Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream Review

Today I have one more product from Time Bomb Skincare to review. I have been sent Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream to review on my blog. In my previous post I have reviewed Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser which you can find here. Time Bomb skincare range have excellent anti-ageing products. Cleanser is extremely important in a skincare routine. Time Bomb – Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream has been specially developed to not only cleanse the skin but to remove tired dead cells, helping to keep skin looking fresh and revitalized.

Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream(£15.00) comes in simple, classy and squeezy tube packaging. The flip top locks tightly. It holds 125ml of product so if you travelling by flight you cannot carry it in handbag but as it seals properly you can easily carry it in check-in bag. This emollient-rich cleanser is strategically formulated with a small amount of professional grade magnesium oxide crystals that have straight edges to help gently lift away surface cells. The Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream is gentle yet extremely effective in helping to retain that smooth, glowing and youthful complexion of which every woman dreams. Apply this super cleansing formula with fingers and gently massage. Wash off with warm water or remove with a damp pad or cloth, and finish by rinsing with water.

The cleanser has rich creamy texture. It contains exfoliating beads and Magnesium Oxide Crystals which help to remove any dry and dead skin cells on surface. The exfoliators in it are so gentle and cleanses very well. OMG it smells heavenly and not overpowering at all. I have been using this cleansing cream twice a day since 3-4 weeks. First I use my everyday cleanser to remove any makeup on face and then I reach for Time Bomb Cleanser and gently massage it with fingers on my face then remove it with damp cotton pad and wash my face with luke warm water. Time Bomb suggests to use Polishing Pads along with this cleanser. If you purchase 125ml Cleansing Cream tube then you will get 10 free Polishing Pads worth of £5.50. Use the rougher side of polishing pads to massage on skin and then smooth side to remove the cream. After using it my skin feels so clean, soft, smooth and healthy. It deeply cleanses the pores. Unlike most cleansers, it does not contain drying surfactants or harsh detergents so your skin is left moist and dewy. It does not dry out my face.

As it is not harsh at all so if you have acne prone skin you can use it every day without worrying. It has creamy texture and exfoliators are gentle and very minute so if you have sensitive skin this would be perfect for you to try. I have bit sensitive skin and for me it did not cause any breakouts or skin irritation. After using this cleanser I have been using Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail which I will review in coming up posts and then finish with Time Bomb Intensive Moisturiser. After using all three products my face looks so fresh, clean, healthy, hydrated, moisturised and glowy.

Overall it is gentle rich cream cleanser that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises your dull skin. I would definitely recommend Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream if you have sensitive and acne prone skin or looking for gentle cleanser. After trying all three Time Bomb products I am really impressed! I will be repurchasing them whenever I run out.

What do you think about Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream? Have you tried anything from the Time Bomb product range? Do you have a favourite product? You can buy Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream from here. Time Bomb is also available at Selfridges London and Birmingham, QVC and timebombco.com.

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