberian – allows you to securely protect sensitive skin from climatic influence, to ensure the comfort and softness all day long. Included in the natural components intensively moisturize, strengthen and make supple, prevent wrinkles. Gentle Day Cream contains allantoin, which provides deep hydration, and vitamin P, which strengthens the skin. Hyaluronic acid prevents the appearance of wrinkles. This cream gets absorbed into the skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft to touch. It is very moisturising and hydrating cream. It does not make my skin shiny or greasy.

I just need one pump of this cream to apply on my face and less than half pump I apply on my neck area. I have used this cream for more than two weeks and couple of times I was out in half sunny day and did not burn my skin. But if you are spending your whole day somewhere in hot, on beach and doing a lot of sun bath then I suggest to use higher SPF products. You can also layer up this cream with other high SPF products for double precaution. It also has not caused any break outs so that’s good thing. I always like when moisturisers have built-in SPF and you can use them all year around without any worry. This product is full of natural ingredients and free from all the harsh, nasty ingredients.

Overall it is good natural day cream with built in SPF, sinks in quickly and nourish the skin. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin. This cream is quite handy and you can easily carry it in your handbag while you are travelling.

You can buy Natura Siberica Rhodiola Rosea Day Cream from here.

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