Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Pure Shadows In Pearly Compact Eyeshadows Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Pure Shadows In Pearly Compact Eyeshadow range which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have been sent three beautiful shades Las Vegas (Ref 115), Saint Louis (Ref 118) and Denver (Ref 117). These eyeshadows leave a sharp lining, adherent and durable while remaining very comfortable and easily shaded. It is enriched with vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that helps preventing skin aging caused by free radicals. They are Paraben and Petrolatum free. Pearly Compact Eyeshadows are available in 12 gorgeous shades.

These eyeshadows come in a small round pot with transparent cap on. The packaging is sleek and sturdy at the same time. These pretty shimmer eyeshadows are very good quality. The texture of them is buttery soft and glides smoothly on eyelids. All the three shades are nicely pigmented and easy to work with. They are not powdery at all. Shimmers in it not overpowering, they set well on eyelids and there is no fallout during application. They all blend quite nicely. Each eyeshadows have given cutest name. Denver is a pearly taupe, Saint Louis is a aubergine dark purple and Las Vegas is coppery gold shade.

I like to pair these pearly eye shadows with matte shades and I think they together look more gorgeous. The color payoff is very good. I also like the pearl effect. It gives dimension to your eyes when worn alone. Denver is pretty pearly brown shade that can be worn either as an all over lid color or on outer crease area for smokey brown eyes. Denver and Saint Louis both the shades goes very well with Las Vegas. These eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and only take one swipe to get the same colour like in pan. The formula gives even application and blends beautifully.  The pearly sheen isn’t overpowering but adds just the right amount of shine to the lids. They are perfect to wear during day and night time.

Overall Pure Shadows In Pearly Compact Eyeshadows are really good quality and retails for only £6.95 which is very good price for these amazing eyeshadow. What do you think about Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Pure Shadows In Pearly Compact Eyeshadows? Which is your favourite shade out of all three? Please let me know in comments.

You can buy Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Pure Shadows In Pearly Compact Eyeshadows from here.

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Time Bomb Skincare Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 Review

Today I am going to review final product from Time Bomb Skincare- Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. Complexion Cocktails are a quantum leap in technology: the first super potent, skin-boosting tonics to target signs of fatigue, stress, dehydration that show up on your skin, with laser-like precision and intensity. There are three variants in Complexion Cocktails range – 1. Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 which helps to reboot skin’s microcirculation with a jolt of energy and restores plump, healthy tone and lively color. 2. Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll which detoxes skin compromising free radical and restores clarity, calm, even tone and glow. 3. Complexion cocktail with a shot of H2Omega which reloads essential fatty acids and critical moisture, restoring smooth, supple, hydrated texture. All three cocktails contain a power blend of two types of Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deep into skin layers for immediate plumping and renewed glow. Each features a special potent “shot” to target a specific skin concern.

Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 is formulated with high levels of Vitamins B12 and B3 plus Brown Algae all work together to re energies, de-puff and bring back a more toned looking complexion, Centella and Ginseng which helps to improve micro circulations for better skin tone and enlivened colour. A powerful blend of 12 Amino Acids and two types of Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s surface layers and helps retain moisture for immediate visible plumping. This product comes in a cute pale green coloured bottle, it holds 100ml of product which really going to last longer as you don’t need lot of product to apply. The colour of the actual product is very very light pink and once I take it on palm it is quite clear. The texture of this product is in-between watery and semi gel. There is no perfume which is nice who does not like scented products. For me I prefer mild scented products.

I have been using this magic product since many weeks along with other two Time Bomb Skincare products and they all together give amazing instant result. First I use Time Bomb Cleansing Cream then Cocktail Complexion and at last Intensive Moisturiser. I have been using Cocktail Complexion twice a day in the morning and before going to bed. I take few drops of this cocktail on cotton pad and apply it on clean and dry skin, avoiding the eyes/lips. Sometimes I also take this clear liquid on palms and massaging it onto my skin. It applies well and sinks into the skin very quickly, leaving soft and supple skin behind. It brightens up my skin and it looks more lively and fresh. After using it for a few days, I really noticed the difference that how my skin looks much clear, brighter, healthier. It also helps to even out skin tone, refreshes and reboots the skin banishing everyday stresses. You don’t need a lot of the product, just few drops will help to tighten the skin and gives nice glowy and fresh look. If you are super tired and had a few hours’ sleep just take few drops of this cocktail and apply it on your face which really makes you look super rested.

