Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Hair Spray Review – Protect Your Hair from UV Rays

Finally summer is here. Some of you have already gone the way of the holiday and some might be preparing for holiday. I know all you beauties have undoubtedly slipped into your summer vanity sunscreen to protect your skin but are you also protecting your hairs from sun? Our hair is also attacked by UV. Today I am going to review Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Spray-£13.00 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. The Phyto Plage range is designed to deal with all the summer problems like too much sun, salty water, chlorine that can damage your hair. I use sun protection products all the year for my face and body. I use Sun Protection Hair Sprays during summer only when I am on beach or by the pool side. 2-3 years ago I was on holiday in Greece during summer and it was damn hot. I have not used any protection hair sprays during that visit and sun badly damaged my hair. My scalp was burning too. It took many months to get back my hair into normal condition. So after that experience I always use hair protection sprays during summer.

When you are on beach you just cannot sit on lounge all day long under umbrella. We all end up with wet hairs, just cannot help it! Phyto Plage express treatment instantly detangles and repairs hair damaged by sun, salt and chlorine. It is infused with Kerarice and saffron extract which hydrate, repair and smooth damaged hair fibers. The kerarice is a cosmetic active specifically designed to protect hair fibers against oxidative damage generated by solar radiation. The Kerarice is obtained from the rice grain. And the extract of saffron I think the vitamin B12. It is to be applied as after sun care. Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Spray protects your hair and regains its softness and shine. Currently my hairs are in healthy condition and I take all the preventions so I cannot tell if this product works or not but I have read so many positive reviews about Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Spray.

I love the scent of this spray so much, it smells like baby powder. The scent of it stays on hair for long time. The consistency of this product is bit thick and I find that the spray nozzle don’t work properly to spread the even amount of product on hairs. So I take product on my hand and then spread on hairs with fingers and comb through. It sinks in nicely. You can use this spray on dry or damp hairs. This spray feels very light and soft on hairs. It does not make hair oily or sticky. This product does not need to be rinsed out.

Overall Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Spray sounds a great product to protect your hairs from sun and also helps to repair damaged hair by UV rays. If you have already planned a beach vacation don’t forget to take Sun Protection Hair Sprays with you. So what do you think about Phyto Plage After Sun Recovery Spray? Have you tried any products from Phyto Plage range? Do you have favourite Phyto product? How do you protect your hair from the Sun? I would love to know your thoughts in comments.

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