This product is really effective and must have for anybody who have stressful and exhausted life because of work load or when you are on vacation and come back at hotel after roaming here and there all day, you can clearly see skin looks slack, washed out, tired and eyes look dark and puffy. Just apply this cocktail on your skin and it instantly recharges skin delivering a more well-rested, healthy looking complexion. This cocktail works as energy drink for tired skin. I am definitely going to repurchase all the three products as I am highly impressed by them. After trying and testing them, in my opinion, this is one of the must have a product in everyone’s skincare collection. It retails for £24 for 100ml which is bit pricey but you need less product to apply so it is going to last very long and even you can use it alternative days.

What do you think about Time Bomb Skincare Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12? Is this something you looking forward to try? Have you tried anything similar like this product? You can buy Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 from here.

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Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream Review

Today I have one more product from Time Bomb Skincare to review. I have been sent Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream to review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser which you can find here. Time Bomb skincare range have excellent anti-ageing products. Cleanser is extremely important in a skincare routine. Time Bomb – Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream has been specially developed to not only cleanse the skin but to remove tired dead cells, helping to keep skin looking fresh and revitalized.

Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream(£15.00) comes in simple, classy and squeezy tube packaging. The flip top locks tightly. It holds 125ml of product so if you travelling by flight you cannot carry it in handbag but as it seals properly you can easily carry it in check-in bag. This emollient-rich cleanser is strategically formulated with a small amount of professional grade magnesium oxide crystals that have straight edges to help gently lift away surface cells. The Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream is gentle yet extremely effective in helping to retain that smooth, glowing and youthful complexion of which every woman dreams. Apply this super cleansing formula with fingers and gently massage. Wash off with warm water or remove with a damp pad or cloth, and finish by rinsing with water.

The cleanser has rich creamy texture. It contains exfoliating beads and Magnesium Oxide Crystals which help to remove any dry and dead skin cells on surface. The exfoliators in it are so gentle and cleanses very well. OMG it smells heavenly and not overpowering at all. I have been using this cleansing cream twice a day since 3-4 weeks. First I use my everyday cleanser to remove any makeup on face and then I reach for Time Bomb Cleanser and gently massage it with fingers on my face then remove it with damp cotton pad and wash my face with luke warm water. Time Bomb suggests to use Polishing Pads along with this cleanser. If you purchase 125ml Cleansing Cream tube then you will get 10 free Polishing Pads worth of £5.50. Use the rougher side of polishing pads to massage on skin and then smooth side to remove the cream. After using it my skin feels so clean, soft, smooth and healthy. It deeply cleanses the pores. Unlike most cleansers, it does not contain drying surfactants or harsh detergents so your skin is left moist and dewy. It does not dry out my face.

As it is not harsh at all so if you have acne prone skin you can use it every day without worrying. It has creamy texture and exfoliators are gentle and very minute so if you have sensitive skin this would be perfect for you to try. I have bit sensitive skin and for me it did not cause any breakouts or skin irritation. After using this cleanser I have been using Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail which I will review in coming up posts and then finish with Time Bomb Intensive Moisturiser. After using all three products my face looks so fresh, clean, healthy, hydrated, moisturised and glowy.

Overall it is gentle rich cream cleanser that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises your dull skin. I would definitely recommend Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream if you have sensitive and acne prone skin or looking for gentle cleanser. After trying all three Time Bomb products I am really impressed! I will be repurchasing them whenever I run out.

What do you think about Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream? Have you tried anything from the Time Bomb product range? Do you have a favourite product? You can buy Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream from here. Time Bomb is also available at Selfridges London and Birmingham, QVC and

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Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm Review

Today I am going to review Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. As you may know how much I love lip balms. Lip balm as we know is a waxy substance applied on the lips to keep them from chapping, by moisturizing them. This lip balm claims that it does sooth and protect lips, give long-lasting hydration for up to 24H. It is infused with wheat germ oil and aloe vera for complete lip nourishment and protection. It helps to reduce appearance of rough chapped lips and fine lines associated with dryness.

Packaging of this lip balm is most classier. The white casing looks really chic and classy. I like how it looks like lipstick and sturdy packaging. It is more hygienic than potted lip balms, where we have to dip our finger in. It smells really good. It has quite soft and creamy texture. It has pearlescent particles in it which gives a little volume to lips. The minute shimmers in it are not overpowering at all. The lip balm is in peachy colour but it applies almost clear with very subtle peach undertone.

It glides smoothly on lips. The fine creamy texture of this lip balm helps to keep my lips soft and moisture. The staying power of this lip balm is average. Like after eating and drinking I have to re-apply it. I can not comment on if it gives 24H long-lasting hydration if applied ones, As I have to apply it couple of times in between to keep my lips moisturised. But yes this lip balm is really hydrating and It gives lips smooth, rich and glossy effect. This lip balm is not sticky at all and sits nicely on lips.

Overall it is good lip balm but I don’t find anything special about this lip balm as it does normal job like other lip balm does. It retails for only £4.95 so at this price point nothing can go wrong. Have you tried Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm? What do you think about Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm? You can buy Oriflame The One BB Lip Balm from here.

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Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser Review

Today I am going to review Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have read many positive things about this moisturiser so when I got chance to review it I was super excited to try it on my dry skin. I have been sent two more products from Time Bomb Skincare range which I will review this week. Time Bomb Skincare is a radically simple, remarkably new approach to skin care. A collection of powerhouse formulas and breakthrough innovations developed to help women of all ages “stop the clock!”. Over time, everyone’s skin inevitably slows down. There are four key functions, that when no longer performing at optimum levels, cause skin to look older: loss of sloughing ability, loss of moisture, loss of oil (sebum), loss of collagen. Time Bomb’s range of skincare aims to combat the ‘core four’ reasons of ageing with skin-boosting Complexion Cocktails, daily moisturisers, serums, eye creams and more!

Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser – £36.00      

Powerball is a true “watershed moment” in the evolution of skin miniaturization. This breakthrough technology defeats dehydration by flooding your skin with a power-house blend of 21 natural hydrating agents that act on every level…refilling, reviving…and most critically, retaining. The key to Powerball’s efficacy is Ectoin, a moisture grabbing and holding protein that enables organisms to thrive in harsh, arid, desert environments. Bio-protectant Trehalose helps preserve skin’s internal fluidity, keeping it supple, elastic, resilient. A proprietary blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Aqua Cell Complex (lentil, watermelon and apple extracts) loads and refills skin’s essential moisture reserves, for softer, smoother, plumper tone and texture.

I love the packaging. Powerball Intensive Moisturiser comes in a ball-shaped simple and sturdy packaging. The texture of this cream is super light, you can say it is silky cream. It does have lovely mild smell. The main aim of the Powerball is to fight against anti-ageing by keeping your skin most hydrated. Moisturiser is a must have the product in anyone’s skincare routine and especially if you have dry skin you need intensive moisturiser. I have been using this product since many weeks now and it is definitely keeping my skin more even and smooth and so hydrating. I apply it twice a day on my face. This hydrating moisturiser helps to defeat acute and chronic skin dehydration. While applying it on my face it gives cooling sensation to my skin. Which I love so much. It is really helping my dry skin to restore soft and smooth texture by leaving it plump and healthy.

This moisturiser feels so light on skin and instantly hydrates my skin. It is not greasy or oily at all. This cream is so perfect for colder months when your skin needs hydration boost. I also apply it before going to bed in night-time to give my skin enough moisture and when I get up in the morning visibly I can see the difference. My skin looks more revitalised, nourished and healthy. No dry patches on skin. This is one of the richest moisturiser I have ever used which instantly hydrates and moisturise my skin. Some of the moisturisers I have used they don’t give long-lasting result but this one does. This moisturiser sinks in instantly and gives wonderful plumping effect which last very long.

If you are looking for product that hydrate your skin then this is definitely the product you must try. It has amazing moisturising properties and they are so powerful. This product is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. If you have combination/oily skin then you can use it during night-time. So what do you think about Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser? Which is your favourite moisturiser when it comes to hydrate skin?

You can buy Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser from here.

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